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Chapter Fifty-Nine ~ Today’s The Day


I wake up to the alarm. Today was the day. I roll over and place Tatum's hair behind her ear, she was so beautiful and amazing. I was going to end this once and for all, for both her and her pups. All three of them would not be harmed under my watch.

And with those thoughts I get up and get ready. I needed to be on my A game. It was life or death and I wasn't dying today.

After in ready for now I look at myself in the mirror, at least that night of sleep did we well. We can do this. We can win this. I knew we had the upper hand but it was still scary to think there was a possibility I couldn't be coming home tonight.

Tatum was right, something did feel wrong but I wouldn't admit that to her, I needed to keep her safe not be worrying.

I walk over to her and kiss her head before sitting next to her on the bed.

"Tatum, darling," I say gently as I rub her back. She stirs in her sleep, I frown at the purple bags beneath her eyes, she barely got any sleep. It was my fault, I worried her.

"Baby," I coax her. She groans and opens her eyes, smiling when she sees my face. My lips can't help but spread into a smile at seeing her happy face.

"Good morning my girl, I was hoping to get a goodbye before I left," I tell her, she immediately sits up and tackles me onto the bed, her body shakes a little and I furrow my eyebrows. I hear a little sob from her and immediately hold her tight.

"Don't be sad my angel, I'm coming home to you and our pups," I tell her with a smile, even though she couldn't see it.

She pulls back from me and I frown seeing tears fall from her beautiful forest like eyes.

"Promise me you'll be safe and you'll come back to me in one piece," she cries and holds out her pinkie finger.

"I promise," I tell her with a small smile. I pull her in for a kiss, sealing that promise. We let our pinkies go and hug each other for a solid couple of minutes.

"I better go now," I tell her with a sad smile.

"Let me walk you out," she says to me, holding my hand. We get up off the bed and I look at her clothes, she had a hoodie on with tights and shoes on which were muddy, I give her a questioning look but she shrugs it off. She quickly pulls her sleeves down.

I want to question her but I know she won't answer me.

"Let's go," she says leading the way. She takes her hair out of the ponytail and smooths her hair out with her hands before tying it back up how she had it.

We walk to the front door and what normally feels like an hour walk felt like thirty seconds. The guards open the doors revealing the dark sky, deceiving us as if it wasn't morning.

Tatum and I walk outside and I greet all the warriors coming with me. They signal my arrival by shifting into their wolves. The people who are staying help the wolves put their little bags on their back full of clothes food and water.

"That's so cute," Tatum says with a smile, at least a part of this made her happy.

"I'm going to miss you so so much baby, I'm going to think about you and the pups the whole time and I'll mind link you when I can," I tell her, assuring her I'll be ok.

"You promise?" She asks me.

"I do," I tell her pulling her into a hug and giving her a kiss.

"I don't want to say goodbye," she says sadly.

"Then don't... let's just say... I'll see you later," I tell her with a smile. She smiles at me though her tears.

"I'll see you later," she replies to me with a growing smile as she pulls me down into a kiss.

I savour the taste of her lips before slipping my tongue into her mouth.

"I'll miss you," I tell her after the kiss.

"I'll miss you too," she replies.
"Stay safe, Seus," she says with a cheeky smile.

"I will, you too. I love you, Tate," I say to her as I descend the stairs.

"I love you too, Seus," she tells me with tears running down her face. I blow her a kiss before shifting into my wolf. She catches it in the air and places it against her lips giving me a small, sad, smile.

I give her a wolfish grin before running up the stairs and rubbing my fur and body against her, she gives me a pat and I run down the stairs so a volunteer can put a pack on me. I turn around and wag my tail upon seeing Tatum give me a small smile. I bark happily at her and we all start trotting to the boarder.

"I LOVE YOU, SEUS!" Tatum yells, I turn around and howl telling her I love her back, she smiles at me, that's all the confirmation I need before we take off sprinting into the tree line.

I was going to win this battle, for Tatum.
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