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Chapter Thirty-Three ~ Important Piece of Paper


"I think it's time to go," Odysseus says rubbing my back.

"Yes, I think that would be wise," my father says gesturing for us to follow him.

We follow behind him as he leads us back to our car where our driver was waiting.

We walk to the car and the driver opens up the door for us.

"Wait!" I say turning around.
"Take me to your office," I tell my father looking at him in all seriousness.

He nods his head, gesturing for me to follow.

We walk through the pack house, ignoring all the pack members curious gazes as we walk by. We reach the third floor, I watch as Odysseus and my dad walk straight ahead. I stop at another hallway and look down it.

"Tatum," I could hear my mum's voice calling me. I follow her voice, walking down several hallways. The calling stop and suddenly I find myself at the end of the hallway in front of a door. I go to open it but my fathers voice stops me.

"That was your baby room," he says to me, I don't turn around but instead open the door and walk in.

I look at the cott and all the things one would have in a baby room. I look at the chair in the corner and for a second I see my mother there sitting and smiling at me. I smile as I take in the pastel purple themed room.

This was mine?

"You're mother insisted on decorating this room by herself," my father smiles at the memory.

I look at Odysseus and smile causing him to do the same. He was happy for me. I was grateful my father didn't change my room.

"I was hopeful you'd be alive and be able to come back, I just didn't realise it would be so many years later," my father jokes, I smile before looking at him.

"We better head to your office now," I say, a new determination flowing through me. I was ready to get down to business.

"Very well," he says and walks out with both Odysseus and I in tow.

We finally reach his office and I sit in the chair across from his as Odysseus places a hand on my shoulder.

My father sits in his chair his eyes narrowed.

"What is it exactly you want to come in here for, Tatum?" My father asks causing me to smirk.


I get in first scooting over to the other side, Odysseus following behind me.

"Are you alright?" Odysseus asks me putting hand on my thigh as I clutch the folded up, tattered piece of paper.

"No." I say, trying to keep in my tears.

"It's ok if you need to cry," he says shuffling over into the middle seat making me laugh. He puts on our belts and gently scratches my arm as I lean my head on his chest.

Taking his words in, I let a tear slip.

I hope everything turns out alright.


"Wake up Tatum, we're here," Odysseus says, gently shaking me awake. I lean my head up and yawn cracking my neck.

Odysseus gives me a funny look.

"What? I was sleeping on the wrong angle," I defend myself giving him a weird look back, causing him to smile.

"I love you," he says.

"I love you too," I say, returning his smile.

"Get out I'm starving," I tell him, causing him to growl playfully making me laugh.

He gets out of the car and I follow in suit.

I look up at the castle and notice all my friends standing at the top of the stairs. The girls all run to me while boys speed walk behind. I quickly slip the paper to Odysseus.

I smile as Onyx embraces me, Marie and Jocelyn join in.

"Group hug! Get in guys!" Marie yells, the guys smile and join in. Odysseus stands there with his hands in his pockets smiling at me, and for once he wasn't jealous.

We break away from the hug before they bombard me with questions.

"Did it hurt?" Onyx asks me, wincing.

"How big was the needle?" Jocelyn asks.

"What colour was it?" Asher asks.

"Did it smell?" Corbin asks me giving me a funny look.

"Was the doctor hot?" Marie blurts out, causing Odysseus to growl at her for asking his mate such a question.

"Well, it stung and it felt really weird going in, but it was weirder seeing it go into my arm," I say causing Dawson's face to scrunch up in disgust as he shakes his head causing me to smile. Marie laughs at him punching him in the arm.

"The needle was bigger than I was expecting... it was black, it looked so gross. Also I don't think it smelled... I wasn't really worried about that now that I think about it," I say to them with a small awkward laugh.

Did it smell? Gross if it did.

"No, he was not hot, Marie," I say in front of Odysseus before giving her a wink, she laughs but Odysseus doesn't catch on, thankfully.

"I think the better question is... do you feel any different?" Brian asks me, just now catching my attention.

I sit and think on it for a moment. Did I feel any different?

"Well I haven't noticed any change yet. The doctor said there would be side affects of the needle but I haven't experienced any yet," I say to them biting my lip.

