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Chapter Twenty-Six ~ New Friend


Brian and I spend the day talking about ourselves and at the end of the day I was feeling quite confident that I had gained a friend.

I was easily trusting and that was my downfall but I had a feeling Brian wasn't going to betray or hurt me.

We walk back along the trail as we laugh at something he said.

"You know what?" I ask him as I try and stop laughing.

"What?" He asks, sending me a smile.

"You're pretty cool," I laugh.

"You know what. You're not to shabby yourself," he jokes and kicks a rock.

"Do you know what time it is? I'm hungry," I say, as if on cue my tummy growls causing Brian to laugh.

"It's almost time, we should definitely head back now if we don't want to miss lunch... otherwise it's your turn to cook," Brian says nudging his shoulder into mine.

"Hey! I could try but I don't know if it would be very good," I say chuckling to myself.

"Ok, I trust you, probably best if I cook from now on then," he laughs as we reach the house.

"Odysseus just linked me, asking if I knew where you were. I'd say it's lunch time," he says as the guards open the door for us.

"Ok yeah, we better head then," I say as Brian leads the way. He opens the door and walks in, I follow in suit. Odysseus eyebrows furrow slightly when I pop out from behind Brian. I look over at Onyx to see her eyebrows raised, probably wondering why Brian is here and why he's so close to me. Probably wondering how I was still alive.

Brian and I walk to our seats which happen to be across from each other, we both take our seats next to Odysseus. Odysseus gets out of his seat to tuck me in before sighing.

He sits in his seat and dishes up my food as well as him own. He picks up his fork and cuts me a piece of steak before bringing it to my lips. I bite, awkwardly making eye contact with Brian.

Well this was awkward.

I quickly advert my eyes and everyone tucks in. I feel Odysseus' jealousy roll off him in waves anytime my eyes are anywhere but my food.

Was he jealous of Brian? I find laughing myself at that. Odysseus' eyes snap to mine and I quickly quiet down my laughter.

Brian smiles at me causing Odysseus' anger to grow. I see his eyes fog over and Brian's gaze snaps down to his plate.

I push my plate forward and stand up. Everyone's eyes snap towards mine.

"Goodnight everyone," I say before walking out the door. Odysseus growls and I hear Brian's laughter followed by another growl. I hear footsteps behind and can immediately tell by the perfume that it was Onyx.

She grabs my hand and drags me to her room.
She quickly closes the door behind her and makes me sit on the bed.

"Spill," she says looking at me, awaiting my answer.

"What do you mean spill?" I ask her confused.

"Tell me what's going on with Brian!" She says before jumping onto the bed.

"Nothing. He was in the kitchen when I went to get breakfast this morning. He apologised for all the things he said. He then made me bacon pancakes and said he hoped we could be friends and said he wanted to start making it up to me. He asked me what I was doing today and I said I was going for a walk so he tagged along. We ended up talking and understanding each other, even relating to each other. It was actually easy talking to him. So we're friends now I guess," I say with a shrug.

"That's so good! I'm happy he turned out to be ok. I mean he seems to be doing alright at mourning the loss of his mate," she says.

"He's hurting. We both lost something at the hands of my village. It's hard. Losing someone you love," I say to her.

"I know," she muses.

"I guess we've all lost someone," she says with a sigh.

"Indeed we have," I say before becoming silent.

I miss you Mum.


"Odysseus is coming and he's not happy, you better hide," Onyx giggles and pushes me into her walk-in-wardrobe, shoving me into her clothes so I'm hidden.

"Don't laugh at my misery!" I whisper yell at her.

Suddenly the door flies open and hits the wall.

"Where is she? I know she's in here Onyx. Don't bother lying to me," Odysseus growls, staunching around her room trying to find me. Butterflies erupt in my stomach as he nears.

Please don't find me. Please don't find me. Please don't find me.

Suddenly I'm pulled from the clothes causing me to scream.

"I can smell you. You seem to keep forgetting," Odysseus whispers in my ear before dragging me out of Onyx's room.

She gives me a nervous smile with two thumbs up.

Wow, thanks.

He drags me to our room before shutting the door behind him.

"What's going on?" I ask him as he turns around to face me, his eyes glowing gold.

"You're mine and I don't appreciate it when what's mine flirts with pups," he growls stalking towards me.

"Brian?" I ask him looking confused.

"Don't say his name," he growls at me standing in between my legs. He grabs my chin and tilts my head up so my gaze meet his.

"Look I don't know what you're accusing me of but I haven't done anything. You got Brian to apologise to me. It's not our fault we became friends," I tell him, slapping his hand away from my chin.

I get up and go into the walk-in-wardrobe picking out some pyjamas.

We weren't flirting. We're just friends. Stupid, possessive, Alpha male.

I grab my pyjamas and head the bathroom ignoring Odysseus. I shut the door and lock it behind me.

Why oh why did I get paired with an Alpha, moon goddess?
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