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Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ Rejection


I'm laying on the bed peacefully as I doze off into a nap. The door suddenly slams open causing me to let out a scream. Before I can turn over to see what's happening I feel Odysseus' strong form over me.

He flips me onto my back before laying in between my legs, holding my wrists tightly above my head.

"What is this I hear about? You talking with two wolves about rejecting me?!" He seethes, I try and push him off me. Tears pooling in my eyes. He puts pressure on my wrists, hurting me.

"I-I swear I wouldn't reject you Odysseus! I was just!" I say trying to defend myself before he cuts me off.

"THEN WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!" He roars and crushes my wrists. I scream in immense pain, feeling my bones snapping under pressure. I scream and cry causing him to snap back into reality as I let out a deafening scream that shakes the castle.

He lets go off my wrists, both now purple and swollen. I hold up my wrists not knowing how to support them as I scream.

"Oh baby! Baby! I'm so sorry!" Odysseus cries, pulling his hair as warm tears pool from his eyes. He scoops me up before rushing me to the hospital.

Disturbed wolves watch on as he rushes me to the clinic.

He bursts through the doors as I scream and cry at the tremendous amount of pain.

Doctors and nurses rush to get me a stretcher. Odysseus lays me down as he curses himself. Absolutely hysterical as he watches me recede behind the hospital doors.



Wow I was the worlds worst mate. Tatum and I had only mated last night and break her fucking wrists before letting her explain the situation to me. She was already under enough stress with this treaty fraud shit.

I didn't even fucking let her explain. I'm meant to be the one she can count on. Not the one she's afraid of.

Some king I am.

I was a fucking idiot.

I sit beside her bed as I watch her sleep. She's been in here for a day. She gets to leave this morning as soon as she wakes up from her surgery.

She wasn't handling the pain very well, even with her wolf. She was healing fast though. A week and she would be ok.

Fuck. I was such an idiot.

I see her stir in her sleep. I grab into the edge of my seat. Dragging it closer to the bed.

"Tatum," I say gently, taking her hand in mine.

She opens her her eyes and looks at me before closing them again. She must be super exhausted. I run my thumb over her knuckles. I feel her relax slightly.

"Tatum, we can leave whenever you're ready," I say to her gently. Wanting to get her home in bed where I can tuck her into the warm sheets that await her.

She continues to ignore me and close her eyes. I don't blame her.

"Look baby I'm so sorry," I try to tell her, she turns over in her position, facing away from me.

"I'll come back in an hour baby to collect you," I say to her gently.

She continues to stay silent. I sigh and kiss her on the had before gently letting go of her hand.

I walk out the room and walk to the castle. I make my way up to our room, the least I could do was make her more comfortable.

I look to see the maids had already made the bed. I take out the weighted blanket from the ottoman.

I flick it out over the bed as it settles. I fix it up on either side. I grab some more pillows and place them around in a v-shape to support Tatum's posture.

It was done.

"Alpha, we have situation," one of my wolves mind link me.

"Where is it?" I ask, angry a situation has arisen.

"The cells."
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