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Chapter Sixty-Two ~ Sweetheart


I turn around to see Alpha Vertez leaping towards me with his claws out. Suddenly a bright light flashes and a loud yelp is heard through the field. I look down and gasp softly in surprise.




"Tatum?" Odysseus asks me as I look over at Alpha Jack who was now fifty feet away to see him scurry to stand back up on all fours.

"Yes! Yes we did that? BEING A WITCH WOLF IS SO COOL!" Soren yells happily in my mind.

We did that... I did that.

"Tatum?! What are you doing here?" Odysseus asks me angrily before touching my shoulder, he winces and pulls back from me.

I ignore him pulling out one of my swords as I focus my attention on the poor excuse of an Alpha that betrayed us.

"Let's dance doggy," I hiss at him. He growls in response and stamps his foot onto the ground. He was ready.

"Tatum?" Odysseus asks as I start speed walking towards Alpha Jack.

Little did Odysseus know that Alpha Martin was still alive and he had yet to kill him. He gets the upper hand over Odysseus and kicks his legs out from underneath him.

Odysseus falls to the ground but quickly recovers, getting back up only for us to be surrounded by wolves that had finished killing some of our allies. Josh and Corbin run over to help us fight off the bad guys. I make eye contact with Josh and throw him the gun. He looks at me wide eyed, catching it narrowly before continuing running.

I focus my attention back on the snake and give him a hard glare.

If he thought he could get away with hurting and betraying the people I loved, then he was in for a rude awakening.

"Not the girl!" Alpha Jack's voice rings through the air.

"NO! DON'T TOUCH HER!" Odysseus' voice booms through the field, Josh and Corbin growl in warning at Jack as they fight they start to fight off the wolves. They create a path for me before closing in on Odysseus and the guys. My heart pounds for their safety but I needed to focus on the task at hand.

This poor excuse of an Alpha needed to suffer.

Alpha Jack shifts back into his human form, thankfully wearing morph pants.

"I'll go easy on you... woman," He teases with a smirk. I narrow my eyes at the bastard, if he thought I was going to show him mercy then he had another thing coming.

A snarl tears through my throat. Soren was begging me to give her full control. She wanted his blood on her paws.

"He's mine," I growl to her.

"Make him suffer," she snarls at him.

I get into a long stance and swing my blade around, holding it at my hip as I watch him run towards me.

He lunges for me but I duck at the last second, narrowly missing his takedown. He growls at me, not happy I had managed to escape his attack.

"You're going to have to try a lot harder than that," I tell him with a smile. I didn't really know how to use a sword but he didn't know that.

He runs up to me with a yell and I swing my sword at him. He moves out of the way before I can hit him. He kicks my legs out from under me and I fall to the ground, I look for my sword noticing it was less than a metre away. I reach for the sword but my fingertips barely touch it.

Jack smirks at me before kicking me in the ribs, I yell out in pain. I could hear Odysseus growl and yell my name, trying to fight off all of the wolves to get to me.

Jack makes a move to stomp on my neck but I move at the last second and grab the sword. He stomps on the bare ground, growling as he does so.

I quickly swing the sword and watch as it cuts deeply into his calf. He hisses at the pain and flashes his canines at me with a earthy growl. I watch as his skin sizzles causing me to smile.

It was a silver sword. He looks at me with a unreadable expression as his leg tries it's best to start the healing process.

At least now I knew that I had a chance.

"You can do this, I'm right here baby, think. Really think about his weaknesses," my mother's voice floods my ears. She was right. I needed to know my opponent in order to beat him.

He was all about brute force, he was fighting me out of spite and not thinking clearly with his head. His blinding rage was clouding his mind. I had to use that to my advantage. I think strategically as we circle each other, waiting for the other to make a move first.

"How's Tia?" I ask him, clutching my ribs in pain. He snarls at me for talking about his mate.

"She's none of your business," he growls at me.

"She will be once I'm finished with you," I growl at him. His snarl tears through the air as he lunges for me. His moves were a lot faster now that I had set off the beast.

I move out of the way so he doesn't collide with me but I wasn't fast enough. I scream as a searing white-hot pain erupts through my back as I watch him fall to ground thanks to the force of his move.

The bastard had cut me with his claws. It takes me a second before I could feel my body start to heal.

