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Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Another Surprise!


"Alpha! Alpha! We're under attack!" I hear Brian yell as he shakes me awake.

"What?!" I ask, sitting up before feeling the bed next to me.

"Where's Tatum?!" I yell at him, getting up and looking around, she was fucking no where to be seen.

"She's in danger! She went for a walk twenty minutes ago and no one can find her! But it's the humans! They're here! And their wearing silver armour, I don't know what we're gonna do Alpha!" Brian yells.

I feel a tug in my head and suddenly I'm in the backseat of my mind, my wolf breaking surface for the first time in over one hundred years.

It was dangerous when he got out, I had learned to control it over the years but the thought of his mate being in danger pushed him over the edge.

There was no way I was getting back into the drivers seat without our mate safe in our arms.

"Say less," my wolf growls before shifting right in the middle of our room.

We barge past Brian and run through the castle the fastest we have ever ran before. The guards eyes bulge out of their heads as they quickly open the doors just in time for me to sprint out.

My eyes seem to deceive me, instead of a war I see balloons and party hats, I quickly come to a skid.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My pack yells, catching me by surprise.

It was my birthday. It had seemed to slip my mind with all the stuff going on recently.

"Happy birthday, Odysseus!" I hear my precious girl say before I see her. She comes through the crowd.

She looks at me in shock and almost drops the cake. She's only seen me in wolf form once before, it must have brought back memories, although she had not seen me with golden eyes. Had she even seen a wolf before?

"Woah," she says as someone takes the cake from her.

"You're so much bigger than I remembered," she says before patting me on the snout. My wolf purrs at her affection, letting me take back control knowing she's safe.

I wag my tail and she giggles at me.

A maid comes over with some clothes from my wardrobe. I take them in my mouth, silently thanking her.

I nudge Tatum with my snout before walking behind some bushes. I quickly shift back into my human form and shove on my clothes, wanting to get back to my girl as fast as I could. I jog out and open my arms for my girl, she smiles and runs into my arms giving me a big hug.

"How did you know?" I ask her, knowing she put this together.

"The better question is why didn't you tell me?" She looks at me, eyebrows raised accusingly causing me to laugh at her.

"Honestly. It slipped my mind. I completely forgot. Now who told you?" I ask her smiling.

"Brian. He actually helped me prepare," she says. My blood boils slightly.

"Good things he's around again," I say with a tight lipped smile, not meaning a word I said.

"I know, he's become a good friend actually," she says causing my gaze to snap to her.

"Less than three weeks ago he was threatening to kill you and now... after just one day you become best friends?" I question, feeling slightly suspicious.

"Well, he opened up to me about his Mate, Jenna. We both lost someone at the hands of my village," she sighs sadly, thinking about her mother and traitor friends.

Wow. I've been so selfish, how have I not realised that they were both still mourning?

"You're a dickhead," my wolf snickers.

"You were also possessive so don't you call me the dickhead. We share equal fault. After all... we are one," I tell him, he doesn't seem to like that and shuts up.

"Odysseus?" My little mate asks, trying to get my attention.

"Yes my love?" I purr, wrapping my arms around her.

"I asked if you liked it," she says looking up at me, worry rolling off her in waves.

"This?" I ask gesturing to the party.
"I love it," I say, drowning her worries.

She looks at me in relief.

"Thank god, I was wondering if it was a bad idea. Brian said you didn't like parties," my mate says causing me to let out a shaky sigh.

Again with the Brian. My wolf growls at how often he crosses her mind.

"I'm sorry Tatum, do you mind not talking about Brian for a while? It's setting off my wolf," I say, trying to put it nicely for her. Little did she know how close I was to ripping his head of his shoulders.

"Yeah sure, it's your birthday after all," she smiles leaning up to give me a kiss.

I rest her cheeks in my hands dipping down to give her a kiss.

I feel eyes burning into the back of my head. Immediately knowing it was Brian I thought I'd give him a show.

I slip my tongue into her mouth and pull her body against mine. Showing him who she belongs to.

