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Chapter Fifty-Seven ~ One Big Family


"I love them so much!" Jocelyn says as she burps Ava for me.

"I know! Look at this sweet angel! I'm holding a the future king right now!" Marie says as she cradles Jax.

"Yeah she's a sweetheart, hopefully the boys are back soon," I tell them.

"Yeah, I guess you want to spend as much time with your mates as you can before the war," Onyx says as she hugs her knees.

"Yeah, I'm already stressed with my pups it's going to be hectic with the war going on as well, not knowing if Odysseus is safe," I tell them sadly.

"Yeah I feel the same way for Dawson," Rose sighs as she holds her bump.

Suddenly Jax gets restless in Marie's arm and starts screaming his high pitched scream, burning my ears. This was definitely my least favourite part of being a mum.

"Looks like this King is hungry," she laughs and brings him over to me. I sigh and get baby blanket to cover the front of my chest as I get myself ready to feed Jax.

I sit on the bar stool and Marie hands Jax to me. I hold him under the blanket and guide my nipple into his mouth. He latches on and his screams start quieting down. Thankfully.

Suddenly the boys walk through the door.

"Where is my prince and princess?" Asher asks as his eyes follow around the room. He spots Ava in Jocelyn's arms and runs over, taking Ava from her arms.
The boys rush over to her, Odysseus walks over to me shaking his head at the boys with a smile.

"Jax?" He asks referring to the blanket. I nod my head as Odysseus pecks my lips.
"I love you so much," he tells me causing me to smile.

"I love you so much too," I tell him, Odysseus places his hand under the blanket and caresses the back of Jax's head.

"Wheres Jax?" Robbie asks us. Marie points to me.
"Oh!" He says in understanding.

"That's kinda hot," Josh says causing my eyes to widen. Odysseus growls at him.
"Kidding bro, I'm kidding," he says to Odysseus before winking at me. I laugh at him.


"Get ready, baby," Odysseus says to me.

"What for my love?" I ask as I cradle Jax.

"We're having a dinner with the pack, introducing our pups," he says to me with a smile.

"Ok," I tell him before he kisses me on the lips. He takes Jax from my arms and I get up and get ready.

I straighten my hair letting it cascade down my back. I do my makeup, giving myself a Smokey eye and red lip. For my clothes I pick out a nice red dress to compliment my makeup. Luckily my body had returned to its natural shape by now so I could actually fit into my dress.

"You look amazing," he tells me.

"Thank you, you don't look too bad yourself," I laugh turning around to face him. That was an understatement, he looked hot. I get up and kiss him on the lips, savouring the way he tasted.

"We better go," he tells me with a smile. He picks up Jax and I pick up Ava. We descend the stairs and head to the ballroom. We enter with our pups and the crowd cheers upon our arrival.

"Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us tonight to introduce you to your future King and Princess!" Odysseus yells causing the crowd to go wild. I spot my friends and give them a smile.
"May the party begin!"


"I still can't believe you birthed a baby and look that fine a day or two after," Corbin says causing me to smile.

"Thank you Corbin, it means a lot to hear you say that," I tell him sincerely. He was a sweetheart.

I look down at my baby girl as Robbie cradles her.
"She looks just like you," Robbie says as Ava grabs his finger. He smiles down at her.

"She does doesn't she," I laugh.

"I've seen Jax and he looks like Odysseus but he's got your lips and eyes. He's going to grow up looking like a Greek god," Corbin says with a smile.

"Yeah the ladies are going to be all over him," Robbie says to me with a laugh. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see Rose.

"Hey," I say to her.

"Hey," she replies with a bright smile.
"You look amazing tonight," she tells me, boosting my confidence further.

"Thank you, as do you," I tell her taking in her appearance, it was true, she looked amazing in that blue dress, she rocked that heavily pregnant look.

"I just wanted to tell you that Odysseus requested for you and Ava to be by his side, we're about to start the feast," she tells me with a smile.

"Ok sure, I'll be right there," I tell her. I turn around back to the guys and smile at them as they hold my daughter.

"Hey guys, it's about dinner time, Odysseus has requested for us at the table," I tell the guys as Robbie hands me Ava.
"Thank you," I tell them with a smile.

"No problem Tate," Robbie says and waves to me with a smile as Corbin does the same. I hold Ava in my arms and walk to the table where Odysseus was, I smile and greet people on my way.

I put Ava in her crib next to Odysseus and I. I lean down and give Jax a kiss before Odysseus tucks me into my chair. Everyone comes and takes their seats as the music comes to a finish. Once everyone is seated Odysseus stands up to start a speech.

"Hello everyone, I'd like to thank you all again for coming, both Luna Tatum and I are pleased to present you to you your future King and Princess. We are very grateful to have such kind, caring and generous people around this palace who do so much for us already. Thank you to all who prepared for tonight. We are excited for our pups to grow up around each and every one of you sitting here tonight. Without all of you our lives wouldn't be the same. So not only are we celebrating our pups but we are also celebrating you all, thank you for accepting our pups into our family!" Odysseus says causing me to smile, people clap and cheer, and the occasional whistle is heard.

"There is no need for formalities tonight! You may all dig in!" Odysseus says as everyone cheers, he sits down and everyone starts digging in.

This was us, our pack... and we were one big family.
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