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Chapter Forty-Five ~ Meet My Mate!


I smile and look down at my bump. I sigh in happiness, I wasn't for new begging but this seemed like a good one.

I couldn't wait to see my friends and have them tell me all their funny stores and big news that I had missed out on while I was out.

I couldn't wait to meet Corbin and Marie's mates, we now had two new members in our group. I wondered what they were like.

"Can we go a little faster?" I beg Odysseus while looking up at him with a pout.

"Just a little, I don't want you getting hurt," he says and looks down at me with a smile. He could tell I was excited.

We finally reach the castle and I smile at the temporary ramp they had made for me.

"They all contributed," Odysseus says gesturing towards the ramp. I smile at their gesture as he pushes me up and brings me inside.

I hear screams and see my girls rush towards me causing me to smile.

"Care you help me up?" I ask Odysseus, he hesitates for a second, working out in his brain whether I should be allowed to stand or not. He nods his head after a second before offering me a hand. I take it when the girls reach me.

It was kind of tiring to stand while pregnant and I've only done it for a little while. I hug the girls awkwardly as the guys come rushing in, sounding excited.

"Tate, I have someone I'd like you to meet," Marie says as she beams at me, pushing a tall man in front of me. He was of Korean ethnicity and had tanned skin and black hair, completely handsome.

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you, I'm Tatum," I say with a smile, holding out my hand.

"Hi, I've heard so much about you, I'm Reece," he says and takes my hand, shaking it.

"TATUM! This is Robbie!" Corbin says shoving a guy in front of me.

"Hi Robbie nice to meet you," I tell him with a smile as I shake his hand.

"Likewise," he says with a deep voice, wow. He had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes with tanned skin and lots of muscle, he sounded American.

I look at Corbin with wide eyes, he gives me the same expression nodding his head. This guy was smoking.

"Ok stop," Odysseus says in my head, reading my thoughts.

"Not as smoking as you though baby," I reply causing him to growl and his wolf to purr in content.

"Alright now we have something to show you," Josh says excitedly, earning a grin from Asher. I nod my head excitedly with a smile waiting for him to continue.

"You might want to take a seat," a familiar voice says causing my ears to perk up. Rose. I look behind everybody as they part a way and I finally get to see her in a wheelchair clutching her bump causing me to laugh, she had to be at least two and a half months.

"I couldn't let you do this alone now could I?" She asks smiling at me as Dawson pushes her in her wheelchair.

"Hey Dawson!" I say, giving him a smile and wave.

*Hello* he signs causing me to smile, I never knew he could sign. Maybe he just couldn't be bothered.

"Come on, we have something show you," Onyx says smiling as she hugs me again.

We all walk, two of us wheeling, to Odysseus and my chambers. We open a door leading to the stair case and I'm surprised to see a circular lift placed in the middle of it causing me to smile in shock, Odysseus really did pull off the lift.

"Do you like it?" Odysseus asks me, leaning down and giving me a smile.
"I know you always complained about the stairs," he whispers causing me smile and push him away from me.

"Go ahead!" Marie says, gesturing for us to try it.

Odysseus pushes the button and it opens, he wheels us in and presses the button, I wave to my friends as the door closes and we start our way up.

It was fully made of glass so you could see everything, it took much less time and I wasn't out of breath for once.

Odysseus wheels me into our room and closes the door behind us.

"Let's get you onto the bed," he says with a smile. Helping me up he helps me waddle over to the bed before making me sit down.

Now would be a good time to ask him about the thing he failed to mention to me.

"Odysseus," I say causing him to look down at me, waiting for me to continue.
"There's something you aren't telling me... what is it?" I ask him, narrowing my eyes.

I watch his eyes twitch and my eyes single onto it. I see you.
"Don't lie to me, I can see your eye twitching!" I tell him in warning. He sighs and sits next to me.

"It's the humans, I caught wind that a group of humans, a village... was planning to massacre all the packs... starting with Elder Tree," he says to me causing my heart to sink.

"When?" I ask him, mortified he didn't tell me this earlier.

"In exactly two weeks from now," he says causing my heart to sink.

"We need to warn them! Who did you hear this from?" I ask him, worried.

"Alpha Jack Vertez, belonging to the blue horizon pack... good news is we have created an alliance with him," he states looking me in the eyes.

"Well! We need to be careful who we trust! We can't just ask for alliance from everyone. At least one pack had to have created that alliance," I tell him worried.

"Yes I know... it's just a matter of which pack, it had been discussed on multiple occasions but no one fessed up, after everyone agreeing to the contact, everyone signed it... even the rogue king... if he can even call himself that," he says growling, just the thought of him boiling his blood.

"Look, trust me. I know for a fact the Rogue pack or whatever they call themselves... are in on it, they have to be, but they aren't classified as a 'pack' so they couldn't have obtained those critical papers to even write a treaty, think about it! The attention is always on the Rogues and how foul they are, if they could prove themselves to be better than the humans and pose less of a threat then maybe you and the council would consider them becoming a real pack and gaining some territory, giving them some power. But they couldn't have done it on their own. They needed help from a pack... but which one?" I ask him, trying to figure out who was acting out of the ordinary at our wedding dinner.

"I'm not sure," Odysseus says, perplexed.

"Well I mean the first thing we have to do is choose our alliances... we should start with the wolves, the ones who think the same as we do but we have to be careful on who we choose, once we have a few we can go to the villages and Rose and I can persuade them that we are not the enemy. Once we narrow down who our alliances are we'll be able to take. Those. Fuckers. Down." I growl, fisting the sheets in my hand.
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