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Chapter Forty-Two ~ New Beginnings


It's been two days since Rose got out of that dark, dingy cell. It made me happy seeing her and Dawson hit it off, being really flirty and lovey. How mates should be.

Odysseus and I had smoothed over the pregnancy fight just a little. We weren't perfect but I was slowly coming to terms with having a baby. I still didn't want to. A million thoughts were clouding my mind when I thought of having this pup.

I was still scared as hell. Odysseus says I don't need to worry and that everything will turn out just fine but I know it won't. That bastard isn't the one birthing out a child, so it's easy for him to say that. He also said that I wouldn't be alone. I wouldn't be stuck with the baby while he's at work, He had little evidence to prove that what he was saying was true. I didn't believe him. Some how I knew I'd get stuck with all the baby work.

I sigh, shaking my head from all my thoughts as I look down at my sand coloured dress.

Today was the day of the blood ceremony.

I was told that to bind me completely to the pack was to offer my blood in a chalice mixed with Odysseus' blood and we had to drink it. Same went for every member of our pack that wanted to join officially and new mates. Luckily for him it was only Rose and I that were the new members of the pack.

I look at my appearance happy at what I had achieved on my own. I looked good.

I walk down to where the ceremony was being held.

"Would you like an escort?" A familiar voice asks. I turn around to see Brian. He holds out his arm for me to take.

"I sure would," I laugh, jogging to him and lacing my arm with his.

"We're of to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of," Brian sings, Asher furiously puts a finger to his mouth making him shut up almost immediately. Josh tries not to laugh and back away from the quiet area in case he does.

"Sorry," Brian says looking down in defeat.

"It's alright you guys are just on time, Rose is doing hers," Asher says.

"Move," I say as I swatted him out of my way. I peak my head out of the open door causing Brian, Asher and Josh to look with me.

I watch as Rose cuts her hand with the knife and holds it over the chalice as her blood drips in.

"WELCOME ROSE GANDERTON TO BLOOD MOON PACK!" Odysseus yells into the crowd causing them to cheer as smoke erupts from the chalice.

I watch as they drink it. A crescent moon looking symbol appears on Rose's arm before it dissolves into her skin.

"What kind of voo-doo shit?" I say lowly causing Asher to slap a head over my mouth. A few heads turn our way upon hearing my words causing us all to scramble back inside.

"It's your turn," Brian whisper to me.

"Fuck off, I'm not going out after that. That's embarrassing," I whisper back. Hearing Odysseus welcome me to the stage.

"Go!" Asher whisper yells before pushing me out of the door, I almost stumble but quickly stand up and straight and smile sheepishly at Odysseus. He smiles and shakes his head at my clumsiness.

"Welcome your Queen and Luna, Tatum Viotto!" Odysseus' happy voice rings through the air. I smile shyly and walk down the walkway, I climb the stairs onto the stage with the help of a Corbin, he flashes me an encouraging smile.

I walk up to the chalice on the gold table and stand facing Odysseus.

"Tatum Viotto, do you pledge you allegiance your pack?" He asks me, not being able to wipe the smirk off of his handsome face.

"Yes, I do," I say with a smile.

"Do you pledge your allegiance to me?" He asks, a mischievous glint in his eyes causing me to narrow my eyes playfully.

"Yes, I do," I say, my nerves getting the best of me.

"In that case, open your palm," he says to me. I wipe my sweaty palm on my dress before offering him my hand. The pack laughs at this, I smile, feeling slightly more comfortable.

He holds out his palm before cutting it open. He uses the same knife for me and places a large cut on my hand causing me to wince.

He holds my hand and I watch as our blood mixes together dripping into the chalice. I lock eyes with him feeling overwhelmed.

"WELCOME YOUR QUEEN AND LUNA TATUM VIOTTO TO THE BLOOD MOON PACK!" Odysseus yells, holding our bloody hands in the air.

The pack roars with cheers as they stand up, I look over all of their happy faces causing me to smile. I hear a small hiss behind us and look at the chalice to see it spark before smoking. That was odd. Rose's didn't do that. No one seems to notice this but me.

He lets go of my hand and walks back to his side of the table. He grabs the chalice, smirking at me as I gulp. I look down and notice the moon appear and disappear on my arm, but mine was different. It was a full moon, but again nobody seemed to notice or question it, maybe they didn't see it. What did that mean? I look up as Odysseus lifts the chalice and gulps down our blood causing a bile to rise in my throat.

He hands me the chalice and I look down at the red liquid.

"Drink it," a voice whispers in my head. It was my mother. I don't give it a second thought and quickly drink the surprisingly thick liquid. I swallow it quickly causing the crowd to erupt in cheers. I look back into the chalice, to make sure I had drank all of it. Surprisingly it actually didn't taste as bad as I thought it would.

I place the chalice back on the table and look up at Odysseus. He laughs lightly and brings a finger to my face. I look at him in confusion until he brushes his finger against the corner of my mouth. I watch as he places his blood cornered finger into his mouth causing me to shiver.

He walks around the table and kisses me deeply causing me to blush as he places a hand on my waist and pulls me closer. The crowd erupts in cheers and whistles.

Odysseus pulls away from me placing arm around me.

"But that is not all! Tatum and I come bearing great news!" Odysseus' voice booms through the hard causing everyone quiet down. He better not discuss the treaty, I swear to the moon goddess!

"We are having our first pup!" His voice rings through the crowd. It's silent for a second. No one dares say a word. Suddenly the crowd erupts in massive cheers. Whistling being heard from within the crowd. I look over at Rose and she her with wide eyes, she smiles at me and holds a thumbs up.

Dear moon goddess, I was not expecting that... Please help me.
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