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Chapter Fifty ~ We’re Here…


Today was the day. We were already on our way to our first destination, I had made sure to say goodbye to Tia and remind her of the words that I had said to her the previous night.

I fidget nervously causing Channing to smile at me.

"Nervous, Luna Tatum?" He asks me as as we hit a small pothole causing my heart race to increase.

"Tatum, please call me, Tatum," I tell him before sighing.
"And a little," I reply, giving him a gentle smile before looking out the window at the passing trees.

"Well be there soon, and as far as I'm concerned they aren't aware of our visit they will be receiving shortly so we will be treading on thin ice," at Channing's words I clutch onto Odysseus' arm tighter. He kisses the top of my head reassuring me it'll be ok.

"How far away are we?" I ask him as my heart races.

"Thirty minutes, so sit tight," he replies with a sigh, I lean my head against Odysseus' shoulder and close my eyes.

The last thirty minutes went by slow, it didn't help that I was counting down the passing seconds. I feel my heart race as the car comes to a stop.

"Well, looks like this is us," Channing says and opens the car door getting out. Odysseus opens the door and we follow in suit.

I get out and look around, my head spinning from all the nerves. Rose gets out of the car behind us and immediately walks over to me.

"I don't see the village," she whispers, sounding louder than intended as she grabs my hand.

"That's because we have to walk the rest of the way, I'll lead. Let's go," Jonah says with a serious face, he was on edge, always the one observing for us. He must have been a tracker warrior.

We all follow behind him and Asher and Corbin run up to us, ready to defend us if anything unexpected comes our way. Josh and Channing walk ahead with Jonah, making sure everything was fine while Dawson and Dylan walked behind us, Odysseus standing with me as he keeps out an eagle eye for any signs of danger.

We walk for a solid minute before Jonah stops and puts up a hand signal, silently telling us all to shut and be quiet even though none of us were all talking. Unconsciously I hold my breath.

"We're here," is all he says before suddenly we are surrounded by humans with weapons.

"What the fuck," Odysseus growls, clearly surprised he hadn't heard or seen them.

"State your reason for being here mongrels!" A man yells as he holds up his spear threateningly. Before anyone has a chance to I open my mouth.

"We come in peace, we just want to talk!" I try and reason with him, he looks down at me, his eyes flick to my pregnant stomach. His gaze flicks back up and he narrows his eyes into mine as he looks for any evidence that I could be lying. When he doesn't find any he huffs.

Hitting the end of his spear in the ground, the human's copy his move. The guys look around, ready for any sudden change in movement.

"Very well then... you may speak. Follow me," he says before turning around. Channing looks at Odysseus for confirmation, he nods his head once and with that we follow as the human's walk around us, still on edge.

We all stand before a small building, many like it scattered around. The people of the village look frightened as they watch us with worried expressions.

The leader turns around before narrowing his eyes at each of us.

"Whose in charge here?" The leader asks.

"Both Rose and I," I tell him before anyone can answer.

"Very well, both of you follow me... the rest of you stay here," he says causing Odysseus to growl.

"I don't think so... I'm not leaving my pregnant mate alone with you," he growls, eyes glowing gold.

The leader sees this and gulps.

"I'm sorry, my King," he says and bows out of respect, now aware of Odysseus' title.

"It's fine Odysseus..." I tell him. Before looking at the leader.
"You're not going to harm us are you?" I ask him before looking back to Odysseus.

"No, I wouldn't dream of it," he says confirming my thoughts, I smile at Odysseus before stepping forward.

"Now that's settled, let's go," I tell the leader with a smile. Odysseus huffs as Rose and I enter the dingy brick building. Rose shuts the door behind us and I sit down in the chair in front of the desk as the leader sits behind it, Rose taking a seat next to me.

"So why have the Royals decided to grace us with their presence?" The leader asks us, looking between Rose and I.

"We've come to warm you," I tell him, he raises an eyebrow at me. I look at his little plaque that rested on his desk.

Damon Sanders, head chief.

I look back up at him to see him raise an eyebrow at me. I look over at Rose telling her it was ok for her to talk, she looks at me and shakes her head, not knowing how to continue.

"We aren't the enemy," I tell him causing him to laugh in my face.

"Are you kidding me?" He asks, wiping away a fake tear.
"You're werewolves, you're all the same monsters," he spits out.

"Look here... I was a human... my father was an Alpha, my mother a human as well. I inherited her traits over my fathers leaving me human just like my mother. I once lived in a village and heck I even thought the same thing. That all werewolves were monsters. I had no clue of my past life," I tell him causing him to gain interest in what I was saying.
"The werewolves had no clue that the secret page of the treaty had existed... except Rose," I say, looking over at her to reference.

"I was twelve at the time. The Alpha had asked me to collect something from his office. Long story short I found something that needed to be found. I got kicked out of my pack once I laid eyes on that secret treaty page. It ruined my life, my Alpha at the time was scared, he was scared that I was going to tell everyone that it was he who had made the treaty and hid a secret page. But it wasn't him who had created it, he didn't have a clue on how it got there, when he banished me I had to seek asylum at Tatum's village," she says before Damon interrupts her.

"How do you know that? How did you know he wasn't lying about the secret page of the treaty?" He asks, narrowing his beady eyes.

"Because that Alpha is my father..." I tell him causing his eyes to snap to mine, he goes to talk but I cut him off completely.
"I have a gift... from my mother and the moon goddess herself. I hadn't spoken to my mother before because she was killed by humans, a village. The Evergreen Grass village. My mate, the King. Had slaughtered them and took me," I tell him, accidentally getting off track.

"Anyways, so I met my father and I had visited my mums grave, when all of a sudden I saw her. It was my mother. The moon goddess had let me meet her and she told me the truth, she told me that my father was innocent," I tell him, letting him soak up the information we had just informed him about.

"Both of our packs are innocent, the Elder Tree pack and The blood Moon pack. We think we know what's happened but we need your help," I tell him, hopeful he would listen to me.

"Tell me," he says, Rose and I look at each other with a smile.

"We haven't figured it out completely but we do know that the rogues have played a big part in this treaty. Our theory is that the Rogues are sick of being treated like shit and are trying to obtain power to become an offical pack... and to do that they need the attention off of them and an easy way to the that was put all of the bad attention onto the humans..." I explain, he raises and eyebrows, wanting me to continue.

"You see Rose wanted revenge on my father and didn't believe having humans as slaves was fair. So Rose told my village and they secretly planned to kill the packs. Word slowly got around to you guys and the other humans, painting the packs as bad and power hungry because King Odysseus had slayed a human village, but he did that for revenge. We know that the rogues couldn't have worked alone because they couldn't have obtained the papers to create a treaty, but we figured that a pack had to be helping. We have narrowed it down to finding out which pack had the means to use humans for slavery," I tell him before continuing.

"When the human's were to step out of line the secret page of the treaty was meant to be obtained and slipped back into the original one as if it was there all along and everyone had agreed to the terms and conditions, leaving humans vulnerable and slaves... We need your help. Your alliance. Because once we figure out who had created this treaty, it'll be us against them... and we don't want you getting caught up in between."
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