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Chapter Forty-Eight ~ Plans


I sit up upon hearing a knock at the door. I look at the closed bathroom door before looking back to the bedroom door. I'm sure Odysseus won't mind me answering it. I hop off the bed and walking to the door, I open it and come face to face with Rose, I give her a warm smile.

At least it wasn't some stranger.

"Come in," I say, closing the door behind her as she enters.

"Is Odysseus?" She asks gesturing to the bathroom.

"Yeah he's in there," I say as we both take a seat on the bed.
"What's up?" I ask her, watching as she supports her bump.

"Well it was about the human's and what we're going to say to them... I think that we should sit down and discuss it ourselves before informing the group of our plan," she says with a smile.

"Yeah perfect. That sounds smart, at least then we can think strategically without anybody's input," I tell her.

"Without whose input?" I hear Odysseus' ask causing my eyes to snap to him as he stands dominantly in the bathroom door way.

"Yours, for starters," I tell him earning a small growl from him, not happy with my statement.

"Please, Odysseus... just let us figure it out and we will come to you after we've formulated the plan," I beg him, I can feel his wolf purr in happiness though our bond, happy my mate was being submissive.

"Fine," he mutters before walking to me.

"We better head to lunch," he says holding his hand out for me to grab.


"So Odysseus," Alpha Vertez says, grabbing my attention. Odysseus hums in response as he swallows a piece of steak.

"Have you guys started planning how you're going to go about this?" Alpha Vertez asks him, taking a bite of his food.

"Well Tatum and Rose were thinking it might be easier for them to come up with a plan on their own and bring it to us for approval, so they can then fill us all in, on our roles once it's complete," Odysseus tells him. He narrows his eyes over at Odysseus, having a silent conversation.

I look over at Tia to see her head hung low as she cradled their newborn pup. Something was wrong with this Alpha.

"No disrespect, Alpha Jack," Odysseus says out loud causing my gaze to snap to his as his eyes narrow in on Alpha Vertez. I look over at Vertez to see his eye twitch at what Odysseus had just called him, he was clearly angered by Odysseus' clear disrespect regardless of the words he had just uttered. I couldn't help but wonder why he hated being called by his first name.

"Tatum is my mate. My equal. She should definitely get the final say of what happens, especially when she's the key to our survival... I assume you agree and understand completely, despite how you feel about women being called equals," Odysseus says causing my eyes to widen. I look across from me and see Rose and she looks up at me and shares the same reaction, playing with food on her plate.

I understood now. Jack didn't believe that Tia was his equal, that explained her recent submissive behaviour. Poor girl.

If that was the case it made sense why he wasn't joining us on recruiting the human's and packs. It was because he was too insecure to leave his wife and mate behind without him and he was too dominant and felt like his mate was incapable of taking care of the baby alone.

To say I was angry would say the least.

"I wouldn't act so tough in this situation if I were you... your fate and your future Alpha's fate rests in the palm of our hands... so you have no choice but to trust us... us meaning women, unless you want them to hit your pack first, we could always tell him that it was your pack that came up with the treaty," I say to him with a smile causing his deadly gaze to snap to me. I was trying stay calm, I didn't want to aggravate him, I wanted to be the bigger person... but I couldn't help patronising him, it was too easy.

You know what they say... ain't nothing like a little fear to make a paper man crumble...

I watch as he clenches his jaw, aggravated that his families fate was in the hands of woman. He was angry that I had threatened him but he knew I was right... but he didn't want to admit it, his ego was too strong. I feel Odysseus smirk beside me, proud of me.

My eyes flick to Rose and Dawson and I see Dawson smiling shamelessly almost causing me to bust my serious threat by smiling.

"Whatever..." Jack growls, clearly unamused at what had just unfolded. I look over at Tia and see her face break out into a small grin as she hides behind a mask of her hair.

We finish our lunch in silence. Once Jack had finished he used his napkin before gently throwing it onto his plate, clearly still aggravated.

"Let's go Tia," Jack growls in dominance causing her eyes to widen and she stands up quickly with the baby.
"I'll see you all later," he mumbles before walking out the door with Tia following in tow.

As he walks out the door Tia turns around with a huge grin plastered on her face as she waved goodbye silently, her eyes lingering on me for a tad longer, it was clear she was happy that I had told off her mate.

We wave back as she leaves with the baby.

"That was fucking awesome," Corbin laughs, knowing they were far enough away so they couldn't hear us.

"It totally was, that was completely cool Luna Tatum," I hear Jack's beta say whose name I learned to be, Channing.

"Thank you," I say to them both with a smile.

"I have never seen someone put Alpha in his place before, let alone been out in his place by a feisty woman," one of his warriors laughs.

"I'm glad there's a first for everything, Jonah," I laugh at the warrior.

"Initially I thought you just liked pissing Odysseus off... but now I know it's everyone whose a dick," Josh says causing Odysseus to growl, making me laugh.

"Ok. Enough is enough. You will now address me as Alpha for the rest of the trip," Odysseus growls at Josh causing his eyes to almost pop out of his head.

"But Odysseus!" Josh protests before being cut off by my mate.

"It's Alpha to you, pup," Odysseus growls causing everyone to laugh as Josh pouts.

"One day you'll learn," Asher says, laughing at Josh causing him to scowl.

"Tatum," Rose says with a smile, I nod my head knowing what she meant.

"You can borrow our room, I have some rules to set with Josh," Odysseus growls as we stand up.

"It was nice meeting you guys," Dylan says to us with a smile, he was the last warrior Jack had sent with us on the mission.

"Likewise," I say with a smile as we all bid our goodbyes and head back to our rooms to settle in. It was sure going to be tense around Alpha Jack while we were staying in his home, I know they reason he hadn't kicked us out was because Odysseus was King and I was Queen.

We had superiority and he hated that I had more power than he could ever wish for.

We reach the room and Odysseus bids me a goodbye by placing a kiss on my forehead, I close my eyes as his lips touch my skin causing me to smile. I open my eyes and say goodbye before closing the door behind me.

"So... have any ideas?" Rose asks me with a smile.

"Not yet, I've been thinking but I've been stuck," I admit to her.

"Same," she laughs nervously as her leg bounces up and down.
"Did he bring it?" Rose asks me, I quint my eyes and try and figure out what she's referring too.

"The treaty page?" I ask her, confused.

"Yes you silly goose," she says and laughs at me.

"Oh yeah, he brought it," I tell her, laughing nervously.

"Ok cool, I mean do we show it to them?" She asks me.

"No. Maybe. We at least not until we explain it to them, it would be like shooting ourselves in the foot." I tell her.

"Yeah you're right. They're not going to believe us if we whip it our straight away, they're going to think that we had it and that were traitors," she says, whimpering at the thought.

"We're not going to end up like my mother, it will be different," I tell her, trying to convince myself as well.

My father wouldn't have approved if I were to have told him of what we were planning to do. He couldn't bare losing his daughter again to the human's. I couldn't worry him like that.

"Wait... I've got it.." I tell her with a smile causing her to return my happy grin.

"Tell me."
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