I pull away from her and she beams at me. My sweet angel.

"I think I love you," she says out of nowhere, causing my heart to skip a beat.

"What?" I ask her, tangling my hands in her auburn locks.

"I said I love you," she says, her cheeks tinting pink as she sucks in her bottom lip nervously.

"Baby, I love you so much more than you can even comprehend," I say to her in happiness before picking her up by the waist and spinning her in the air.

My life couldn't get any better.

"I agree," my wolf purrs.

"And that is why for your birthday present..." she says smiling at me.

"I have decided that I want you to turn me... as soon as it's ready we can go," she says causing my heart rate to increase.

"You're not joking with me are you?" I ask her wide eyed.

"No!" She smiles and laughs.

"It's ready," I tell her, she looks at me with wide eyes.
"That is what the important meeting was about," I tell her.

"Oh, well why didn't you just tell me?" She laughs nervously.

"I was scared. I didn't want to put pressure on you to feel like you had to take it. I wanted you to want it in your own time," I say to her, telling her the complete truth.

"Well, I'm ready... will it hurt?" She asks, looking up at me, worry dancing in her dazzling hazel-green eyes.

"The injection itself won't, but your first shift will," I say honestly. She looks at me, looking frightened.

"It's ok, I'll be there with you, every step of the way," I say to her. Offering her complete sincerity.

"Thank you," she says smiling nervously.
"Do you want to go mingle?" She asks.

"It's your birthday after all," Brian says coming up and standing next to us.

My anger rises but I try and push it back from the surface.

"Happy birthday man," he says to me, giving me a sideways hug. I stand there awkwardly before putting an arm around him.

"Thanks," I say half heartedly. Tatum beams at us causing Brian to give her a smile.

Tatum said they were just friends so I hope Brian's on the same page as well. For his sake.

I hold my hand up to Tatum and she takes it immediately causing my heart to flutter.

Jeez, this wasn't like me.

I take her over to food and she grabs a piece of fairy bread, she takes a bite before holding it to my lips.

I take a small bite, wow. This was a child's birthday food so I had never tried it. For weird ingredients this actually wasn't that bad, also I guess my mate was still a child. She was only eighteen.

"Odysseus can I ask you a question?" She asks, looking up at me with those forest like eyes.

"You just did," I point out causing her cheeks to tint pink.
"Sure baby, ask me anything," I reassure her causing her to smile.

"I was wondering what your wolf's name was," she asks me softly.

"Poseidon," I tell her with a smile.

"Like the king of the sea? I like that," she says smiling back at me.

"Thank you," I say to her, my wolf purring at her compliment.

"Can I speak to your wolf later?" She asks me.

My eyes go wide upon her request.

"Would you behave?" I ask my wolf.

"Are you kidding me? If you got a chance to talk to your mate, would you ruin it by misbehaving?" He asks me. Touché wolfy, touché.

"Yes my love, later. After the party," I tell her causing her smile to widen.

"Thank you," she says before hugging me.

"You have no idea how excited he got when you asked," I tell her causing her to blush.

"Are you hungry?" She asks me, changing the subject so she no longer had to feel embarrassed. I laugh at her antics.

"Sure," I tell her letting her lead me over to the lunch table.

"Is it lunch already?" I ask looking at the sun.

"Well in like two hours. Early lunch, or dare I say brunch as you people like to call it," she says causing me to chuckle at her.

We take our seats as the food comes out, soon everybody joins us at the table. Brian sits in his designated spot causing my heart rate to increase. Even his mere presence is starting make my blood boil.

He was quick to move on from his deceased mate to mine. What a bastard. Jenna was a lovely, kind, caring woman. How dare his disgrace his mate.

He looks up at my mate giving her a smile.

"Keep your eyes to yourself," I mind link Brian. Warning him.

"Alpha, I swear it's not what you think, we're just friends," he says before looking at me.

My eyes flick up to his, his eyes holding nothing but the truth. Maybe I was over-reacting.

He's lucky he's alive after the stunt he pulled.
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