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Chapter Thirty-Four ~ The full Moon


I open my eyes to a familiar place. The pack hospital.

I hear beeping and look to my left noticing a heart rate monitor, or whatever it was called. I look to my right noticing a drip. How long had I been out for?

I quiet down my thinking as talking erupts from the other side of the door.

"She should be awake by now... I don't understand," Odysseus' frustrated voice rings through the air as the door opens.

"I know Alpha she will be awaken by the full moon had she not waken up on her own before hand," the doctor says as they both enter the room.

"When's the full moon?" I ask, startling them both.

"You're awake?" Odysseus asks me, walking over to me.

"I think so," I joke with a small smile.

He rushes over to me giving me a hug, I hug him back confused.

"How long was I out for?" I ask him before he kisses me.

"A week," Odysseus says.
"The full moon is tonight."


"I'm not ready for this shit," I blurt to Onyx as she makes me food.

"It's alright. Trust me I wasn't ready either," she says taking the party pies out of the oven.

"Yeah but... at least you knew your whole that this moment would come! The thought of shifting hasn't even crossed my mind until less than a few weeks ago. Then I wake up and am told 'hey! I know you just came out of a mini coma but you're going to be shifting into a god damn wolf tonight'. THAT IS CRAZY!" I yell for emphasis, trying to get my point across that this was completely bonkers.

"I know. But you'll get through it," Onyx says using tongs to place the party pies on a plate for me.

"Eat all of them, you need your strength," she says turning around with at least fifteen party pies on the plate. Leaving five for herself.

"All of them?!" I ask looking at them.

"Yes," she says, shoving a party pie into her mouth. She immediately spits it out.

"OUCH! Hot! Hot!" She yells running to fridge, grabbing out some orange juice. I watch as she frantically finds a cup and pours the orange juice before practically inhaling it all.

"Well it did just come out of the oven," I state the obvious, a blush rising on my cheeks.

She gives me a pointed look. I sigh.

"Well if you expect me to eat all of these I'm going to need some barbecue sauce," I say to her.

She walks to cupboard and hands me the barbecue sauce.

"Some orange juice for my queen," Onyx laughs as she pours me a glass of orange juice.

"Thank you, peasant," I joke, causing her to pout.

I finish all of my pies and drink my third glass or orange juice. Party pies were amazing.

"Alright so the moon is rising. Odysseus is about to come and get you and take you to the spot. We will all be waiting for you after your shift. You're going to be really hungry so we're going to make you a feast!" Onyx says throwing her hands up in the air, smiling at me causing me to chuckle.

"Thank you, Onyx. For everything. Be sure to thank the others for me," I say getting up out of my seat.

Odysseus walks through the door. Immediately I get butterflies in my stomach, and not the good kind.

I was so nervous I was about to throw up.

"It's time, my love," Odysseus says giving me a small encouraging smile, holding out his hand for me.

I stand up shakily and take his hand. Letting him lead me out of the castle.

The fresh breeze of the night hits me in my face like a ton of bricks. I look up at the full moon. It was big, taunting me.

We walk down to Odysseus' spot. The moon was five minutes away from position.

"I don't know if I can do this," I whisper, tears brimming my eyes. I was so weak.

"You can do this. You don't have a choice. You have wolf blood coursing through your veins. Your father did it. He wouldn't have given this gift to you if he didn't think you could handle it," Odysseus says sternly. Looking me in the eyes. He was right. I was strong, and I didn't have a choice. I was shifting no matter what.

"Can I be alone for the shift?" I ask, he shakes his head.

"Please it's what I need to get through this," I say, silently begging him.

"Fine. But come straight back to the castle. I will be waiting for you on the steps. Don't go anywhere, there are several guards around here so you can shift safely. They will not disturb you as they are patrolling," he says putting my mind at ease.

I look into the sky. One minute.

"Ok I love you, goodbye," I say, giving him the best smile I could afford.

"I love you too. See you later, my little wolf," he says to me before heading back in the direction of the castle.

I felt a little better, more comfortable being alone.
I face the sky and close my eyes counting down the seconds.

Suddenly pain erupts throughout my body, immediately bringing me to tears.

I can't do this. I can't do this.

"Don't be scared," my mother's soothing voice floods my ears as I let out a scream.
"You are destined for great things," she says to me.

My leg snaps and I scream bloody murder. I collapse on the ground and cry as my fingers start to snap in an abnormal fashion.

