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Chapter Sixty-One ~ Battle Field


Channing and I sprint through the forest in our wolf forms. Suddenly Channing stops causing me to do the same. I change into my human form and he does the same behind a tree, he comes back from behind the tree, now fully clothed.

"We're here," he tells me.
"We're at the boarder."

We look at each other upon hearing a scream, I go to run towards the scream but I suddenly trip and fall, scraping my hands harshly across the ground causing me to wince. I cradle my hands and look to see what I had tripped on.

It was a guard... well, part of him at least. I lose my breath as I stare into his lifeless eyes. My hands start to shake a I scoot away from the corpse. Suddenly I run into something, I look up and sigh in relief, it was Channing.

"There's going to be a lot of blood and death Tatum, you've got to try not to think about it," he tells me. I nod my head in understanding.

He offers me a hand and helps me up off the ground.

"Now can you contact, Odysseus?" He asks me, holding onto me.

I try to pull down the barriers he put up, but no avail.

"No it's not working!" I tell him in panic. He looks into the tree line ahead and back to me.

"Tatum, you gotta listen to me. Stay here, you shouldn't be here as it is. Odysseus would kill me if he found out I had led you to the battle field," he tells me looking at me with wide eyes.

I nod my head knowing that if I wasn't going to listen to his command. I watch as he takes off into the trees ahead where the scream had came from. I take a deep breath and look back at the guards head. His poor mate.

I look into his soulless eyes once more before looking away and into the forest Channing had slipped off into.

"There's going to be a lot of death and blood, you've got to try not to think about it," Channing's words ring in my head. I swallow the lump in my throat and with those thoughts I run into the forest ahead.



I quickly dodge the attack of the wolf and he goes flying past me, skidding on the ground. I run and push off my hind legs, landing on him, I clamp my jaws around his throat before biting down hard, snapping his neck.

Another wolf runs at me and I run to him, meeting him in the middle. He goes to tackle me but I jump over him at the last second, pushing my paws into his back, pushing him into the ground below, I quickly turn and dig my paws into him as if I was digging through mud, his blood splatters everywhere, all over my clean black coat.

I walk through the battles around me upon seeing a brown wolf standing a hundred yards from me, staring at me. Stalking me as if I were it's prey.

Alpha Martin Joel. A poor excuse for an Alpha, we both shift out of our wolves, both into our morph suits. I guess we had the same idea.

I stalk towards him, power seeping out of me with every step. I feel his heart rate increase, he was nervous and I had to use that to my advantage.

My eyes don't waver as I stare him down.

"YOU'RE A COWARD!" I yell, my angry voice booming through the open field, everyone's eyes turn our way when they get a second before they continue fighting each other, as a human kills a wolf, blood platters onto me. I don't loose focus but keep my eyes on my target.

His steps falter at my words, his eye twitching. No Alpha liked someone questioning their authority or dominance, Alpha Martin was no exception.

"Big words coming from a pup," he teases me with a smile, his eyes crinkling at his joke. Pup?! I'll show that mutt what a pup is like when I have him begging on his knees for his life, like the pathetic little cockroach he was.

"WHAT HAVE THE HUMANS EVER DONE TO YOU?!" I seethe at him, closing the seemingly never ending distance.

"They took my family," he says softly causing my eyes to narrow. I never heard about his parents dying at the hands of humans, and even if they did, enslaving the humans was not the answer.

"GIVE UP!" I yell at him, my voice bouncing off the open field.

"Ha ha ha. I'll never give up! The humans will get what's coming to them... starting with your precious mate and pups," That's all he says before I let out a ground shaking roar. I feel fear flash through his eyes before I start sprinting towards him, he cracks his neck before running at me at the same speed. We both jump and shift mid air, bearing our mouths at each other's.

Our bodies collide harshly before we both fall to the floor, I get up and turn around growling at him and bearing my teeth at him. Saying shit about me was fine but when he brought my mate or pups into it, that... that was different story. He had struck a nerve... and now he was going to pay for it with his life.

I run at him using my Alpha King Reflexes and drag my claws through the tough skin on his back causing his wolf to hiss, he quickly turns around growling at me, I growl back at him, my eyes flashing gold. We run at each other but an angelic smell of flowers flow through the air, causing me to be distracted for a mere second. It was, Tatum. But that wasn't the only thing had had me distracted, it was also the foul smell of death and rotting flesh, and no it wasn't the dead bodies that were littered around us, the smell was coming from none other than, filthy Rogues.

In a moment of weakness Martin gets the advantage and jumps on top of me, his jaws skim the flesh of my neck before I use my hind legs and push him off with me a huge push, as he goes flying my claws drag through the soft flesh of his underbelly. He skids across the ground, whimpering in pain as blood flows out of him. I growl at him before running over to his.

His eyes widen showing fear, as I'm about to bite into his neck my angels voice travels through the air.

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