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Chapter Sixty ~ Betrayal


It's been more than half the day and Odysseus has only contacted me twice. Maybe I was being paranoid but I was worrying. It was currently five pm and it was only six hours until they planned to attack. I just wanted to be alone so right now I was sitting on the pool edge with my feet in the water.

If I left within the hour I'd be there for the war. I pull up my sleeve to see my mark. It was a silver like moon, it wasn't perfect but instead it had sliver like freckles around the edges that faded out. Almost as if they were stars. It was cute, I liked it. I could only assume my mother had unlocked the witch within me.

My mother said I have powers. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to get them to work.

This was a waste of time. My mother was a powerful witch, I guess I had to be too considering I could apparently stop this war.

What was I waiting for?

I was a warrior. I was Tatum — Fucking — Viotto for crying out loud. Luna Queen of Australia. I'm sure I could take a couple of assholes.

I take my feet out of the water and staunch up to Odysseus' and my room. I walk into the walk-in-wardrobe and pick out an outfit. It was a black body suit, a morph suit made for fighting. I've never seen this before. Tare resistant, I guess we'll see about that won't we.

I do my hair into a low slick ponytail, I do my makeup, a smokey eye like last time and a natural lip. I was almost ready. I put on some socks and black joggers and run to Odysseus office. There had to be a hidden weapon somewhere in there.

I open the heavy doors surprisingly undetected by anyone and see no one inside. I close and lock the door once inside and go to work. I look in a his draws and come across a locked one. I manage to pick the lock with one of my bobby pins and open the draw, a handgun. I didn't know how to use one of these but I'm sure it'll come in handy.

I look around the room and suddenly spot two samurai swords above the fireplace.

I go over to them and grab them off. They're real.

"Of course they're real!" My wolf Soren says coming to surface.

"Where have you been all this time?" I ask her in my head as I place the swords on my back into their spot. Luckily this suit was made for this type of weapons and stuff.

I was ready.

I try to reach Odysseus through mind link, his guard was up. Perfect. No one could mind link him or the others to tell them I was escaping. I start on my mission and pass past some pack members that don't seem to notice me. So far so good.

Again, I manage to get out of the castle undetected. I run into the tree line I get past the guards and run. Just as I'm about to shift into my wolf I hear some rustling. I skid to stop getting on my hands and knees. Suddenly a familiar face pops through the bushes.

"Channing?!" "Tatum?!" We ask at the same time.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him.

"What are you doing? Why are you all dressed up? You look like a sexy badass." He says to me as he looks me up and down shocked.

"I asked you first," I tell him causing him to snap out of his daze.

"I was coming to warm you!" He tells me desperately.

"What? Warn me about what?" I ask him with wide eyes.

"It's Alpha Vertez, Jack. He's was in on the secret page of the treaty from the start. He's working with the Rogues and Alpha Martin, he's making us attack Odysseus and your pack, also the allies!" he says to me causing my eyes to widen.

"Does Odysseus know?" I ask him, worriedly.

"No, he doesn't. Everybody's mind link is off. No one can get to anyone we have to tell them," he tells me.

"Alright. Let's go!"



It was now fifteen to eleven and we were silently heading towards the boarder of Alpha Joel's pack.

I mind link my men nodding at Alpha Jack for him to do the same as we come into position. My nerves were whack and I missed Tatum.

We've spend all day telling the troops what to do. Thousands on humans were lined up around us. When we killed the guards we'd give the signal to the heavily armoured humans and they'd run in first, killing anybody that got in their way with their wolfsbane and silver.

Leaving us to the more powerful wolves. This Alpha had to pay and so did the Rogues. We'd have to hit the Rogues after this. It was lucky we did it in two seperate battles. We had the upper hand of halving a huge battle into two smaller ones.

Our chances would have been slim had we battled the rogues as well as the pack. The Rogues were a huge percentage of wolves, rabid filthy animals. But at least we had humans that were protected and just as strong as wolves if not stronger because of their silver armour and weapons.

We had to do this. We had to pull this off. I look over at Alpha Jack.

"Are your guys almost ready?" I ask him extremely quietly.

"More than you know."
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