I'm giving up! I can't do this anymore!

"Never give up... times will be tough but you gotta keep it together," her voice rings louder, begging me to keep it together.

I scream and scream as my bones snap into a different form. I feel my whole body start to morph from a human into a beast, I scream out in pain.

My clothes start to shred and fall to the ground beneath me.

'Help! Someone help me!' I wanted to scream but nothing comes out.

"I love you," my mothers voice sounds.
"You can achieve anything," her voice vibrates my body causing me to let out a determined scream.

My face starts to change shape as I scream. My hands start to change into paws and suddenly my whole body starts spurting auburn fur.

I scream as my back cracks, locking into place.
Suddenly my screams are replaced by howls.

The pain in my body stops as I collapse to the ground.

I try to mind link Odysseus but my mind goes fuzzy as I daze in and out of consciousness.

My eyes snap shut as I lose control of my body.

"Tatum," I hear an unfamiliar voice ring through my head, a bright light shining in my mind, behind my eyes.

"Yes?" I ask back in my mind.

"My name is Soren, I am your other half," she says coming to the front of my mind, blocking the bright light as she comes into view. I look at her form behind my eyes.

She was beautiful, she had hazel green eyes and auburn fur. She looked just like me apart from the white accents on her back paws, ears, tail and the white spots that scattered her back.

"Can we run?" She asks me.

"Only a little one, Odysseus wouldn't be happy if he knew we went for a run without telling him," I tell her.

"Who is Odysseus?" she asks.

"Our mate," I say causing her to purr.

Suddenly a gush of wind brushes through my fur causing me to close my eyes. When I open them again I notice I'm seeing things from behind my eyes. I was now in the back seat of my mind as Soren takes the reigns.

We run through the bush and I can feel Soren's happiness flowing through our veins.

She comes to a stop. Sniffing the air, she crouches down low.

"What are we doing?" I ask her.

"Hunting," she replies.
"Can you hear it?" She asks me, continuing her prowl.

I take my time and listen deeply, hearing sounds so far away it was almost impossible, then I hear it. The steady heart beat of a unknowing animal.

We slowly walk forward leaking through the bushes. Suddenly our prey comes into view. A kangaroo.

We step on a twig causing the kangaroo to look up from what it was doing.

It goes back to what it was doing, as soon as it was distracted again Soren wastes no time pouncing onto it and biting its neck.

It uses its back legs to kick us causing Soren to whine as its nails cut into our flesh.

She clamps down on its neck before snapping it causing its body to grow lifeless.

"Dinner for mate," Soren purrs.

"We have to go back now, Odysseus is waiting," I tell her.

"Ok," she says happily, dragging her catch back to her mate.

We trot back happily with the kangaroo with Soren desperately seeking Odysseus' approval.

We trot out of the bushes and look up to see Odysseus.

He stands up, putting his hands in his pockets. He walks down the stairs to meet us halfway.

Soren stops a few metres away, placing her catch on the ground in front of her mate. Laying on her stomach, submitting to her mate.

Odysseus looks at her with his jaw clenched.

"I thought I told you to come straight back," he says cracking a smile, dropping his tough act.

He was proud of me. Proud of us.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm mad. But I'm really proud of you," he says, Soren wags her tail. Happy with her mates approval.

"Shift, no ones around and I've got you some clothes," he says gesturing over to the folded clothes sitting on the steps.

"I'll do it for us," Soren says, know I obviously had no clue what I was doing.

She starts shifting and I feel our bones start snapping. It didn't hurt as bad now that both of us were enduring the pain, I close my eyes trying not to think of the pain.

Before I know it we've finished shifting. I open my eyes and noticed Soren had given me full control. I cover my body with my hands before walking over to the clothes.

I quickly get changed knowing Odysseus was staring at me.

One I pull his shirt over my head he comes over and cups my face before kissing me.

"You're amazing," he says to me, resting his forehead on mine.

"Your wolf is beautiful, what's her name?" He asks me.

"Soren, and thank you," I say giving him a smile before pulling my head back from his.

"That's a beautiful name," he says to me grabbing my hand and leading me up the steps of the castle.

"Wait! What about the kangaroo?" I ask him.

"Leave it. The chefs will bring it in and prepare it for dinner tomorrow night," he says putting Soren at ease.
"Now come on, let's go introduce her to the others."
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