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Chapter Thirty ~ Nothing’s As It Seems


I lay in bed contemplating my options. Go back down the cells and beat the shit out of some deserving prisoner... or cry.

Feeling the tears already form I choose the later option.

I cry into my pillow, letting all my emotions flow out.
The person who was my best friend, my only friend for six years didn't tell me the truth until now, but no only that my father wasn't who I thought he was.

My true friends were the people I've only known for a month. Asher, Dawson, Brian, Onyx, Marie, Jocelyn. Corbin and Josh... I wonder where those two were. I've made friends so fast, true friends I'd hope. I hoped they weren't in on this.

Back at my village I kept to myself, while everyone was going their own jobs I was always working in the stable, how could they not tell me about their plan? It decided my fate as well.

They probably had their meetings while I was working. Or while I was asleep. It's been happening right under my nose my entire life. How could I have not noticed?

My anger turns on myself.

How could I have been so quick to judge my village and trust these... monsters! That's what they were, once a monster and always a monster. My father... he wanted to turn me into one and I stupidly agreed.

I cry thinking of all the times we celebrated my birthday. They were my family. I had spent so long longing for my true family to realise he was trying to make me a slave.

"Don't think like that my sweet angel," a voice pops into my mind.

My mother.

"Don't blame yourself for something that was out of your control," her soothing voice says to me.

She was always here when I needed her.

"I miss you, I wish I could have known you," I say to her, hoping some how she could hear me.

"I miss you too," she says to me causing my heart to flutter. She could hear me.
"Of course I can hear you, and one day you will," she says to me. I close my eyes tightly.

"I love you mum," I say to her.

"I love you too, but before I go I need you to remember one thing, your father is a good man. He's not who you think he is. Goodbye my sweet child," she says to me.

Before I have a chance to say goodbye a knock sounds at the door.

"Yes?" I ask.

"It's me," says Onyx.

"Come in," I tell her wiping away my tears. She opens the door and peaks her head through. Her eyebrows furrowing with sympathy at my sadness as she closes the door behind her.

"I heard what happened..." she say to me, sitting next to me on the bed.

"You're one bad bitch," she jokes smiling at me, I crack a smile at her joke.

"Thanks," I say laying down and staring at ceiling, letting my mother's words soak in.

She lays down next to me and sighs.

"So much drama... I hope you're ok," she says to me, tilting her head to look at me.

"I'm ok. Just surprised... is all," I say to her, not willing to tell her what news I heart just yet in case she was in on it.

"I just wish things were different," I say to her, tears causing my vision. I wish my father hadn't made that dumb treaty, even though mum said he was a good man... a good man wouldn't write that treaty.

"I guess they will be tomorrow," she says staring up at the ceiling with me.

"Wait. What do you mean they will be tomorrow?" I ask her, giving her my full attention.

"Didn't Odysseus tell you? He's planning to take you to your fathers pack tomorrow so you can get the injection," she says looking equally confused as me.

"Tomorrow?" I ask, I only told him today I wanted the injection.

I guess he's just eager, or he wants me to be on the side of the wolves so I don't have a chance to fight him.

"I guess he wants to waste no time," she says.
"After all, we don't know what the other villages have planned for us. If they're planning to kill us as well. It'll be safer for you if you can transform into a wolf, you'll also have better healing abilities," she says to me, telling me the upside of being a wolf, my eyebrows furrow, what were her antics? She has to be in on this? She had to be and now I was going to get answers.

I quickly straddle her hips and hold her arms down with all my strength, she looks at me like I'm crazy.

"What are you doing?" She asks me feeling scared.

"Were you in on it?! Do you like having humans as slaves?!" I yell in her face. She looks at me with confusion.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" She asks causing me to lighten my grip on her.

She didn't know.

I quickly get off of her and sit at my makeup desk. Fuck. Now she was going to ask questions but it was a relief she wasn't in on it.

"Tate?" She asks softly as tears blur my eyes.
"Tate tell me, now," she says bending down to my height as she gazes at my tears eyes through the mirror.

