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Chapter Twenty-Five ~ WTF


It's been a couple of weeks since the funeral, Odysseus is doing much better. He barely thinks about his father, he taught me how to tap into his thoughts in case I was worried about him. I was grateful for that.

Odysseus has given me permission to go on walks and get myself familiar with the pack land and people, so today I intended to do that.

I get ready for the day before heading downstairs. I was hungry and should probably get something to eat.

Odysseus had a meeting today.
"A important issue that needed to be discussed immediately," I recall his exact words.

He didn't tell me what it was about nor can I hear his thoughts, but that didn't worry me. Regardless, I couldn't help but wonder what the important issue was. I'd have to ask him about it later — assuming he's willing to share.

I shake my head free of any thoughts and continue my way to the kitchen.

I open the door and stand still in my place, shocked.

There stood Brian leaning against the counter. He looked at me and smiled at me gently. I blinked a few times trying to see if this was real.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, not taking my eyes off him.

"Look Luna," he says comes around the counter, I quickly do the same so he can't touch me.

"JUST! Just stay where you are," I reply feeling freaked out.

He sighs realising he's terrified the living daylights out of me.

"Look Tatum, I mean Luna. I'm not going to hurt you, I am truely sorry for threatening you. Odysseus told me everything, he said that you told him you weren't a part of it and that you never knew what was happening, I believe the both of you. I know that Odysseus would never lie to me. I'm sorry for judging you and I just want you to know that I won't lay a finger on you and I don't expect you to trust me right now, but I hope that one day you know I'd lay my life down for you in a second. You can count on me even if you don't feel it," Brian says to me, looking at me with complete sincerity.

"Ok. I believe you. But I still don't trust you, I know that you're grieving the loss of your mate and my condolences by the way, I'm sure she was an amazing person... but what you said to me will stay with me forever. Every time I look at you that's the first thing I'm going to think of. Trust is earned not given and from the moment I met you, you have given me no reason to trust you. So it's going to take a while," I say to him, still not taking my eyes off him.

"That's ok Luna. However long it takes. When you decide... hopefully one day we can even be friends. I'd like to start mending our relationship today if you are free and if that's ok with you," he says offering me a small smile.

"Uh... I mean I was just going to go for a walk," I say, not sure how to answer.

"Perfect, I'll accompany you and we can get to know each other better," he says smiling. Sorry what? Did I make that sound like an invitation?

"I was thinking of what to make for breakfast, I've decided on bacon pancakes. Would you like some?" He asks me moving around near my side of the counter. I don't move but eye him closely for any sudden movements.

"I've never had those," I say to him.
"What are they?" I say confused, not trusting him but wanting to know. For all I knew, he'd lie to me.

"Well it's like... I cook the bacon, then I cut it up and put it in pancakes," he says getting out the ingredients and cooking equipment.

"Oh," I say, still having no clue what a pancake is.

"I missed breakfast and I'm assuming you did as well considering you came into the kitchen," he laughs slightly taking the bacon out of the fridge.

"The cooks are off until lunch so pretty much your only options are... starve, or you can have a bacon pancake... or a pancake... or just bacon," he says causing me to smile a little.

"Just don't poison me," I joke with a laugh, trying to make it sound like sarcasm, but really it was real fear. Maybe I shouldn't have given him the idea.

"Luna," he turns to look at me sadly.
"I promise I won't hurt you or purposely put you in danger, I swear on my life," he says, slightly convincing me.

"Ok," I say giving him a reassuring smile, silently telling him I trust him... just a little.

"Alright," he says and smiles before turning around and getting to the bacon pancakes.


"Alrighty! Here, you, go," he says putting a bacon pancake on a plate in front of me.

"Thank you," I tell him sincerely.

"No problem Luna. You're welcome," he says giving me a smile.

"Oh wait! I almost forgot," he says running to the fridge and pulling out a canister of... whipped cream. What is whipped cream?

He sits it in front of me before going to the massive cupboard. He opens it and retrieves a clear bottle filled with brown liquid.

