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Chapter Four ~ Exposure


"Thank you, Odysseus." I say to him, giving him a small genuine smile.

"It's really no problem," he says to me, facing me with a small smirk.

"Would you like me to show you around a bit?" He asks after a bit of silence.

"I'd love that," I say with a with a tight lipped smile. The only reason I was happy to learn about the castles layout was to find a way out of here.

I say one last goodbye to Lola before following behind, Odysseus. I watch the stable as it slowly disappears the further we get from it.

"Would you like to check out the garden first?" He asks me, causing to look up at him to see him sending me a polite smile.

"Sure," I say, flicking my eyes back to my bare feet.

We reach the garden and I can't help but be in awe. There were flowers and vegetables everywhere. It was so bright and lively. So clean. It reminded me of home. How could they be such monsters if they enjoy the same basic thing in life as we do? I guess we'll never know.

"This is just one of the many places you can find leisure, Tatum." He says to me with a smile, liking my reaction.

I walk up to the flowers and kneel down on the pavement as I touch the beautiful purple flower before me.

"It's beautiful," I say to him, admiring its delicate petals.

"Would you like to move on?" He asks me, I look behind me to see him tilting his head slightly, giving me a gentle smile.

"Yeah," I answer him as I stand up. Wiping the invisible dust off my sweatpants.

Let's get this over with.


"And last but not least," he says to me before opening the door and letting me walk in first.
"Our bedroom," as soon as the words leave his mouth I tense up. Our bedroom? He was kidding. Right?

He walks up behind me and I close my eyes, feeling his breath tickle the back of my neck. He leans down to whisper in my ear.

"What do you think?" He asks. My breath gets caught in my throat. He puts his hand on my waist causing tingles to spread throughout my body.

"It's nice," I say before abruptly pulling away from him and turning to face him.

"I just feel like I would be a little more comfortable in my own room," I say in almost a whisper, afraid I'll upset him.

"Mates don't have different rooms, Tatum, in fact, even if that wasn't the case, there are no spare rooms," he says getting closer to me, growling at me softly. Telling me not to disobey him. He goes to grab my waist before I back up and ask him the question that's been plaguing my mind since I could remember.

"Why did you attack my village?" I ask him, narrowing my eyes slightly, wanting answers.

"Because they broke the law," he said to me, leaving my mouth agape.

"What law? What do you mean?" I ask him astonished. Even more curious than before.

"They killed one of my wolves," he says to me, his eyes the colour of obsidian causing all the blood to drain from my face.

"What? How? How could you have been so sure it was my village?" I ask him, shocked that he would sit here in front of me and accuse my family of doing such horrendous things.

"Wolfsbane and silver, it seems as though your village had secretly been planning to kill us all with the amount of weapons they were making," he says angrily. I look down at his clenched fists and gulp.

"I didn't know about this," I say dejectedly.

"I know, my little flower. My wolf can see that you're telling the truth," he says causing me to look up into his dark eyes. I keep my mouth closed not knowing what to say. How could I be so blind? Did Rose know about this?

"Well what's done is done. There's no going back, we can only now, sadly, only move on from our mistakes," he says to me, taking a seat on the chair in the corner of the room. I stand still digging my nails into the palm of my hands.

"That's why we had burned down your village. I had no clue in the slightest that my mate would have been there, let alone a human. But I can see, I can see why we're mates. You're strong, and smart. And I think it would be in my best interest to not underestimate you," he says with a small smile, lacing his fingers together as I watch him cautiously.

"I can also see that you do not trust me, I can promise you mate, I will not hurt you," he says to me in all seriousness.

"You already have," I say to him, finally gaining some confidence.

"What did you expect me to do Tatum?! Just sit there and let them kill us. It was fate, Tatum. Fate. We were going to meet one way or another and I'll be damned if it turned out any other way. Do you wanna know how we would have met Tatum?! We would have met with a wolfsbane laced, silver, spear in my heart! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TATUM?! IS IT?!" He roars at me standing up, I watch as he grabs the lamp off the table next to him and throws it at the ground, my eyes widen in fear as it smashes everywhere. I cry in terror and run into the bathroom locking the door behind me before I fall to the ground. His heavy fists pound on the door, making me cry harder, I move further away from the door in fear of what he'd do to me.

"Odysseus!" I hear a girl scream on the other side of the door, trying to gain his attention.

"HELP!" I scream at the top of my lungs, hoping she could hear me.

Odysseus' banging on the door ceases. I hear a door slam open on the other side and muffled growling and snapping. I flinch in fear at the terrifying sounds.

The door slams shut and I refuse to breathe as I hold my breath.

Soft knocking erupts on the door and I let out a small cry.

"Tatum?" I hear a girl ask softly through the door.

I stop crying momentarily and sniffle, confused.

"Tatum, my names Onyx, Odysseus isn't here, I promise." Her soothing voice says. I hesitate for a second but get up off the ground as I sniffle.

"Do you want to open the door?" She asks, suddenly I hear the bedroom door close and my breathing stops.

"It's not him, the maid just left... I promise I won't hurt you," she says to me, soothing my thoughts. I walk over to the door and at the soft sound of click I feel the door slowly open from the other side. I move back as the door opens to reveal a very beautiful girl.

"Hi, I'm Onyx. That idiots sister," she says to me with a smile.
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