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"And that's the end," I tell my two pups.

"Wow, is that really how you stopped the war Mum? Did you really bring grandma back to life?" Jax asks me with wide eyes as he clutches his blanket. I chuckle at him.

"Yes my love," I tell him with a small chuckle.
"Now its time for you two pups to go to bed," I tell them both with a pointed look on my face.

"Ok I love you mommy!" Ava giggles and leans up, giving me a huge kiss on the cheek and finishing with a 'mwah' I laugh at her.

"I love you too, let me tuck you in, you silly little goose," I tell her, tucking her into bed, suddenly Odysseus pops through the door.

"Daddy!" Ava yells getting excited.

"Dad! I can't believe mum stopped the war! Can you believe that?! Some day I want to be as big and strong as mommy!" He tells him excitedly causing me to smiling adoringly at my son.

"And one day you will be," I tell him softly causing him to beam at me.

Odysseus pouts.

"Hey! I'm big and strong too!" He sooks.

"It's ok. I know, you big baby," I tell him with a small laugh.

"That's it! I'm taking you to bed!" Odysseus' fake roars and picks me up making me laugh as he takes me out of the room.

Goodnight pups!" Odysseus says and closes the door after our pups say goodnight.

"Finally now I get mommy all to myself," he smiles down at me and takes me up the stairs to our room. I smile at his words.

He plops me on the bed and I giggle, suddenly the door bursts open and Brian comes in holding our newest addition to the family, Hazel.

"Oh sorry guys! I just thought you'd want your baby back," Brian tells us and covers his eyes.

"Two hands, Brian!" Odysseus almost screams at him as he balances Hazel in one arm.

"Right!" He says and holds her with two arms with his eyes closed.

"We're decent you can open your eyes," Odysseus says grumpily. Brian opens his eyes and smirks sheepishly.

"Sorry... I'll just..." he says before placing Hazel into the crib and quickly leaving, closing the door behind him.

"Now where we're we?" Odysseus asks me and tackles me playfully, I let out laugh and kiss him.

Life couldn't have turned out better, Odysseus had accepted Brian back into the pack, Marie and Rose had their pups and now they're both friends with Jax and Ava. Jocelyn had found her mate who was actually Dylan and the mates we never saw coming had to be Onyx and Channing, they were expecting their first baby soon. I had given Tia responsibility of her pack, she was now Alpha and was happy despite the loss of her mate, it was good seeing her in an environment where she can speak freely and be whoever she wanted to be. And Alpha Martin's mate Sienna had gone on to become Alpha, she was an amazing person and it was always fun when she was around. My mother lives happily with my father at the Elder Tree pack and she comes over to each my pups how to control their magic. It was great seeing her and my father happy.

Life was going great for all of us and I was more than happy to call this man, this King, Sues, here... mine.
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