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Chapter Forty-Four ~ Pregnant As Hell


I hear the familiar beep of the machine causing me to stir as I wake up. I open my eyes and groan. It feels like I've been out a lifetime. I look around and notice I'm in a hospital bed. What happened?

I look down at my stomach and finally notice how big it was.

"Holy shit!" I say loudly touching it, realising I was pregnant as hell. I hear a clatter as I something falls to the ground.

"Luna?" A female voice asks sounding completely startled.

"How long have I been out for?" I ask her, placing both my hands on my stomach.

"A bit over three months," was her response.
"I'm sorry," she apologises.
"I must get the Alpha," she says causing me to swallow thickly.

Not a minute later I see Odysseus as he storms into the room. We look at each other, taking in each other's appearances. He looked different, it was clear he hadn't shaved in a while, his eyes were bloodshot like he hadn't sleep in years.

"Baby?" He asks.

"Yeah," I say, letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding. He rushes over to me and kisses me, his rough hairs on his chin rubbing against my skin.

He kisses my forehead longing before touching my baby bump.

He sits down in the chair and scoots it closer to me.

"I have some news," he says causing my heart to pound.

"Well... what is it?" I ask him thickly as a bile rises in my throat.

"We're having a boy," he says, his eyes twinkling. I smile and look down at my bump.

"But that's not all," he says causing my eyes to snap to his, awaiting his next words.
"We're having a girl too," he says excitedly, my mouth hangs open in surprise.

"Twins?" I ask him with wide eyes. He had to be kidding.

"Twins," he confirms kissing me on the lips.

"Fuck. I've missed you so much baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry," he says to me, putting his forehead against mine as his tears fall.

"It's ok, I forgive you," I tell him, placing my hand at the base of his neck, rubbing it comfortingly. My mind suddenly flashed back to Brian.

"Odysseus?" I ask causing his eyes to snap open, gazing into mine.

"Yes my love?" He asks with a soft, loving smile.

"What happened to Brian?" I ask him with soft eyes.

He stays silent for a minute, pulling away from me and leaning back into his chair.

"A few things happened while you were away," he starts causing my eyes to widen in fear as I await for his to continue.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask feeling impatient.

"Since you've been unresponsive I will fill you in on what has happened within the past three months," he says, this time I wait for him to continue.
"Brian... has been officially moved from the Beta position and.. has since been deemed a rogue," he says causing to me gasp.

"Because of that change, Asher has now stepped up into position of beta and Josh has filled the position my being my delta," he says.
"Marie has found her mate and luckily for her, he has decided to join our pack, he's a human and has gotten one of your dads vaccinations, he has already transitioned into a wolf. Rose has settled in well and is now carrying Dawson's pup, Corbin has also found in his mate just last week, also luckily for him his mate has decided to move to our pack as well," he says causing my heart to soar. I've only wanted the best for my friends. It brought me happiness knowing Rose was happy and is settling down, it showed me she's finally accepted who she truely is. I look up into Odysseus' eyes and suddenly I catch something I would have missed if I blinked. His right eye twitched slightly. He wasn't telling me something... My mind suddenly flicks back to Brian.

"So you didn't kill Brian?" I ask him in surprise.

"No. I was too busy fussing over my, unconscious and pregnant mate," he says growling slightly at the thought of Brian getting away.

My heart aches slightly, he was still my friend. To say he wasn't in a bad place at the time would be a lie. He was confused and missing his mate. But I get Odysseus' side of the story. I know that if it was a she-wolf that had kissed him and he was defending her I would rip her head off. I couldn't be mad at him.

"Are you mad?" He asks me softly, leaning his chin on his arm that was resting on the bed. I look at his sad face.

"No. I'm not mad," I say with a small smile.
"So, when's the due date?" I ask him wanting to change the conversation. My smile widening a fraction as I try to focus on the positive.

"Well it's a month and a half from now, I didn't know you were going to give birth if you hadn't have woken up in time. I think the doctors said they would have had to perform a c-section on you," he says wincing causing me to do the same. That sounded nasty.

"Yay. At least I get to brith them while I'm awake," I say sarcastically.

Odysseus narrows his eyes at me. Not happy with my response.

"Do you not want to be there for the birth of our pups?" He asks me, awaiting my answer.

"That's not what I meant," I said.
"Also I kind of have to be there for the birth of our pups otherwise they wouldn't be birthed," I point out.

"Touché," he says.

"So can I get out of here? I'm gonna be back here in two weeks I don't want to spend half of my life in a hospital," I sigh, looking down at all the tubes and wires attached to me. Gross.

"Sure, just rest, I'll get a doctor or nurse," he says before walking out.

A few minutes later a nurse comes and takes all the wires and tubes out of me before band-aiding me up. She hands me some pregnancy vitamins and a cold water.

"Make sure to take these everyday and drink a lot of water, I've informed Alpha Odysseus about what you should and shouldn't be eating so that shouldn't be a problem and make sure to stay off your feet. I will give you a wheelchair so you can get around," she says walking around the other side of my bed and gets the wheelchair from the corner bringing it over to me.

"Alpha if you need anything just mind link us and we'll come as fast as we can," she says, Odysseus nods his head at her not taking his eyes off of me.

He walks over to me as she excuses herself and leaves the room, closing the door behind her to give us privacy.

"Here, I got you some trackies and one of my hoodies for your pregnancy clothes... since the clothes you were wearing before aren't really suitable," he says gesturing to my bump, I smile at him as he picks the clothes up from a chair near the bed and places it at my feet. He offers me his hands which I gladly take.

"Thank you," I say, offering him a cheesy smile.

"You're very welcome," he says to me, returning my smile.

He undoes my hospital gown before putting a pregnancy bra on me. I do a double take at how big my breasts have grown because of the pregnancy, holy moon goddess.

Odysseus places the singlet top over my head for underneath the hoodie, leaving it above my baby bump, not to put strain on it. I hold my bump before he places the hoodie over my head and gently covers my baby bump. He helps me stand, offering my his shoulders for support as he puts my underwear and trackies on.

He then helps me gently sit down in the wheel chair.

"Are you ready?" He asks me, wheeling me the way outside of the hospital. I hold my bump watching as we pass the patients. The nurse opens the door for us and, the cool breeze gently blows against my skin, I smile seeing the sun.

"More than ever."
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