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Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ Talk


I walk into a small room and see Odysseus sitting down at the board with his head in his hands. I look through the glass and Rose sitting there with a tear stained face as she stares into the abyss of nothing.

"Odysseus?" I ask, coming to a stop.

"She will only speak with you," he says before looking at me.
"Could you speak to her?" He asks me, looking frustrated.

"I'll do it," I say to him before opening the door next to me. I walk into the completely black room, the only thinking keeping it from being pitch black was the desk light.

I take a seat in the chair facing hers. She snaps out of her daze and looks at me.

"You wanted to talk to me?" I ask her. Looking at my broken friend.

"Yes," she says in fear, looking at the mirror next to us.
"I came for you, did you look for me?" She asks me sounding heartbroken.

"Where you a part of it?" I ask her, tears forming in my eyes.

She looks at me, sitting back in her seat before looking at the mirror behind me, knowing people were watching and listening. She knew what I was talking about.

She leans in close to me.

"I'm sorry," she says, a tear falling from her eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask her letting a tear fall as I blink.

"Because of this. I didn't want to tell you because of my past. I didn't want you to be ashamed of me," she says blinking away her tears.

"Tell me... About your past," I say to her.

She shakes her head and breaks down crying before looking at me.

"Before I came to the village, I was a part of a pack. The Elder Tree Pack," she says looking at me sadly, she was broken. She didn't want to tell me this information.

"My old pack," I whisper, she didn't hear me.

"The Alpha. He banished me.. at twelve years old. And I found and joined our village," she starts to say before I cut her off.

"Are you a wolf?" I ask her, getting straight to the point.

"Yes... and I'm sorry I didn't tell you! Just wait!" She says as I go to get up and walk out.

I sit back down, waiting for her to explain.

"He banished me and I-I found our village. I joined. They said they would change the way humans lived for the better. They said we could wipe out the wolves," she says.

"Did they know?" I ask her, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Did they know what?" She asks me with wide eyes.

"Did they know that you are a wolf, yourself?!" I yell at her.

"No! No they didn't! They would have killed me!" She cried, justifying why she didn't tell our village.

"So what? What was your plan? What was our villages plan?" I ask her.

"We were going to slowly wipe out all the packs. Starting with the Elder Tree Pack and that stupid, bastard Alpha," she start to say before I slap her across the face.

She looks up at me shocked. Shocked that her best friend had slapped her.

"Do. Not. Talk about my father that way," I say to her. She looks up at me shocked, it had finally clicked in her head.

She's was the same age as me when the attack happened. That's how she didn't know I was the Alpha's daughter, that's how our village never recognised her for the snake she actually was.

"You know you would have been found out eventually right? They would have skinned you alive," I tell her, causing her to take a sharp intake of breathe.

"You're lucky you got away when you did," I tell her before going to stand up, she grabs my wrist causing me to freeze and look at her. I can feel Odysseus' anger from the room next to us, unhappy she was touching me. I sit back down wanting more answers as she takes my hands in hers.

"Why do the humans want to wipe out the wolves?" I ask her, my eyes hardening as I look into hers, searching for answers.

"Because they think they're better than us, they are controlling us, You didn't see it but I did. They threaten us, we're under their control, it's a part of the treaty! I've seen it Tatum, the missing page, I've seen the treaty and it's not how they described it to you! That. That is why I was banished. I was in the Alphas office when I found a second compartment... and it contained a piece of the treaty the wolves had failed to show the humans when it was their turn to sign it, we are not equals, we are slaves," she says causing me to look into the mirror as she does the same. I know I'm staring right into Odysseus eyes, I could feel his confusion, wondering what she had said to me to make me mad.

I let go of her hands before slamming the door open not bothered by my mate or Asher calling out my name. I follow the way I came, the creepy prisoner laughs at me, reaching his hand out for me. I kick his hand causing him to hiss at me.

"Fuck off," I seethe at him causing him to shut up completely. He sulks and walks to the back corner of his cell.

Fucking weirdo.

I continue my journey and eventually find the stairs. I walk up them having adrenaline course though my veins.

I needed to hit something. I was mad she had talk about my father that way, but I was more mad at the hidden page of the treaty. How dare they. No wonder why they wanted revenge.

I just had one question left... did Odysseus know about this?
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