I snarl at him before throwing my sword onto the ground. I watch as he struggles to get up off the ground with his sore leg.

"You wanna fight? I'll give you a fucking fight," I yell at him before lunging into the air. I grip onto his back causing him to wail out in surprise. He stands up and tries to grab me so he could pull me off his back. I grip onto his hair and tug harshly causing him to hiss.

He spins us around before jumping backwards and letting us fall to the ground. I squeal in surprise before my back and my head hit the floor harshly causing all the air to leave my lungs momentarily.

I wheeze while seeing starts appear in my vision. Alpha Jack slowly gets off me while chuckling to himself softly. I grasp my throat as my lungs beg harshly for air.

"Good job, for a girl," he laughs in my face.

That was it.

I was done with tormenting.

I was done wasting my time, fighting with this waste of space.

I. Was. Done.

"HIT ME! DO IT! KILL ME!" I scream at him.

I hear Odysseus roar at my words as he fights harder to get through the never ending pile of wolves.

Alpha Jack smiles in victory, thinking that he had won.

He straddles me before wrapping his hands around my throat. He slowly but surely applies pressure causing me to wheeze harder.

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment," he tells me harshly.

"I can't wait to see the life drain out of your eyes and better yet..." he says softly with a grin before leaning in right next to me face.

"I can't wait to see the pain in Odysseus' eyes when he feels your death," Jack growls.

And that was my snapping point.

I yell at him before kneeing him in the balls, I quickly bring my legs out from int between his and place them on each of his shoulders. I hold his hands down onto my neck chocking myself further before thrusting my hips up into the air and extending my legs out. I smile through the tears once I hear the popping sounds come from his body.

He wails out in pain and lets me go. I punch him square in the jaw causing him to cry out further.

I push him to the ground and straddle him as he tries to cradle his arms to his chest. I push them down onto the ground forcefully causing him to cry out.

"You can do and say whatever you want about me. But don't you ever talk about my mate like that," I seethe at him. I watch his eyes widen in fear.

He knew he had no power over me, a woman.

"Do you know what happens to traitors?" I ask him, a fiery glint adorning my eyes causing him to shrink further into the ground and whimper like a pup. He shakes his head but I knew that he knew the answer to that question.

He lets out a small cry when I place my hand over his chest.

He knew what was about to come.

"They die..." I tell him before sinking my hand into his chest, he cries out uncomfortably as I wrap my hand around his beating heart.

I look into his eyes once more as they silently beg for mercy.

"This, is what you get for underestimating a woman," I patronise him, ripping his heart right out of his chest.

"Tia will be be better off without you," I tell him with a smile. I watch as the life fades from his eyes.

I look down at his heart that was in my hand. Watching as the beating came to a stop... Howls and cries erupt from the members of his pack, signifying the loss of their Alpha as they continue to fight their opponents.

I drop their Alpha's heart and look at my hand that was doused in blood.
Less than twenty minutes ago I was scared of blood and death but now, being in this situation... it just felt normal.

I didn't feel any remorse or human emotions at this moment. I truely was part beast.

I didn't feel anything and that's what concerned me the most. Not even pain. My wounds had now healed at an abnormal rate.

I stand up and turn around looking at Odysseus. He needed my help. My eyes snap to the battles around and I helplessly watch around as all of Jack's pack members were being slaughtered in their moment of weakness.

This wasn't fair... and I needed to do something about it.

"YOU NEED TO STOP THIS! LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE BECOME! ANIMALS!" I yell at everyone causing some battles to slow down as they look at me.

"STOP!" I screech at a high pitched frequency causing everyone to cry out and hold their ears as the look around for the source that caused it.

Everyone's eyes settle on me. Some gasping and whispering as my eyes burned a dark purple. They knew what I was and they were afraid of me... I was afraid of me.

"We all are..." I whisper looking over at Alpha Martin. He looks at me with wide eyes.

"You!" I growl at him, stalking towards him. I hold my hand out, he suddenly lifts off the ground, floating. I squeeze my hand causing him to gasp for air holding his throat.

"YOU'RE PATHETIC! I KNEW OF YOU'RE PLANS AND YOU DISGUST ME!" I roar at him, lifting him higher into the air using my powers. I feel my eyes glowing a deep shade of purple as my body pulses, the earths power flowing through my veins.

