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Chapter Six ~ Magic


"Where is she?" I hear a scarily familiar angry voice ask causing me to tense up in fear.

"Calm down she's just finishing up in the bathroom," I hear Onyx say from the other side of the door.

"Good. It's dinner time, meet the pack downstairs when she's ready," the voice says gruffly before closing the door.

"Tatum!" She says after knowing the man was far enough away for him to hear us.

I walk out the door in the dress she had lended me, giving her a twirl, showing her my excitement.

"Oh my moon goddess, girl! You look hot," Onyx says to me in awe as her eyes rake over my figure.

"Thank you?" I say as more of a question, raking my hands down the dress, feeling the material.

"You're welcome. Now let's go something with your hair," she says to me before walking over and grabbing my hand, pulling me over to her makeup mirror.

I sit down in the chair and let her do her magic.


"Alright! You can look now!" She says excitedly, stepping away from me. I look at myself in the mirror seeing a completely different girl.

Surely this couldn't be me. It was almost like magic.

I looks at my hair in curls as they cascade down my back. I like the look of it half up half down. Onyx said it suited me so I was happy to see the final result.

I look into my own eyes to see them pop against the brown eyeshadow. My lips adorning a dangerous red.

I look down at the small flowy red dress that hugs my body, the skirt of it swishing at my mid thigh.

A small part of me hoped Odysseus liked it. That he liked me.

I shake my mind free of those thoughts. It was sick of me to feel like this when it came to a murderer.

"Alright, now you just need to slip these on," she says with a smile handing me a pair of tall red heels. These looked deadly.

"Thank you," I say to her, looking at her outfit as I put on the heels. It was a long dark blue dress that stopped just beneath her knees. It was sleeveless and hugged her body. Her brown hair in a elegant low bun.

She looked amazing. Whoever her mate was, was for sure a lucky guy.

"Alright let's go they're waiting for us," she says as she puts on her own heels.

I stand up and almost tumble straight away causing me to laugh in embarrassment.

"Woah there!" Onyx says to me, grabbing my hips, trying to keep my steady. She laughs in relief as I stop wobbling.

"Maybe no shoes for you," she laughs as I sit back back down. She takes one off for me as I do the other.

"Alright, now we're ready," she says with a smile, sitting the heels to the side.

She helps me stand up and we walk out of her room. I sigh feeling much more comfortable bare foot.

We rush down to the hall where the pack dinners were held, knowing we were late.

Onyx bursts the doors open and holds herself maturely. To anyone else they wouldn't have known that she had just been running to get here - me on the other hand - I could feel a blush arise on my cheeks as everybody's wondering eyes turn to me, curiosity crossing their features making my blush deepen.

"Tatum, Onyx. How nice of you to join us." Odysseus says, his voice deep. He wasn't pleased with our tardiness to say the least.

I look up at him through my eyelashes. Ignoring the stares of everybody else as I hide behind Onyx.

She walks to her seat leaving me bare the prying eyes, I clutch my dress nervously.

"Tatum," Odysseus deep voice sounds through the silent hall, sending an involuntary shiver down my spine at the way my name rolled off of his tongue.

I felt embarrassed at the way he had called my name in order to gain my attention, it was almost as if he was scolding me, as if I were a naughty child.

"Come," he beckons me.

I obey his wishes, keeping my eyes on my feet as I walk over to "my seat" as he would call it. I wouldn't want him to hurt me. Even though he said he wouldn't, he was a werewolf, and werewolves were monsters. I couldn't trust him. Onyx being the only exception. I knew she wouldn't lay a finger on me. I couldn't say the same for her curling iron though. That was a disaster.

I sit down in my seat and pull it in behind me. He was mad at me. Otherwise he would have seated me himself.

I hear a growl beside me and my eyes flick up to look at, Odysseus. Everybody quickly lowers their gaze to their plates.

"If I catch anyone staring at my mate again, I will personally behead you," he threatens causing my heartbeat to increase significantly. Would he? I wouldn't hold it against him. He was the monster of monsters after all.

Maybe he wasn't mad at me? Had it only taken him a day to forgive me? Only time will tell I guess.

Odysseus places food onto my plate before pilling food onto his own. He picks up his knife and fork. Everyone watches in silence as he cuts a piece of steak before taking the first bite, signally to everyone that they could now eat.

