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Chapter Fifty-Three ~ Pregnancy and Plans


I sit awake as Odysseus snores beside me. I look over to see his gentle defences form, I gently stroke his jaw as I look over all of his handsome features. I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't been Odysseus' mate. I figure I'd be dead, he probably would have killed me.

But even if I wasn't his mate, would he have seen me and spared me? Would he be able to read into me and strip me layer by layer with his eyes, studying how I worked and how I thought.

This wasn't the time for deep thoughts Tatum, you're procrastinating. You're awake and it's three am, at least be productive.

And with that I sit up, an idea coming to mind.

I get out of bed and stand in front of the door, placing my hand on the door handle I look back to see Odysseus sleeping peacefully... I wanted to make him proud.

I know I've done enough to help but I wasn't a Luna Queen for no reason...

I open the door and with that, I'm off.

I quietly speed walk to Odysseus office, a plan formulating in my mind. I was ready, ready for war, If they wanted bloodshed, tears and slaves they were going to get a war...

I finally reach my destination after what feels like forever, I gently close the doors behind me to Odysseus' study and sit down in his chair, turning on his desk lamp I get out some spare paper that was sitting on the side. I grab a pencil and an eraser and get to work...

Two hours later I've finally come up with a plan on how to take them down, I wanted to involve myself but knew Odysseus would never allow it and disregard my plan completely. If I wanted them to be safe I'd have to create a plan myself where I knew what was happening... so I had to play it safe.

Odysseus wouldn't let me fight in the war but what he didn't understand was this was just as much my fight as it was his. He didn't understand what it's like to be human. Sure he felt sympathy for them but he didn't know what it's like to fear having your dignity and choice ripped from you... but I did.

No one here understands humans like I do, none of them have had their villages slaughtered by dominating, entitled wolves and feared for their life. None of them have been kidnapped and forced into marriage. None of them know how much it means for me to fight against horrible wolves that deserve it.

I didn't expect them to understand and I never will...


"Tatum?! What are you doing in here? I've looked everywhere for you!" I hear Odysseus voice echo through the room causing me to groan.

"What?" I ask as he grabs my shoulder and lifts me off the desk.

"How long have you been in here? What are you doing in here?" I hear him ask, I open my eyes and look into his concerned brown doe eyes, immediately guilt runs through me.

I worried him because I accidentally fell asleep.

"Look, I'll take you back and you can rest you can rest, oh my holy moon goddess your back must hurt," he says and winces for me as he helps me up.

"Wait. I made something," I tell him, grabbing the paper off the desk and handing it to him. He gently takes the paper from me and reads the title.

"Ok my love, I'll read it once I take you back to bed," he says to me with a gentle smile, guiding me out of his office. He leads me back up to the room and tucks me in the blankets as I sigh in relief at the soft bed beneath me, sure beats sleeping on a desk and chair.

"Good girl," he says before placing hand in my stomach, suddenly I feel something move, Odysseus' eyes snap to mine. Curiosity swirling in his eyes, suddenly it happens again.

"One of the babies are kicking," he says excitedly causing me to smile, I don't think I had ever seen Odysseus excited before, it was stress revealing to see him so care free as he beamed at me. I smile back, happy that our pups were bringing him happiness... he was going to be a great father.


I wake up to someone shaking me... again, this is the second time today somebody has woken me up today. I open my eyes to see Onyx.

"Hey sis! I heard the twins kicked! I missed it," she pouts, I smile at her before closing my eyes.

"Sorry," I tell her, almost falling back asleep at how tired I was.

"Hey! Don't go to sleep! It's dinner time," she tells me with a smile.
"Come on, I'll help you get ready," she tells me and pulls me up into a sitting position.

"Alright, alright. I can do it myself," I tell her with a little laugh as I haul myself off the bed. She walks into my wardrobe and comes out with a nice maternity dress.

I take it from her gratefully and say thank you. I walk into the bathroom to change and find myself staring at my reflection. My hair was knotty but besides that I had a nice glow, must be the pregnancy.

I change into the dress before washing my face, seeming to glow even more. I brush my hair before walking out.

"Woah, you're glowing!" Onyx comments making me smile.
"You don't need make up, how do you want your hair?" She asks me.

"A nice bun," I tell her with a smile.

"Oh perfect. Let's get to work," she tells me excitedly and ushers me into the chair as she gets to work.

After about ten minutes she finish my hair and we walk down to dinner.

"Everyone has missed you, it's felt like there's a massive hole in the pack ever since you weren't there to attend any dinners, but you're back!" Onyx says enthusiastically, it was nice to have someone that missed you.

"Really? Sorry," I mumble feeling sad that I had made a small void in the pack.

"Don't be sorry, it was Odysseus' fault. Not yours," she says shaking her head.

We finally reach the dining room and Onyx opens the door. Usually when I would enter I'd be timid, but I had a new agenda... to save my pack.
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