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Chapter Forty-Seven ~ Travels


"So where are we going first?" I ask Odysseus, keeping my eyes on the scenery outside the moving vehicle. Odysseus had us take a different vehicle from the others.

We only had a limited amount of spaces so we could only afford to take Josh, Corbin, Asher, Rose and Dawson. I was a little upset that my friends weren't going to be in the same car as me. The only person I had to gossip with was Odysseus and that simply wouldn't do.

"Well first we're going to band up with Alpha Vertez, we will further discuss the plan there. Alpha Vertez' beta will be joining us on our little crusade," he says with a heavy sigh, clearly not happy.

"What? Why can't Alpha Vertez come?" I ask, knowing that is what was bugging him.

"His mate Tia just had a baby, he does not wish to put all the stress on her so he has made the ultimate decision to let the Beta do his work, which could work out in our favour. Vertez does seem to talk a lot sometimes which could put us in hot water," Odysseus explains as I turn my head to look at him, his brown eyes settling on mine as he gives me a small smile.

I smile back at him finding his comment comforting.

"How long was this going to take?" I ask Odysseus, leaning my head on his shoulder as I sigh, tired.

"It's a long trip baby... go to sleep," he whispers. I take in his words and smile before letting myself doze off, knowing I'm in the comforting arms of my mate.



I watch her as she slept. She was an angel.

I wish she didn't persist on coming but of course she was right, she had to come in order for this to work. I felt angry at myself, angry I couldn't protect all three of my babies by keeping them at home, where I knew they would be safe.

Instead I had to keep an eye on her here, where we weren't in the warmth and safety of our own home, not only was I worried about the human revolution but I also had to keep an eagle eye out for my angel, if a single hair was out of place on her head I'd only have myself to blame.

Truth be told... I was worried. The human's were mad. Each day little by little the human would catch wind about the secret page of the treaty, they were beyond furious and I had to sit and watch helplessly as the seconds tick by, knowing that at any second they could possibly harm my mate and I wouldn't be able to do anything because I couldn't think of a fucking plan to try and get them on our side without using Tatum.

Both Tate and Rose were the key to solving this issue and they were both in a state of vulnerability. The fate of our humanity resting in my mates beautiful palms. I should be taking care of her, not the other way around. It angered me that her role in this was so important.

She wouldn't let me protect her because of her compassion for others and that infuriated me...

She was stubborn, and I was too.

I never thought the moon goddess would bless me with such a powerful mate, she was just as much of an Alpha as I was.

I was a beast, a monster until I met my Tatum. She was the light I needed, to show me not everything has to be bad and I'll be damned if I let anything happen to her or our babies.

I was terrified, I had no clue how any of this was going to go down and that concerns me...


"Tate," I say and gently shake my beautiful mate awake. She groans and stirs, I look out the window as we enter Vertez's pack lands.

"What?" She asks gently, sitting up and pushing off of me. I frown at the loss of skin to skin contact but recover realising she had asked me a question.

"We're here my love," I tell her as the car comes to a stop.

"Oh," she mumbles and sits up looking sleepy.

"You're so beautiful," I mumble to her, placing my hand on her giant bump. She truely was my angel.

"Thanks," she mumbles shyly and hides behind her curtain of hair, she was still very shy when it came to me giving her compliments.

The driver open us the door for us and I get out, offering my hand to Tatum. She takes and uses me to help herself up. I give a tight lipped smile to the others as they exit the other cars.

I shouldn't have listened to her and brought the wheelchair anyway. As soon as I had mentioned it she blew up,m which of course angered me.

If I wanted to keep her safe while we were travelling I'd have to comply with some of her rules if she was going to follow any of mine. Stupid compromising.

"Ah! Alpha Odysseus! Pleasure to accompany you and you beautiful mate, as well as your pack. Please, come in," Alpha Vertez greets us, a warm smile rested on his face.

"Likewise, thank you for accommodating us," I say as we all follow behind him into his pack house.

I hold my mates hand tightly as we walk up the stairs, not willing for her to fall.

I look behind to make sure the others weren't getting distracted or falling behind, gladly they weren't.

We follow Vertez to the west wing.

"So before you get settled in I would like to show you, your rooms. Lunch will be served within the next thirty minutes, a small lunch with only a few of my men that I had carefully selected to accompany you on this embarkment, also your bags will be brought up shortly before you go to lunch," Alpha Vertez says and comes to a stop once we reach the west wing.

"You can all pick a room but Alpha Odysseus I have had a special room prepared for you and your mate," he says to me causing me to nod my head. I look down at my mate and notice she's waving goodbye to Rose, I squeeze her hand gently assuring her she'll see her soon.

"Thank you for your kindness," I mumble to him, letting go of my mates hand and placing a hand on her back as I lead her behind Vertez.

"This is your room, feel free to order any of my pack members to do something... I have already informed them of your arrival and of their obligations," he says opening the door for us and giving us a friendly smile.

"Thank you," I mumble as I let Tatum enter first, following in behind her.

"You're welcome, I will come and collect you all in around twenty minutes," he says, and with that he exits.

I close the door behind us before looking over at Tatum, my eyes greedily taking in her pregnant form, she was perfect.

She catches me looking and gives me a breathtaking smile, my lips immediately turn upwards upon seeing her smile.

"I love you," I tell her.

"I love you too," she says and waddles over to me before giving me an awkward kiss, all in favour of the bump between us. She pulls back and chuckles causing me to do the same.

With every ounce of my being I was in love with this girl.
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