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Chapter Thirty-Nine ~ Excuse Me?!


It had been a week since the incident happened. I hadn't spoken to Odysseus. He begged me and pleaded for me to acknowledge him.

I could feel his pain through our link, he was pushing it towards me, hoping I would cave and jump back into his arms. It's been hard. But he hurt me and now he was suffering the consequences. As of now, while I wasn't talking to him I've put the treaty answer search on hold until I was better, I've had too much plaguing my mind and it didn't look like the humans were going to make a move to kill us at any moment.

I walk along the path towards the medical centre. I couldn't wait to get these stupid casts off of me. I've been so itchy I've had to stick a ruler down my casts just to itch it.

I reach the doors and walk in. Odysseus had insisted he come until I uttered my first two words to him in a week.

"Fuck off,"

He wasn't pleased, he stormed out of the room angrily, smashing things. He had been in a bad place for the past week but I couldn't care less.

"Hello, Luna. I assume you are here to get your casts taken off," I hear a nurse say. I look to my left, acknowledging her presence and give her a smile nodding my head.

"Alright follow me," she says before waking me down the hallway and into a room.

"Alright, so I want to take your cast off and then I want to give you a proper check up. Just to make sure you're alright," she says smiling at me.

"Ok, that's fine," I say with a tight lipped smile. Anything to get these casts off me.

"How have they been?" She asks me, referring to wrists.

"They're good. They feel completely fine now. Good as new!" I comment as I watch her get her tools ready.

She starts to take my casts off. She dumps the first cast into a bin connected to the cart. I wring my wrist hearing it crack. My joints were so stiff it felt good having them off. I didn't feel as suffocated, my skin could finally breathe.

She takes the other cast off and gets her other tools ready. She wrap the band around my arm, taking in my blood pressure.

"Well this seems to be fine," she says, more to herself than me as I sit patiently. She sits the back of her hand on my head checking my temperate.

"All good," she mutters.

She gets her stethoscope and places it on my heart, listening. Her eyebrows furrow causing worry to set it.

"What is it?" I ask, she doesn't answer instead lifts you my shirt exposing my tummy. She places her stethoscope on my tummy and gasps.

"Luna," she says looking at me excitedly.

"What?! What is it?!" I practically yell at her wanting to know what it is.

"Luna did you know you're pregnant?" She asks. My face drops.

"What?" I ask her softly. Tears forming in my eyes.
She takes my expression for happiness.

"Alright Luna, we need to get you on vitamins, we need to run tests, do an ultrasound," she says excitedly to me, I tune her out as tears blur my vision.

I'm... pregnant?

I quickly sit up and pull my shirt down before walking out the room.

"Luna wait!" The nurse says causing me to take off into a sprint.

I can't be pregnant. I didn't want pups. We hadn't even had a conversation about them.

Fucking idiot. Why didn't he use protection? Why didn't I remember to tell him to use protection?
Ugh! We're both idiots.

I run pushing my legs to go faster as I reach the castle. The guards open the doors for me but not fast enough. I kick in the doors causing the guards on the other side to get startled. At any other moment in time I would have laughed but not now.

I was pissed.

I knew he would be pleased to hear that his mate was carrying his pup.

I storm to his office knowing he would be there.

I see Asher standing outside, guarding the door. He smiles at me but that changes once he notices my tears.

"Tatum, what's wrong?" He asks. I ignore him and go to open the door, he grabs my hand looking at me with wide eyes.

"You can't go in there," he says with fear in his eyes.

"And the fuck not?!" I almost scream at him.

"He's in a meeting with important people! He's not going to be pleased!" He says trying to continue before I push his hand off my arm and barge the doors open.

The talking seizes from inside and I look around the table. Calming down slightly as their wide eyes stare at me.

"Tatum?" Odysseus asks me. Looking into my eyes with hope.

"You bastard!" I screech strutting over to him. His eyes widen in fear as he stands up walking over to me.

"Not here baby," he says grabbing a hold of me and ushering me outside. I hear the murmurs from the other inside before the door closes.

"I thought I told you to stand guard!" Odysseus growls at Asher.
"Clearly you are unfit for the job," he growls pulling me along the hallway and into an empty room, he closes the door behind us and I spin around to face him, fuming.

"Baby, what is it? I was in an important meeting," he says with wide eyes, looking at me with concern as he sees my tears.

"Did you know that I was pregnant?!" I yell at him, tears streaming down my face.

"No," he says softly walking up to me. I try to back up but hit a cabinet of books. This must be a library. Great. Another thing he didn't show me.

He places his hand under my shirt on my stomach causing me to freeze at the touch of his warm hands as they send sparks up my body. I feel a connection run through all three of us.

"Get your hand off of me!" I growl coming to my senses.
"I don't want pups! I want it out of me! NOW!" I yell at him, causing Soren to whine. She wanted pups.

He growls at me causing me to turn my head away from him.
"Oh our pup will come out..." he says causing me to open my eyes slightly, surprised at his words.
"In four months when our pup is born," he growls at me, caging me in.

I growl at him.

"It's my body and my choice! I don't want a baby!" I yell at him. He harshly grabs my jaw in an iron grip causing me squirm in annoyance.

"You are having our pup. You are not to be alone in case you do something stupid," he growls.

"Wait stop!" I yell at him as he drags me out. Asher walks over to us as we exit the room.

"Take care of her and watch her. She is carrying my pup so make sure she doesn't do anything stupid," he growls, placing me in front of him.

Asher nods his head with wide eyes and grabs my wrist leading me to our room. I yell at Odysseus calling him names as I'm pulled down the hallway.

He sighs as he looks at me before opening his office door and walking in.

Stupid bastard. Not only is he making me keep our pup when I wasn't ready but he's treating me like a child.

"Let go of me!" I yell at Asher before yanking my arm out of his hold.

"Please!" Asher pleads with me.
"Please Tatum, Odysseus will kill me if anything happens to you or the pup. Please. Just follow me," he pleads, looking desperate.

"You're lucky you're my friend," I say to him before storming to my room.
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