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Chapter Fifty-Eight ~ The Last Witch


It was the night before the war and I couldn't help but cling onto Odysseus. I didn't want him to leave for it but he had to, he was a king, not a coward and he wasn't going to back down.

I just wish he could stay here with the pups and I. I couldn't help but think dark thoughts. I wanted Odysseus to be ok. I couldn't keep an eye out for him if I was here.

What if he got hurt or something happened to him? I'd never forgive myself for it. He's my rock and without him I'm lost. The last time he left without me I was mess, an angry mess. But now I'm just a stressed mess.

Luckily for me Jocelyn had suggested she take the pups for the night which I agreed too. I wouldn't get the proper goodbye I needed if they were here, also Odysseus needed to be strong tomorrow and to do that he needed a good sleep, which he couldn't have with the pups around.

I was scared. Terrified more like it.

"What are you thinking about, baby?" Odysseus asks me, pushing my hair behind my ear.

"Stuff," I answer, looking down avoiding his eyes. He lifts my chin up with his fingers.

"Look at me," he says.

I look up into his deep brown eyes, waiting for what he was going to say next.

"I'm going to be fine, my love. You don't have to worry, we've got the advantage, we've got the numbers. I'm not leaving you, our chances are like ninety-nine to one. The others are going to be there too, they'll have my back," he tells me, trying to reassure me.

"But," I go to say more, but he cuts me off.

"No buts. It'll be fine, my angel. You'll be here with the pups and that's all I need to push my through, knowing you're safe here with them," he tells me as tears blur my vision.

"I'm going to miss you and I can't help but feel like something terrible is going to happen," I tell him, hugging him and nuzzling my head into his chest.

"Nothing bad is going to happen," he tells me and lays me on my back. He gets in between my legs before my trackies off.

"I promise," he tells me before his mouth connects with my delicate folds.


I lay naked next to Odysseus and look at his sleeping figure, the moonlight raining down on his making him look so handsome.

I couldn't sleep. It was one am and I knew they'd be leaving in four hours. It was a long trip and they had to gather the troops. They had yet to go over the plan. Odysseus told me they'd attack at changeover. Changeover was when the guards switched shifts, it usually commenced at eleven pm. It was a strategic move, when they switched they would silently take out the guards then kill they other on their way back.

Apparently my father had miraculously created a odourless powder than could stop wolves from mind-linking.

It was genius and I'm starting to think my dad has a witch working with him, even though they are meant to be extinct. Then again it didn't sound impossible to make a powder like that. I'd have to ask him.

I get up out of bed, knowing that laying down or not isn't going to change the face I'm not getting any sleep. I chuck on Odysseus' hoodie and walk over to the window.

I look at the moon when suddenly something catches my eyes down in the tree line.


I squint my eyes, it was definitely her, there's no mistaking that.

I feel a ringing in my ear and hold it as it gets louder.

"Come," I hear my mother's voice through the static. It suddenly stops and I look to where she once was only to see her retreating into the woods.

It looks like I only had one choice.

I run into the walk-in-wardrobe and get my clothes, I throw on my clothes and some joggers and open the door to our bedroom. I look at Odysseus' sleeping form, I quickly walk around the bed and place a kiss on his lips.

"I'll be back soon," I mutter softly before walking out the door and closing it behind me. I walk though the castle walking to the only way I knew out. I walk into the dining room and through the familiar door, I put the chair on the table and climb over before landing on my butt. Well at least this time I didn't pass out.

I quickly get up and run into the direction my mother left in.

I stop once I see her.

"Take my hand my dear, I've got something to show you," she says holding out her hand. I look at her softly before walking up to her. I hold out my hand to meet hers, as soon as my finger tip touches hers a bright light bursts and a gush of wind passes me causing my hair to fly back.

As soon as the white light is there, it's gone. I open my eyes to see I'm somewhere knew. A witches den.

I turn around to see my mother standing there.

"Where are we?" I ask her.

"My home," she answers.

"A witches den?" I ask her, I was shocked to say the least. What would my mother be doing in a place like this? Did she find it?

"Yes my dear. I'm surprised you haven't put two and two together," she tells me causing my eyes to snap to hers.

"You're a witch?" I ask her.

"I wasn't just any witch. The last of our kind... and I guess you can guess what that makes you..." she tells me, looking thoughtfully at me with her green eyes.

"The last witch..." I say out loud.

"Yes, well kind of. I bet you once wondered why you didn't get the werewolf gene from your father when you know a werewolf gene is stronger than a human's. It's because a witch gene is stronger. You're a hybrid my dear. Half wolf, half witch, because of my serum," she says with a smile.

"So it wasn't fathers? It was yours?" I ask her. It explains why he's able to create of these things.

"Yes. He didn't know I was a witch, I hid well within the village, they didn't know either. He only found out I was a witch once he found my journal after I had passed away, it had all of my potions and spells in it. That's why he was so shaken up once he saw me talking to you, he wanted answers. I wanted to become what your father was, a wolf. I had to do the same for you, give you the wolf gene nature didn't want to give you, you would have been unstoppable. But now you are," she tells me gently.

"You know when I said you were destined for great things, I know you thought it was just the pups, well it's not only the pups but you as well. You can end this war, you can stop the end of human suffering. Your pups, are hybrid, half wolf, half witch. They are going to be the ones to keep the peace you created by ending this war once and for all. Keep them safe, as all three of you are the key to survival," she tells me.

"Why didn't you tell me I was a witch sooner? What did that mark mean?" I ask her, referring to the full moon mark that appearing on my arm during my initiation into the pack.

"The Moon Goddess wouldn't let me, we thought you'd somehow figure it out by now or your father would have told you, but now time is running out so the moon goddess told me it was time. That mark is the mark of a packs weapon. But Tatum, listen closely... Odysseus needs you Tate... and something bad is going to happen if you aren't there to stop it."

"Do I have powers?" I ask her causing her to laugh.

"You're a witch darling, of course you do," she tells me.

"How do I use them?" I ask her, wanting to know answer.

"Just think about the ones you love the most, remember what you are fighting for and how badly we need change... and remember, we're all counting on you." Says my mother, she grabs my arm when my Moon mark was placed and suddenly my arm starts to burn. I scream in pain as the mark starts shooting a bright beam of light.

Suddenly everything fades away and I'm left with nothing but darkness.
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