"I-I promise! I'll change! No slaves! No more slaves!" He says, begging for his pathetic life. I look into his watering eyes.

"Don't listen to him," my mother tells me causing me to narrow my eyes at the bastard.

"He's lying..." an unknown voice whispers in my air, an angelic voice. The Moon Goddess.

"YOU'RE LYING!" I scream at him before flicking my wrist. Suddenly he screams as he flies through the air and smacks into a tree two hundred yards away.

The pack howls in pain growing weak, signalling the loss of their Alpha.

He was dead.

And I felt no remorse towards him.

"DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO QUESTION MY AUTHORITY AND CHALLENGE ME FOR BOTH PACKS?!" I scream into the open field, most of the wolves cowers away, their tails between their legs.

...but one.

"I do!" A voice growls.

"SHOW YOURSELF THEN!" I yell as Odysseus steps in front of me. I get angry at his overprotectiveness but I was pleased to know he was ok. I bend down touching the ground with my finger tips. Suddenly vines erupt from the ground, twining themselves around Odysseus' feet. I stand back and walk around him as he calls my name, begging me to untie him.

I could take care of myself.

I ignore him and suddenly my eyes catch sight of huge man. He had to be at least late twenties, he had dark black hair, pale, almost lifeless blue eyes, and a scar that ran from his forehead to chin. He was tall and muscly and smelled like death.

This must be the infamous Rogue King.

"Are you sure you want to do this, sweetheart?" He asks me with a smirk, I growl at him, how dare he.

"Don't call me sweetheart."



I watch helplessly as I watch my angel face the stupid Rogue King as he likes to call himself. They run at each other and Axel changes into his wolf form, jumping at Tatum.

My eyes widen in fear as I watch the scene unfold in front of my eyes. Tatum slides underneath him last second and uses her vines to hold Axel down. It doesn't last long as he bites them and frees himself, Tatum growls and clutches her hip as if it hurt her.

I needed to help her.

Axel growls viciously at her and runs towards her, I look around to see if there's anything I can free myself with. I look behind me and reach for Tatum's sword that was stuck in Jack's dead body. I since as my hand comes in contact with it.


How was Tatum even holding that?



I hear Odysseus wince as I see him touch my sword. In my moment of weakness the Rogue King slams into my side causing me to cry out. I pull out my sword and stand up as he runs towards me. He lunges for me and I slide underneath him again at the last second. This trick was going to come in handy.

I get up off the ground, watching his every move as we circle each other. If he wanted to dance... then I'd take him to the whole damn ball...

I turn to look behind me and see a tree. He thought I was going to run.

I do exactly what he thinks and take off in the direction of the tree.

I look back at the Rogue King to see him gaining on me.

I almost reach the tree, as he's about to reach me I run up it and flip over him causing him to run into it with a harsh thud.

I scream and grab my sword out of the back of my suit before driving it into his back. He roars in pain and falls to ground. He quickly gets up and growls at me before ripping the sword out, his hand sizzling as it comes in contact with the silver.

He hisses in a pain as I back away from him. He was much faster and stronger than Alpha Jack. And quite frankly, it was terrifying.

He lunges at me and I scream, not being able to make it in time. He holds me underneath him and starts to punch me, I could myself crumbling beneath him.

Blow after blow I start to feel dizzy.

"Odysseus, no matter what happens, remember that I love you," I tell him softly through mind link as I scream in pain at the next blow. I hear Odysseus yell out, begging me to let him free from the restraints. I put a hand on the ground, commanding the earth to help me.

Suddenly I hear a cracking sound vibrate through the ground. I look up through my tears to see the rogue king holding his hands around his throat as he chokes. I quickly scramble up from underneath him to see a vine wrapped around his neck.

I command the ground to stop and the vines shrivel back to where they came from. Everyone was silent as the Rouge King tried to catch his breath.

I stand up and kick the Rogue King in the chest causing him to fall over.

"You're pathetic, you thought you could go up against me? I'm you're Queen loser, and I'm one bad bitch," I growl at him before kicking him. I straddle him before delivering blow after blow just like he had done to me.

He tries me off him with a roar and I struggle to get back up. I get up just in time to dodge his attack.

I focus all of my energy on the leaves on the ground as I pull them up into the air so they were levitating. They all turn having the pointy end facing the Rogue Alpha. His eyes widen in realisation as he scrambled to get up.