"The treaty..." I say with a sad sigh, tears rolling down my face.
"The treaty has a secret page..." I say, letting out a breath of relief, happy I could tell someone I trusted.

"Woah, secret page? What's on it?" She asks me concerned.

I get up and walk to the bed before laying down.

"The humans... they aren't bad. They're misunderstood," I say to her as I look up at the ceiling, blinking away my tears. Onyx stays silent, waiting for me to continue.

"Rose told me the reason she was kicked out of her old pack, my old pack... is because she stumbled upon the missing page of the treaty," I say to Onyx as I snuggle, wiping away my tears.
"It said what humans were slaves, everybody signed it... the packs, the humans. I just wonder how many people were in on it," I say sadly looking at Onyx and awaiting her answer.

"That's fucked up," she says angrily.
"They think because we have stronger abilities that means we are better than the humans, but that's not the case," she says sighing. She was frustrated, it was rolling off her in waves.

"I know," I sigh, it was unfair. They were beasts so I didn't expect anything less than being put behind them on the food chain. They did think they were better than us.

"Odysseus is coming, I better be going," Onyx says before giving me hug. The door opens and Odysseus walks in.

"Get off my bed, Onyx," Odysseus says narrowing his eyes at her.

Onyx lets me go and walks out the door.

"Bye!" She calls out as Odysseus closes the door in her face.
"RUDE!" I hear her yell through the door causing me to laugh.

"How are you feeling?" Odysseus asks me, taking off his tight t-shirt. I can't help but look at his muscles.

"Mad," I say truthfully not bothering to lie.

"Come on," he says to me offering me his hand.

"Where are we going?" I ask taking his hand.

"We're having a bath," he says pulling off the bed and into the bathroom.

"Together?" I squeak, temporarily forgetting my hatred towards wolves.

"Yes, my love. It's not like I haven't seen you naked," he says smiling, closing the bathroom door behind us, locking it.

"I'll get it ready," he says getting out candles, roses, bath salts and bubbles.

I smile, this is what I used last time.

"Don't look, turn around," he laughs getting it ready. After five minutes I feel Odysseus' hands on my shoulders.

"Keep your eyes closed," he says, I do as he says before he starts turning me around.

"Now open," he says smiling.

I do as he says and smile, it was beautiful. He turns off the light and strips off. I turn away from him and blush.

He comes over to me slowly, not to scare me and grabs my chin. Turning me to face him.

"You have nothing to be scared of or embarrassed about," he tells me softly, looking me in the eyes before placing a gently kiss on my lips.

"Strip," he says before smirking.

"Not when you're looking!" I say to him laughing.

"Alright, alright, I'll get in, but you've got thirty seconds to get undressed and in the bath before I look. Also I'm not counting out loud," he says cheekily before getting in the bath.

He closes his eyes.
"I'm counting," he says causing my eyes to widen.

I quickly get undressed and step in the bath, I sit down quickly in between Odysseus legs causing water the splash over the edge, putting out some of the candles.

I giggle and Odysseus opens his eyes.

"You little," he starts to say, I quickly turn around.

"You what?" I ask him with a smile.
"You what? Say it! Go ahead! Say it!" I laugh at him.

"You're a rascal, you know that?" Odysseus laughs at me.

"Oh shut up, you love me," I say leaning back on his chest. He puts his arm around my waist.

"I certainly do," he says placing a kiss on my forehead. I sit there as he places his arms around me. I think about it...

If Onyx said she wasn't in on it that surely had to mean Odysseus wasn't as well... right?

"Odysseus?" I ask him, scared to ask him, afraid of the answer.

"Yes my love," he asks against my skin as he places a kiss on my bare shoulder.

"Are you in on it?" I ask him, I could feel his confusion. I turn the top of my body around to face him.
"Did you know about the secret page of the treaty?" I ask him causing him to make a weird face.

"What do you mean secret page of the treaty?" He asks me, clearly confused.

"The page stating that humans were slaves to wolves," I say to him, awaiting his reaction.

"No!" He growls.
"I never agreed to that," he seethes.

"Who ever made that treaty is going to die," he growls, wrapping his arms around my waist and whispering in my ear.

"I promise."
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