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Chapter Fifty-Four ~ The Talk


It had been a week and a half later and my due date was getting closer and closer, it was only a few days now. Safe to say we had recruited over three-hundred villages via our new and old alliances, with the Star Gazer Pack, the Sand Wind Pack and the grey tide pack.

The tension stayed the same, we were grateful for all the alliances we had made but as the war neared everyone was on edge.

"Tatum?" I hear a familiar voice ask.

"Marie?" I turn to see her, she beams at me from where I'm sitting. Quickly, she walks over and takes the seat next to mine.

"Tatum," she says as she breathes out.
"I'm pregnant," she says before showing me the test.

My eyes widen at the sight in front of me.

"Oh holy moon goddess!" I say grabbing the test from her.
"You're pregnant!" I tell her as if she hadn't already known.

"Have you told Reece?" I ask her, handing her back the test.

"Not yet... I just found out. I'm scared Tate, what if he doesn't want pups? We have had the talk yet," she tells me, tears welling up in her doe like eyes.

"I'm sure that no matter what he's going to stick by you and love this pup no matter what," I tell her sincerely.
"And if he doesn't, which he won't. I'll kick his arse," I tell her with a small smile, which wasn't a lie, I might be about to burst but I can still kick his ass.

"Ok, I'll go tell him now... can you come?" She asks me.

"Of course," I tell her with a smile.

I get up and follow behind her as we walk to meet up with her mate. I could feel her nerves rolling off her in waves.

"Dont be nervous," I tell her comfortingly, she nods her head, her nerves calming down just a tad. We walk into the kitchen to see Reece standing there with Corbin and Robbie.

I lean against the door frame and flash Reece smile, he looks at me and gives me funny look as if I was crazy before Marie walks up and grabs his hands, his attention now settling on her. The boys look at me in confusion, I nudge my head to side, silently telling them to scram. They do as I say and walk past me.

"Reece, I have something to tell you," Marie says nervously before looking back at me, I nod my head to reassure it her it'll all be ok. It had to be.

"You can tell me anything, you know that," he says before stroking her hair behind her ear. I divert my eyes, feeling like I was intruding on their intimate moment even though Marie had asked me to be here.

"I-I'm pregnant," she says causing my eyes to snap to his face, wanting to see how he took the news.

"Are you for real?" He asks with a surprised face as he pulls his hands away from her. My eye twitches in anger and I go to say something.
"I'm going to be a dad!" He yells in excitement before lifting her up and spinning her around, causing her to laugh in excitement.

I smile at the happy couple in front of me before Corbin and Robbie come flying back in beside me.

"Is she pregnant?" Corbin asks surprised, I nod my head with a smile.

"Yeah Marie! That's what I'm talking about!" Corbin says causing Marie and Reece to run over to us.

"Group hug!" Marie yells, before I know it I'm being crushed in between everyone, I yell in surprise before everyone pulls away.

Congratulations chorus around the room, it made me happy seeing the people I cared about, happy. Speaking of that I should go and tell Odysseus the great news.

I walk to his office knowing he would be there, as I'm about knock on the door I hear voices. This feels all too familiar.

"Did you just say three days?" I hear a familiar voice, Asher.

"Yes, they are on a hunt, to find the secret page of the treaty. They knew it was hidden in Alpha Barlowe's desk, hence why they paid him a visit... and when they didn't find what they were looking for... they claimed war on the Elder Tree Pack," I hear Odysseus say, I try not to make any noise as I soak in his words, not wanting him to know I was listening in.
"They plan to attack the Elder Tree Pack in three days, and after they've demolished them, they plan to move onto all of us, trying to threaten us if we didn't give them the treaty, if we didn't have it they would slaughter us... so no other pack was aware the secret page existed... to bad we all know," Odysseus mutters.

"Well Alpha that means we need to take action effective immediately, you know... have the upper hand," an unknown voice says.

"That's exactly what I was thinking, but Tatum is having our pups within these next few days, so I'm conflicted," Odysseus says, as if on cue a sharp pain erupts in my lower abdomen causing me moan in pain. I hold onto the wall for support as my eyes start to water.

Suddenly the door opens abruptly and Odysseus looks at me with worried eyes.

"Did you walk up these by yourself?! I told you stay in the damn wheelchair! What's wrong?!" Odysseus asks worriedly, I groan in response and hold my abdomen.

"Tatum?" Asher asks, stepping out of Odysseus' office and looking at me with wide, worried eyes.

"It hurts," I cry, Odysseus immediately walks over to me and lifts me as if I wasn't carrying two people inside of me, making me heavier that I already was. Even in my moment of weakness I couldn't help but fawn over how strong he was.

Odysseus walks me down the stairs.

"Where is your chair?" He asks me.

"I can't remember," I answer as another wave of pain hits me like a ton of bricks.

"It's fine we don't need it," he tells me and practically runs through the castle with me in his arms.

"Where are we going?" I ask him, a small smile rested on my face at his worried expression, there was no reason for him to be worried.

"To the doctors," Is all he says before the guards open the doors for us. Another wave of pain hits me deep inside my lower abdomen, this hurt so much. It felt like a period but worse.

"Ah Tatum... did you just pee?" He asks me, looking down at me concerned, causing me to look down at my now wet trackies.

"No," I tell him concerned.

At least I think I didn't...
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