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Chapter Fifty-Two ~ Prepare For Battle


I watch my mate, gazing at her first reaction upon seeing our pups, her eyes slightly side as she stares at the screen beside her. I smile upon hearing her heart beat increase.

I feel my wolf stir in my mind in happiness, signifying she happy seeing our pups. I smile at her and feel Soren's presence, she was ecstatic.

I look up at our pups, they were beautiful.

"They're very healthy," the nurse states with a smile as she looks up at our pups, feeling blessed by the moon goddess she was able to see her Alpha and Luna's pups before they were even born.

"Can we get a print out?" I ask the nurse causing Tate's eyes to snap up to mine. She sends me heartwarming smile, showing me her happiness. I couldn't help bur get butterflies in my stomach as I took in her happy feelings.

"Definitely Alpha," she says and clicks a button on the machine.

Once she was done she turned the screen off and started wiping the jelly of Tatum's stomach.

Our pups would be born soon, in two weeks...

We had no clue when the war was coming but we knew it would be soon. It wasn't the best time considering Tatum's pregnancy.

We had no idea what we are up against. Yeah we had some alliances and they were growing and spreading as we speak we have only covered a small amount of Australia so far. It was a start but we were still outnumbered. It was only a matter of time until human declared war on the werewolves, I just hoped we could get through to them and have the advantage when we finally figured out who was the source behind all this chaos.


"So, I assume you all know why I have gathered you," I tell the men as they sit at the meeting table, looking at me with with wide eyes.

"Where's Tatum and Rose?" Asher asks before I rudely cut him off.

"Look. They're both pregnant and they've done their parts for now... they've done their parts and now it's time for us to do ours, we need to prepare for battle," I tell him. I look at him straight in the eyes, silently telling him not to argue any further.

"But Alpha, we're still figuring out whose behind us all this we can't just race into it without knowing the facts," Corbin states. Did he not just hear a word I said?

"I said prepare for battle, Corbin," I tell him, a hard look in my eyes causing him to look at his lap.

"This is the biggest fight of our lives and this will go down in history. Yes we still need to get our facts one hundred percent before we race into battle but we need to be prepared. As of this moment the human's are more prepared that we are... they have silver, silver armour and weapons, they also have wolfsbane," I tell him causing them to tense.

"What happens if they turn on us Alpha?" Josh asks, his voice barely audible.

"They won't, we need to have faith. We didn't just spend two weeks gaining their trust. We are not the enemy and they know that," I tell them, my knee shaking under the table as I think.

"Who are our Pack alliances as of this current moment Alpha?" One of my warriors asks.

"So far we have the Elder Tree Pack, The Blue Horizon Pack and The Grey Tide Pack," I tell him, keeping my voice strong, I had to at least convince my pack I wasn't slightly worried, and hopefully I'd start to believe me too.

"Well that must mean the only packs that could be working with the rogues could be... the Star Gazer Pack, the Red Dusk pack or the Sand Wind Pack," another warrior says making me nod my head.

"Do you have any clue Alpha?" Reece asks me making me growl lowly.

"I think I know who could possibly be behind this..." I tell them bitting my lip in frustration.



I sit on our bed holding my baby bump, mumbling words to the pups growing inside of me. I sigh. How long was Odysseus going to be?

Suddenly I hear the familiar ding of the elevator causing my ears to perk up. I sit up and my eyes draw towards the door as it opens.

Upon seeing Odysseus, I smile. Happy I was seeing his face, it felt like a lifetime the last time I was alone with only him.

He shuts the door behind him with a smile and comes over before giving me a huge kiss.

"I love you," I tell him before laying back down, he sits on the edge of the bed beside me, stroking the side of my face.

"I love you too, you're beautiful and I love you forever, you know that right?" He asks me causing me to furrow my eyebrows.

"I know that," I tell him, sitting back up again, I face him knowing something wasn't right.
"What is it?" I ask him.

"Nothing... well... I think I know who could be behind it," he tells me causing my senses to perk up.

"What?" I ask him.
"How?" I also ask, wanting answers.

"There's something I haven't told you," he says to me causing my eyebrows to furrow. What hasn't he told me? And why was he only telling me now?

"Alpha Martin," he confesses.
"And I don't know how I hadn't made the connection faster but... I think he's behind this..." he says nodding his head, his eyes not meeting mine.

"Well what is it?" I ask with a nervous laugh, not wanting to pressure him.

"Alpha Martin has a mate right... and she's human... she wasn't having family problems, he just keeps her locked up... like a..." he admits sadly before I cut him off.

"Slave," I finish, feeling my eyes fill with tears. I blink them back.

"How long have you known this?" I ask him, my cheeks turning red as my head starts to pound.

"Since I reformed our alliance with the Grey Tide Pack, Alpha Atlantis and I have been discussing which Alpha had seemed suspicious. I had never officially met Alpha Martin until our wedding night, so I have had no clue as to what he was like at leading his pack but now we know," he tells me causing my mouth to fall open slightly.

"But. But he seemed so..." I try and say.

"Sweet?" Odysseus asks me causing my gaze to snap to his... Exactly.

"Yeah," I admit.

"Always expect the unexpected."
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