"Well I'm ready for dinner. Who else?" I ask causing everyone to cheer.

Odysseus grabs my hand and leads me through the kitchen, he covers my eyes.

"Where are we going? What's happening?" I ask Odysseus, chuckling.

"You'll see my love," he says.

We come to a stop and Odysseus uncovers my eyes.

"Surprise!" All my friends yell.

I smile at them and look around the room, flowers, balloons, and something similar to what we had for lunch was on the table.

"Thank you guys, you didn't have to do this," I say, tears filling my eyes.

"Don't cry! You'll make me cry!" Josh says pouting, putting his hand on his heart.

"Come on! Let's eat I'm starving!" Asher says, sitting in the seat next to mine.

"Hey! Why do you get to sit next to her!" Onyx asks Asher as I sit down, causing me to hide my laugh as I take my seat.

"You snooze you lose cow, I got here first," Asher says causing me to laugh.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing at that. That was rude Asher, apologise," I say, trying to keep myself out of the drama as I hide my laugh.

"Fine! I'm sorry for calling you a cow," Asher pouts, folding his arms like a child.

"You better be pup," Onyx says, causing Asher to scoff.

"Shut up! I'm hungry!" Marie yells at them.

We all finally sit down.

"It's not formal tonight guys, just take," Odysseus says, I look at him with a smile, noticing what he did.

"What are these?" I ask Odysseus.

"They're tacos. They're like nachos but a little different," he says making mine with the ingredients I like.

"Thank you," I say to him. I pick up the taco and bite into it. It was amazing, probably because it was almost the same as a nacho.

"Thank you guys," I say to them after finishing my second taco.

"It's no problem!" Brian says, stuffing another taco into his mouth. I smile at how nasty he was.

"You should know by now we'd do anything for you," Onyx says, making another taco.

"Yes we would!" Asher says, giving me a quick sideways hug.

"You better eat another if you want to be strong and healthy for your shift," Odysseus says, making me another two tacos.

"Thank you, also I never said I was finished," I tease, causing him to smile. He places a kiss on my head causing Dawson and Josh to grimace, I laugh at their reactions.

I finish my tacos in record speed, savouring the taste and flavour of them.

My stomach starts to bubble and I feel myself needing to go to the toilet.

"Hey guys I'll be back, I'm just gonna head to the bathroom," I say standing up.

"Ok don't be too long!" Onyx says as she laughs at something Dawson showed her.

"I won't," I say walking out of the room.

Where was the closest bathroom?

I walk to the front doors of the castle.

"Hi, sorry to bother you, I was just wondering where the closest bathroom was," I say to the guards.

"Just down the hall. Take the first left turn and the bathroom is in the first door," he says to me.

"Ok thank you," I say turning around and heading to where he said.

I knock on the door, hearing no response I open the door and walk in.

I shut and lock the door behind me before going to the toilet. Luckily I left when I did.

I finish my business before standing up a little too fast. I grip the railing steadying myself as my vision goes blurry and I start to sway.

I pull my underwear and shorts up before stumbling over to the sink. My legs go weak beneath me as I wash my hands.

The side affects were hitting me like a ton of bricks.

I unlock the door and stumble into the hallway, I start to walk but end up falling to the floor, my legs acting like jelly.

I hear a couple walking my direction.

"I want to go to Canada," I hear a boy say.

"No, we're not going to Canada for our honey moon. We can go some place like Fiji!" I hear the girl, her excitement bouncing of the walls.

"That's too obvious, maybe some place like... HOLY MOON GODDESS!" The boy says, his feet appear in front of my vision.

"Luna?!" The girl asks, she bends down and look at me, she tucks her blonde hair behind her ears as she gets a better view of me. Her brown eyes filled with worry.

"Oh my god! What are you doing?! Help her up!" The girl yells at her mate.

I try to protest but the boy picks me up anyway.

"I'll mind link the Alpha! Put her on the lounge in the lounge room!" She says, leading the way. We walk into the room after the foyer and the boy gently places me on the lounge.

"Luna! Stay awake, Alpha is almost here!" The boy tries to keep my awake.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I hear Odysseus' voice boom.

That's the last thing I hear before I'm out like a light.
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