"You have to try this, it'll change your life," he says pulling my plate back away from me.

He pours on the brown liquid and sprays on some whipped cream.

He slides my plate back to me and looks at me expectantly.

"Go on, try it," he says.

"You try it," I tell him, narrowing my eyes. Testing him.

"Ok Luna," he sigh grabbing fork. He cuts a piece using his fork and dips it in the brown liquid before grabbing his knife and using it to scoop on some whipped cream.

He holds it up in the air as if to say cheers before putting it in his mouth and eating it.

"See?" He asks, showing me his empty mouth.
"It's not poison," he finishes looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"Now eat up," he says grabbing his own plate and pilling at least seven pancakes. I lost count after that. He turns around with a massive towers of pancakes causes my eyes to bulge out of my head.

Don't tell me that was all for him, I'm definitely not one to judge but damn is he skipping lunch?

I grab my knife and fork and start eating the breakfast Brian had prepared. Safe to say it was delicious. Bacon pancakes were my new favourite food.

"That was nice, thank you," I say to Brian, giving him a smile.

He smiles back.
"You're welcome," he says to me.

I place my plate in the sink before turning around and watching as he devours the rest of his pancakes.

"Ok let's go," Brian says getting up and placing his now empty plate in the sink.

I walk out of the kitchen and stand next to the door, letting Brian take the lead.

"Are you sure Odysseus is ok with us being within a certain range of each other?" I ask him narrowing my eyes at the back of his head.

"Well I mean. He didn't say anything about it. In fact he told me to apologise which I was already planning to do," he says without turning to face me.

The guards open the door for us and we walk outside.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Brian asks me, wringing his hands together.

"I'm not sure," I say. Silence following us as we walk.

"What was your mates name?" I ask, hoping that what I just said didn't set him off.

"Her name was Jenna, Jenna Armstrong," he says. I could feel his sadness rolling off him in waves.

"You loved her a lot didn't you?" I ask him, kicking a rock on the path.

"Yeah, she was the love of my life. I know you two would have been great friends," he says smiling sadly.

"We don't have to talk about her anymore if you don't want to," I say looking at him sadly.

"It's ok, it's nice talking about her. I haven't talked about her since her death," he says looking at the ground. Tears forming in his eyes.

"Yeah? We're you two married?" I ask him softly, wanting to continue our conversation.

"Yeah, I hadn't even know her for that long, I met her only six months ago, we got married right away," he says smiling and looking down at his wedding ring.

"You know, if I knew what my village was up to I would have done everything to stop them... I hope you know that," I say looking at him sincerely. There is no way I would have supported them in doing something so stupid and unfair.

"I can see that," he says smiling at me, his eyes twinkling.
"Tell me about yourself," he says, now in a happier mood.

"There's not much to say," I say honestly as laugh a little, racking my brain for something to say.

"Surely there's something, what about your past?" he asks putting his hands in pockets.

"Well... when I was a baby the village that had killed your mate, attacked my fathers pack, he was Alpha. My father wasn't prepared, he didn't expect human's to attack due to the treaty... my village... they killed my mother and they took me. Probably hoping to give me a better life than the one I was born into considering I'm human. My mother was human but she was devoted to my father, they must not have liked that... so they killed her," I say sadly as tears fall down my eyes. He looks at me sadly.

"My condolences... it's hard losing someone," he says, knowing exactly how I was feeling. We were two broken souls, just like Odysseus and I.

"Yeah I guess so... it was a little different for me. I only recently connected with my father at my wedding... that's when I found out my mother had passed away. Growing up I always questions what happened to my parents. Why they left me. I always wondered what was wrong with me. It was a relief to find out that they hadn't given me up. But it was also hard to hear that my mother had died, especially at the hands of the people I once called my family," I say crying at the end of it.

"I didn't know her, but I can sometimes hear her talking to me," I say wiping my tears away.

"That's a gift," Brian says with a sad sigh.
"A gift from the moon goddess. You may not have been born a wolf but you are one of her children." He says giving me a smile.
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