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Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Memories Unlocked


"You can sit here," my father says. Showing us our seats for lunch.

"Thank you," Odysseus says. Showing respect.

I play with my wedding ring nervously.

"We're having nachos for lunch. I hope that's ok," my father says taking a seat.

"That's perfect," I smile, not knowing what nachos were.

The chefs bring out all different ingredients and sit a bowl of triangle looking chips in front of us.

"You can eat, no formalities are needed at a family gathering," my father say pilling different toppings onto his plate. I look at Odysseus and he does it for me. I shake my head at the ones I don't want and end up with a plate looking delicious. I smile down at the colourful meal before watching how my father eats it before trying it on my own.

I put it in my mouth and it tastes like heaven. I don't what heaven is like but I assume if it had a taste it would taste like this. Odysseus smiles once he realises how much I'm enjoying the nachos.

"We can have this at home if you want, yeah?" Odysseus asks me earning a smile from my father.

I nod my head before shoving another nacho into my mouth. I finish the whole plate.

"Alright, so after this we'll go to the infirmary and we'll get you that injection," my father says smiling at me.

And this time when it's mentioned. I wasn't nervous.

It was my mum's first motherly advice. Of course I was going to take it. I would be a fool not too, especially when the moon goddess didn't object.

I nod my head as Odysseus and my father finish their seconds.

"Let's go shall we?" My father asks. Slapping his napkin onto the table.

I stand up and take Odysseus' hand as my father leads us to the infirmary. I look at all the sick and healing patients as they walk past, wondering how many of them were human turned wolf.

"Alright, Tatum is it?" A male doctor asks me.

"Yes," I say and take a seat on the chair as my father and Odysseus stand, watching.

"You're not pregnant are you?" The doctor asks causing me to blush.

"No!" I say, getting rather defensive.

"It's alright, I just needed to know, it wouldn't be good if you were, considering it's bad to shift while pregnant," the doctor states.

He takes my blood pressure and wraps a tie like thing around my arm.

"Pulse your arm for me a couple of times," he says after wiping my skin with an anti bacterial wipe.

I do as he says and he picks up a syringe filled with black liquid. Ew.

"This might sting a little," he says.

Why is it black? Why isn't it red? So many question flow through my head.

Suddenly I feel a sting in my arm bringing me back to reality. I squirm in my seat watching the black liquid disappear out of the syringe and into my blood stream.

I look up at my father and and Odysseus to see them both beaming at me.

The doctor pulls the syringe from my arm and put a cotton ball on it to stop the the bleeding.

"Hold this," he says, referring to the cotton ball. I hold it was watch as he cuts a piece of tape. He puts it over the cotton ball and takes the tie thing off my arm.

"Alright, one thing. Make sure you keep the area clean," he says referring to needle spot.
"It can tend to get a little infected due to a new substance unfamiliar to the human body, but in this case you already had a little bit of wolf DNA coursing through your veins because of your father, so your body shouldn't have a hard time accepting it, it shouldn't get infected but if it does let me know," the doctor says offering a smile.

"Ok, thank you," I whisper keeping my eyes down on my lap. I felt weird, I didn't feel any different but weird.

"Also you might experience some temporary side affects such as nausea, vomiting, head aches, heart burn, dizziness, fainting, etc. we do have some odd ones such as you can actually hear your blood pumping in your ears, only few have commented on their bones feeling like jelly, so that could happen. Those couple are more of the weirder ones. So don't be alarmed if you feel any of these because it's completely normal," he says.

Odysseus shuffles his feet and crosses his arms.
"How long would these affects last?" He asks the doctor.

"Well it's different for everyone, some people only track a few of these symptoms. Some have it for a few days, some have it for weeks. But I have noticed that they all finish completely when the first shift is over and done with. Which is normally on the next full moon," the doctor says giving Odysseus a smile.

"When's the next full moon?" I ask the doctor with wide eyes.

"In seven days," my father says, looking between the doctor and I.
"You only have a week to prepare," he says clearing his throat.

"You best be getting on your way so you can be ready for your first shift, the more you eat and train... the better, the easier it'll be for you," my father continues.

"Yes. That would be best," Odysseus says.
"We will come over and visit once her first shift is complete," Odysseus says causing me to smile.

"Perfect. There's just one more place I have to take you," my father says.
"Let's go."


"This is where it happened," my father says gesturing to the leaf covered ground.

I sit and look at the scenery before me.

I close my eyes and a memory appears in my head...

"Please! She's my baby!" I hear my mother yell, I look at her from a strangers arms.

"Kill her! She won't come willingly!" I hear a voice shout. I continue to look at my mother as she cries and begs for mercy. I had no clue what was going on.

A gun shot rings through the air causing me to cry loudly. My dummy falling from my mouth, crashing to the floor.

I watch in slow motion as my mother falls to the ground, blood pouring out of her head.

I gasp and cry upon seeing the vision. I quickly stand up, not wanting to relive it a third time.

"What happened? What's wrong?" My father asks me.

"I saw it. I saw her die." I say, Odysseus holds me in his arms and kisses my foreheads telling me it'll all be ok. I calm down at his soothing words as my father looks at the ground I was kneeling on.

What the hell just happened?
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