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Chapter Fifty-One ~ Our Pups


"You do strike a good bargain and based on the amount of packs and villages you have acquainted... I think it is in our best interest to be on the winning side," chief Zimmermann says, giving us a smile.

I look at Rose with a grin, over the past two weeks we have successful recruited over thirty villages and a few packs, our new allies.

The packs we have recruited have been educated on our plan and are now heading to villages near their packs to recruit them. Our empire was building and little by little we were taking over and narrowing down who could be behind the treaty.

There were only three packs left that could be behind this... the Sand Wind Pack, the Star Gazer Pack and the Red Dust Pack.

I didn't believe it Alpha Martin from the Red Dust Pack. He seemed to sweet and kind but then again looks can be deceiving...

The other two I weren't so sure of.

"Perfect, if we work together we can win this. We can end slavery and hopefully create a new treaty, a fair treaty," I tell him with a sad smile.

"You too are both very smart. I'm not sure how you've managed to pull this off but I'm not one to complain... you have our word," Chief Zimmerman says giving us a smile.

"Amazing. And with saying that we best be on our way, we have to get back to the pack as we have been away a while," I tell him, getting up from my chair.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Queen Tatum," he says shaking my hand before shaking Rose's.
"Again, thank you both," he says offering us a wide smile.

I nod my head at him in understanding before Rose and I make our way out of his office. I open the door and Odysseus' eyes make their way to mine in questioning.

I give him a smile and nod, silently letting him know they were on our side.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again, King Odysseus," Chief Zimmerman says offering him his hand. Odysseus takes it out of respect and gives his hand a firm shake. I could feel Odysseus' worry's slip away.

"Thank you Chief, we must be in our way," says Odysseus before offering me his hand. I gladly take it with a smile.

"Of course, I'll show you the way out," the Chief says and walks us outside.

"Thank you again," I tell him with a smile, he offers me a nod with a smile and with that we bid him goodbye as we walk of his territory.

We all get in our separate cars, and start the long journey home.

We sit in a comfortable silence.

"I think we did good," I say out loud causing Odysseus to look at me.

"You definitely did baby, I'm so proud of you," he says with a smile, he kisses my head making me break out into a smile.
"Now let's go home."


"You're home!" Onyx yells at me as I exit the car. She runs down the stairs and engulfs me in a hug. I missed this chick.
"I missed you!" She says pulling back from me.

"I've missed you too!" I laugh as she bends down so she's face to face with my baby bump.

"How are my niece and nephew?" She asks me.

"That's what we're going to check now," Odysseus tells her before I have a chance to speak. I look behind her and see the dreaded wheelchair.

"Really Odysseus?" I ask him.
"I've been fine these past two weeks!" I tell him, trying to convince him I didn't need it.

"Tatum my love, I've seen how exhausted you've been these past two weeks, just let me help you," he says gently, retrieving the wheelchair and bringing it behind me.

I huff and sit down in the chair; knowing he's right.

"Goodbye again!" Onyx pouts at me causing me to laugh at her. Odysseus wheels us in the direction of the hospital, I hold onto the chair at the bumpy ride.

"Slow down buddy," I tell him with a laugh, he growls at the nickname.

"Sorry, I just want to know how our babies are doing," he tells me with a smile as he slows down.

"It's alright, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious," I tell him as we reach the hospital. He drives us up the ramp and inside. The smell of chemicals reaching my nose causing me to cringe.

"Alpha, Luna. You're back! I assume you're here for a check up," the nurse says, guiding us to a room. She opens the door for us and lets us enter first.

"So what we're you after? I'll perform an ultra sound and make sure the Luna's vitals and everything are correct, do you wish for me to perform a blood sample?" She asks us, Odysseus in particular causing my jaw to tick. I was a grown woman, old enough to make my own decisions.

"No I don't need one of those," I tell her before Odysseus could answer, he narrows his eyes at me slightly causing me to gulp. He sigh before opening his mouth as the nurse stay silent.

"You heard her. She doesn't need one," he says causing the nurse to gulp and nod her head.

She quickly performs everything she needs to before pulling my hoodie up and exposing my bulging belly.

She applies the cold jelly to my tummy causing me to cringe. Odysseus looks at my reaction and gives me a smile, amused.

She puts her machine on my stomach and smoothed out the jelly, Odysseus and I look up at the screen. I gasp upon seeing my two pups for the very first time, I was in a trance as I looked at them, they were my babies. My pups.

I feel Odysseus gaze on me as he gazes at my reaction. I could feel his wolf through our bond, happy I was stunned at the sight of our babies.

I never thought I'd feel like this upon seeing them, Soren jumps around in our mind in happiness.

"OUR PUPS! THOSE ARE OUR PUPS!" She yells, yapping at me.

"I know, I know..." I laugh at her in my mind, staring at my two pups.

They were perfect.
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