I grab my fork and stab into a piece of pumpkin. I was a sucker for vegetables. I would always eat them at my village, everyone would go for the freshly caught meat that the hunters had gathered that day, but not me. Rose would always laugh at me for it.

She would be laughing now, watching me eat vegetables while the wolves around me ate almost everything meat.

I miss Rose. I couldn't help but wonder where she was. Was she alive? If she was I had to have a serious talk with her. If she was alive and I was to run away and find out that she was apart of this horrible mission then what would I be opposed to do? Go back or live my life with someone who planned to kill my mate... not that I cared.

I try and deny it but I feel strong emotions for him even though I just met him. It was hard to decipher if it was my heart or my mind that was confused by the mate bond.

"Are you finished Tatum?" Odysseus asks me, looking down on me because of his massive height.

"Yes I am, thank you," I say gently, afraid to upset him. He looks down at my plate with a frown. I look down and realise I had only eaten half.

"I'm not hungry anymore," I say to him sending him a small smile of encouragement, hoping that he'd leave it alone and didn't pressure me to eat more - and to my surprise - he left it.

"Let's go to our room," he says to me holding out his hand as he stands up, wishing for me to take it.

Everyone looks our way, trying to be discreet. Awaiting my next move. I take his hand hesitantly and stand up, sparks flow though my hand and up my arm making me feel electric. I hate the feeling he gave me, it was unordinary. He tucks both of our chairs in before leading me out of the room. His pace quickens and suddenly I was more than thankful I was no longer wearing those high heels, I would have fell over by now.

I jog, trying to keep up with his pace.

We go up the stairs to his chamber and with every step my heartbeat increases. A deep feeling swirls within my chest telling me somethings not right. We reach our room and he opens the door, letting me in first.

He closes the door behind him and pins me against the wall at lightening speed. I gasp at his sudden movements as back presses painfully into the door handle, one of his hands resting next to my head while the other sits gently on my neck. His body acts like a cage and keeps me contained as he presses me further into the wall.

I let out a squeal of pain and grab onto his hand as his larger one closes in gently around my throat. It wasn't enough to feel like I was in danger but it was enough to know it was a warning.

"Don't ever, wear something like that around the pack," he growls at me, his possessive wolf showing his dominance.

I whimper under his dominating gaze.

"I thought you would like it, I thought you would like me!" I say trying not to get upset as he applies more pressure on my throat causing me to wheeze.

"I do, you're so sexy, do you not see that? Do you not see what your doing to me?" He asks frustratedly. He grunts angrily before punching the wall next my head causing me to let out a scream as I let my tears fall.

"Go and get ready for bed," he says before letting me go. He walks away from me, gripping onto the dresser, trying his best not to harm me as he struggles to gain back control.

I run into the bathroom and slam the door, locking it behind me as I try to comprehend what just happened. I refuse to let my emotions get the best of me as I blink back my tears.

I'm not going to let him bring me down.

I take off my clothes and wash off my makeup. I take my hair out fix it with my fingers.

I need clothes.

"Odysseus," I call out his name gently.

"Yes, Tatum?" His deep voice mumbles from the other side of the door, he sounded less angry than before, thankfully.

"Um, I need clothes," I say to him softly, afraid of the response I could receive from the beast.

I hear shuffling on the other side of the door before a small knock. I open the door just a crack so I can look though. I look down at his hands and see a hoodie. I grab it quickly before slamming the door in his face and locking it again.

I put on the hoodie and pull it down as far as it would go, thankfully it stopped at least five centimetres below my butt. I look at myself in the mirror, a slight satisfaction filling me as I see the girl I've always know in front of me.

The strong Tatum. The one that doesn't take bullshit from anyone. And slowly but surely I could look into her eyes and see her walls start to crumble.

I was strong... To a certain extent. I wasn't made for this harsh life, this whole other side of life that I barely understood. I couldn't help but wonder why the universe and the moon goddess had paired us up. It just didn't make any sense.

I sigh and turn around opening the door to be met by darkness. I blink, trying to adjust my eyes to the little moonlight there was that lit up the room. I squint and see Odysseus fast asleep on the right side of the bed. I walk over to the opposite side and carefully climb under the sheets. I grab one of my pillows and use it as a barrier between us.

I lay on my back and stare at ceiling thinking over everything that has happened this past day and come to one conclusion...

I can't live this life.
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