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Chapter Thirty-Eight ~ You’re Kidding me!


I sit here waiting for Odysseus to come and sign me out. It's been over an hour. I wondered what he was up too. He's usually never late. The doctor had taken out my drip a while ago and now I was waiting to leave.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't want to see him, I just wanted to leave. Not a minute later he walks through the door. Speak of the devil.

"Tatum," he says sitting down, scaring me slightly. What was he doing?

"It's Rose..." he says, I feel my heart hammering in my chest. Was she hurt? Was she dead? Did she escape?

"She's Dawson's mate..." he says to me.

I sit there dumbfounded. That werewolf killer was Dawson's mate. Poor guy, he can never get a break can he?

"What does that mean... you know... for Dawson and Rose?" I ask him.

"Well... Dawson wants to be with her but she's adamant. The only reason she isn't dead right now if because she's Dawson's mate," he says causing my heart to hammer in my chest.

"I can go talk to her?" I suggest eagerly.
"Try and get her to come to her senses, convince her that we aren't the enemy," I say to him. Looking him in the eye. A new point of determination flowing through me.

"I think that would be wise," he says.
"I'll go sign the discharge papers, you can get dressed or wait until I can help you," he says.

He leaves and I quickly get out of bed. Careful with using my hands. There's no way I could get this done without help. I'd have to wait for the bastard so he could come and help me.

He comes back in a minute later, closing the door behind him and locking it.

He walk over to me and unties my hospital gown. He lets it fall to the floor and I step out of it. He holds my bra over me and I slip my arms in, he clips it up at the back. He helps me with the rest of my clothes and we leave.

My thoughts were solely on Rose. I didn't expect her to want a mate, let alone have one. But I guess every wolf has a mate.

We walk down to the dungeon or whatever he likes to call it and Odysseus shows me to her cell.

I look at her fragile state. She was in hysterics in a ball in the corner. She looked like a mental patient.

"Rose," I say, grabbing her attention.

"Tatum?" She asks, sitting up in her cell.

"Yes. It's me," I say.
"Tell me what's going on," I say to her gently.

"I-I don't want a mate, I don't want to be here, I-I need to finish what we started," she says, nodding her head to herself as if she was trying to convince herself it was the right thing to do.

Finish what she started? Killing all the wolves.

"Look, Rose. I've figured some of this treaty stuff out. We are not the enemy, Odysseus and the pack had clue to this hidden page, I swear to you, neither did Elder Tree, I talked to them, to my mother, she said she knows it wasn't my father and that we could figure it out together. Rose my father kicked you out because he was a coward, he was afraid you would tell everyone that it was him who created the treaty when it wasn't," I tell her, letting her soak up all this new information.

"Please! Please! You have to help get out of here! I'll help you figure it out but please I don't want a mate!" She cries, desperate for my help.

"I'm going to put it how it is. You're not going to be let out, ever. You will die in this cell if you do not accept Dawson, I'm not just saying that to scare you because it's true, and you know more than anyone else that I don't lie," I tell her. She comes up to the bars causing me to back up.

"Please Tatum, I begging you," she cries before gripping the bars tightly.

"No!" I snap at her.
"You deserve to be where you are if you don't accept him! Dawson, is an amazing person and he definitely doesn't deserve someone as pathetic as you for a mate! Look at yourself! You disgust me. The lengths you would go to, to not have a mate! A mate is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You don't know what it's like because you haven't given it a chance! The Rose I know isn't like this. It's like I don't even know you..." I finish my speech, shaking my head as I walk away from her, her sobs echoing off the cold walls.

"I'll try Tate..." she says softly in between sobs causing me to freeze in my place.
"I'll try and love him and if I can't I'm sorry," she says, I knew what she was saying... she'd stay in here forever willingly if she didn't fall for Dawson.

"What happened to your arms?" She asks me.

"A tragic accident. You better get your shit together Rose, wolves don't recover from rejection so I'll just have to have you killed," I reply, walking away. I knew she took my threat seriously. Right now I had no respect for her, not when she hurts one of my best friends. And she knew that.

I'd force her to accept Dawson if I could but when I think about it I wouldn't want him with such a troll.

"Tatum," Odysseus says as I walk out of the dungeon.

"What?!" I snap, still feeling angry at both Odysseus and the situation with Rose.

"I-I heard what you said. I'm sorry. I am truely sorry that I didn't hear you out. My wolf took over and I lost control. I know it's no excuse but just know I'm incredibly sorry," he says, I turn around to look at him with tears in my eyes, his eyes mirroring mine.

"Look. As much as I'd love to pretend it didn't happen. It did. And I'm hurt," I tell him, holding my arms up in the air. Showing him the casts on my wrists.
"So I don't forgive you. And right now I don't even want to talk to you," I say harshly. Not feeling in the mood to deal with his bullshit and apologising.

"Do you want to spend the day with your friends? I'll get them for you," he says. Trying to do something, anything, to gain a price of my trust.

"Look I don't need or want your help. I want to be alone," I growl at him, Soren coming forward, wanting to defend her human.

"Alright... as you wish."
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