I scream and push my hand out in his direction. All the leaves dart towards him, as they come in contact with his flesh, he cries as they act as tiny blades, creating cuts in his skin, some going deep enough inside of him that he'd have to pull them out to heal.

I stalk towards him and he quickly tries to get away. My wolf begs to come out but I kept her at bay. I knew she could do damage but I wanted to see how far I could go.

I push my hand downwards and a spiral of wind pushes onto the Rogue King before making him fall to his knees. He was no match for my wind.

I stalk towards him, a dangerous glint in my eye.
No one will challenge me for Alpha.

I seize the wind once I'm close enough and looking into his eyes as he kneels on both knees, gasping for air.

"Not bad for a pup," he coughs before giving me a small smile. I narrow my eyes at him, even with his life in my hands he chooses to degrade me.

"Goodnight, sweetheart," I mock him with a smirk.

In one swift motion I spin hook him right in the head.

I land on the ground and turn to look at his body only to find a pile of dust in his place.

I watch as the dust flows away in the wind.

The Rogue King was no more.

I look around at everyone to see them looking at me with wide eyes.

They knew witches were powerful but they didn't know they were this powerful. Suddenly they all gasp and whisper, looking at something behind me.

I turn around and blink a few times to make sure what I was seeing was real.

It was the moon Goddess herself.

"Tatum Anne Viotto, you have proven yourself worthy," her silky voice states.

"Worthy of what?" I ask her, I was confused.

"A choice..." she says with a smile.
"I can give you the full knowledge and understanding of who you are and what you could become, what your pups could become... or..." she says, making my ears perk up. The first choice sounded like a good one. What else could she possibly offer me?

"Or I could grant eternal lives for the people you care about most so you won't have the fear of loosing them to old age... but that wouldn't be all... I could give you a life, you could give back life to someone who didn't live for as long as they should have, to which they too would live an eternal life..." she tells me.

"But be warned. The last option may sound tempting but you will left to navigate your life in the dark where as if you were to choose the first option you will be able to see what the futures holds, all the troubles you will face and how to conquer most of them... now the choice is left up to you," she says before looking into my eyes. Her eyes were pure white, holding the utmost innocence I had ever seen. She was truely a goddess.

I knew exactly what I'd pick as soon as she said it, I had a feeling she did as well.

"I choose the second option..." I tell her without hesitation.

"I want my mother back," I tell her softly.

"As you wish, my child," and with that she claps causing a bright light erupts from her hands, I gasp in surprise and cover my eyes.

As fast as the light came, it was gone. I opened my eyes and standing in her place was my mother. She looks around shocked and scared.

"Mother?" I ask her. She looks at me with wide eyes.

"Tatum?" She asks me.

"It's really you!" I cry before running into her arms and hugging her. It was her, it was really her!

"Ava?" I hear my fathers voice ask. I look over at him from across the field and smile as he runs over to her with tears in his eyes.

I watch as tears cloud my own visions as the two of them hug and kiss.

"Come here, rat," my dad jokes causing me to laugh through my tears as I join in on their embrace.

I look over my mother's shoulder to see a familiar face. Brian? How did he get here?

"Tatum baby, I'm glad you're ok," Odysseus says softly snapping my gaze away from Brian. I pull away from my family embrace and hug Odysseus' tightly.

"I thought I was going to loose you," he tells me as tears rub down his cheeks.

"You're not going to loose me," I tell him with a smile.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He asks me.

"I'm alright, now kiss me," I tell him with a small smile. He doesn't waste any time but captures my lips with his own.

"Luna Tatum!" Jack's former pack choruses as they kneel down on one knee. I let go of Odysseus and hug him from the side as I watch his former pack to submit to me.

"We submit to you," Channing says with a smile adorning his face as he looked up at me.

"All hail Luna Tatum!" Martin's former pack choruses as they kneel causing my smile to widen.

"As do we," a rogue says causing all of the rogues to fall on one knee, I watch with tears in my eyes as all three former enemies kneel before me, coming together.

It might not have seemed perfect, but to me... it was. Everything was going to be ok now... no more slaves, no more poverty, we could live in peace, create a new treaty and lives for ourself.

I look up into Odysseus' eyes. He was safe and that's all that mattered, our family was safe and I got my mother back, that's all I could ever ask for.
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