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Chapter Fifty-Six ~ The Upper Hand


I wake up to the sound of Ava's cries, knowing it was my turn but dreaded getting up. I look at the clock, two thirty in the morning. Having pups were a pain in the arse, especially two needy pups that always wanted their mother. This was our first night and we were already dead.

I push the covers off of me and walk over to her crib, thankful she hadn't waken up Jax. I get her out as she cries, struggling to break free from her swaddle. I unwrap her, letting her limbs breathe.

I pull up my shirt before letting her feed. Her cries die down after a second, she opens up her big green eyes, staring up at me. She was beautiful. I smile down at my angel.

I didn't want to breastfeed but Odysseus insisted it was what's best for our pups, he said he wanted our pups to grow strong and healthy. I didn't want to argue with him on it so I let him have his way. Honestly if it's what's best for our pups then I guess I'll have to be ok with it.

She grabs my breast in her tiny chubby fingers and squeezes me. I use my fingers to distract her hands, keeping her nails from digging into my tender flesh.

If you thought having one pup was hard imagine having two. My buds were sore after just twelve hours of practically constant feeding. I haven't had any time to myself since I've had these two, Odysseus and I have both been flat out. Especially since I had just given birth just over twelve hours ago.

My body was healing nicely due to these werewolf genes, but I still had to get stitches down below thanks to these two.

My body was slowly gaining shape of how I used to be. It would be a lie if I said I liked the way I looked at the moment. I didn't like to look at myself since giving birth to these two.

Our friends were overly keen to meet them but Odysseus had suggested another day. As much as I loved my friends I couldn't help but agree...

The war was in two days, the day we would attack. I couldn't stand the thought of Odysseus getting hurt. At least we had an army of more than half of Australia... we had the upper hand and I hoped it stayed that way.


I walk down the stairs from our room with Ava in my hands, Odysseus follows behind me with Jax. He had to prepare for the war. I wasn't happy that I was stuck with both the pups when he said I wouldn't be, it was day after I had given birth and he was already breaking his promise but I knew it was for a good reason.

I couldn't be mad... well I could be a little mad. I was allowed to be mad sometimes.

I scowl replaces my stoic expression. I loved my pups but I didn't look forward to taking care of two newborn pups by myself for the day.

"I'm sorry Tate, I don't want to leave you with our pups by yourself considering all you've done for us all and me," he says softly, I forgot I hadn't put my walls up.

"It's fine," I sigh rolling my eyes, I didn't need his apologies.

"It's not and if you want I can get everyone here and they can help you, you can just rest," he tells me before I cut him off.

"I want to be with our pups I just don't want to be alone with them, this is so new... I'm scared," I admit to him, a frown doting on my lips.

"Yeah, sorry. That's what I meant you can relax on the lounge, I'm sure they would love to help," he says, referring to our friends. I nod my head in agreement.

Hopefully seeing my friends would relieve some stress of mine and it wouldn't be so stressful.

"Thank you," I tell him as we reach the bottom of the stairs.

"It's the least I could do," he says before walking past me, giving me a forehead on the way.
"But I will need the men," he tells me causing my smile to soften slightly. I guess the boys would have to wait to meet the pups.

We walk into the dining room where a few cribs were set up against the wall, perfect for my pups and new mums. I wonder if my mum was proud of me, what she's say to me, the advice she would give me. I craved talking to her again, but as she said... she's always with me.

I place Ava in the crib and Odysseus places Jax beside Ava in the crib next to Ava.

"Oh my moon goddess! Tate! Show me my niece and nephew!" Onyx says excitedly. Odysseus shushes her angrily, she was going to upset the pups.

Onyx runs up to me as Marie and Jocelyn follow behind. They pull me into a group hug before running over to see the pups.

"I've got to go now, my love," Odysseus says before pulling me into a deep kiss. I place my hands on his as my lips move against his.

"Don't be too long," I mumble against his lips before giving him one last peck. I watch him walk out the door, I look at the door longingly wanting his back. At least I had the girls now so I wouldn't be lonely.
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