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Chapter Thirty-Six ~ The Deed Is Done


I wake up with a moan, last night was incredible. I was finally his and he was finally mine.

Funny to think that just over a month ago I was still at my village, clueless to what the people I called friends were doing right under my nose all of those years. I found out that I had a mate, and that my mate kidnapped me. I became Queen and found my father. I had yet to thank Odysseus for that, for bringing a long lost family back together.

I loved him.
I truely loved him and I wouldn't change how my life has panned out.

I miss my mum. But at least I got to reconnect with my father. At least I got to meet my mother and I know that she loves me.

I feel Odysseus stir beside me.

"Good morning my Queen," he says as I turn in his arms to face him. He smirks at me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Nothing," he replies.
"I just love you," he finishes before placing a kiss on my lips.

"I love you too," I say getting out bed.

"Oh how could have I forgot?" I ask with a groan, remembering the secret treaty page.

"What is it baby?" He asks me, kissing my shoulder.

"Did you put it somewhere safe?" I ask him with wide eyes.

"Where no one will ever find it," he says with a smile.

"I hope that's true, and well I mean I hope you can find it," I joke with him before getting off the bed and walking into the bathroom.

"Woah, look at you," he says whistling before getting up and following me into the bathroom. A blush rises on my cheeks at his remark.

"Oh shut up," I tell him laughing, feeling embarrassed.

We get in the shower together. He washes me and I return the favour. We get out and get dry before walking back into our room I sit on the already made bed.

"I'll get you some clothes, baby," Odysseus says walking into the wardrobe. He comes out passing me a pair of jeans and one of his hoodies, along with my undergarments.

"Thank you," I say to him before getting dressed.
I smell his hoodie, thankful if carried his scent.

"Are you ready to face the music?" Odysseus asks giving me smile as he opens the door for me.

I leave and start my descent on the stairs.

"I'm afraid I have no clue what you're talking about," I say furrowing my eyebrows as he shuts the door and follows behind me.

"You'll see," he says, I just know his face was sporting a smirk. I'll wipe it off real quick if he gives me a chance.

"Whatever," I say, rolling my eyes.

We finally reach the kitchen and I look up to see all of my friends standing around the kitchen island eating bacon of a plate.

"What are you guys talking about?" I ask as Odysseus trails in behind me.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Onyx screams, spitting out the orange juice that was in her mouth all of Asher. He screeches at her, making a hilarious face causing me to try not to laugh.

"Did you two?!" Josh asks walking over to me, looking at me with a shocked expression.

"Yes we mated. It's not that big of a deal," Odysseus says, trying to calm them down for my sake.

"Yes dude!" Brian yells, holding his hand up for Odysseus to high five. Odysseus looks at him like he's a child.

"I'm not going to high five you just because I slept with my mate," Odysseus says, shaking his head at him as if he's an idiot. Dawson swoops in and high fives him instead, saving Brian from further embarrassment.

"Yes bro," Brian grins at Dawson, patting him on the back.

"Wow, I mean we're sisters, I mean it's not as if we weren't before but like now we are completely!" Onyx says causing Asher to laugh as he wipes the orange juice off himself.

"You make it sound like they do brother sister role play, hey bro I'm stuck in the," before he can utter another word Jocelyn slaps him in the face causing to me gasp and hold in my laughter.

"You gross, ass, perverted, bastard," Jocelyn says snickering at him. I watch Dawson leave the room, visibly shaking at how funny he thought this was.

I grab a few pieces of bacon before walking away from the messy scene as everyone bickers back and forth.

I sit in the lounge room eating my bacon. I watch as two familiar people walk by.

"Hey," I say catching their attention.
"Yes you!" I say as the look at each other confused.

They come over to me. It was the two that had helped me when I was sick.

"I remember you guys. You helped me. Thank you," I say to them.

"Oh no problem, Luna. Really. We were just doing our duty," the girl says giggling.

"It's really no problem Luna," the boy confirms.

"Well thank you anyways. What are your names? I'd like to get to know you guys better," I tell them. A small smile rested on my face.

"Genevieve," the girl says with a smile.

"And I'm Link," the guy says as he puts his arm around the girl.

"I'm assuming you guys are mates," I say with a smile.

"Well... not exactly. Our true mates rejected us..." Link says dejectedly.

"But!" Genevieve says looking lovingly at Link.
"We found each other and I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for me," She finishes, kissing Link. I smile at their happiness.

"So have you guys mated?" I ask.

"Yes, we have," Link says happily, placing a kiss of Genevieve's head.

"So hypothetically... could you still reject each other?" I ask narrowing my eyes as I think of the answer myself.

"Well yes but it's this whole other thing once you have mated..." Link replies looking uneasy.

"You're bound to them for life..." Genevieve says softly, not believing a word he says.

"Look regardless if it worked or not, Alpha would never accept your rejection. He would also not take it very lightly. I wouldn't talk about it around him," Says, Link, looking sick to his stomach at the thought.

I laugh at his statement causing both of their heads to snap up towards me, looking at me like I was crazy.

"I'm not going to reject Odysseus, we just mated," I tell them causing their eyes to widen in happiness.

"YAY!" They both yell before rushing over to me and embracing me in a hug.

This was going to be a long day.
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