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Chapter Eight ~ Escape


One way or another I was going outside. If he was going to keep me here, the least he could do is let me get some fresh air.

I reach the foyer but make an immediate turn once my eyes set on the guards. I'd have to use the back door. Stupid fucking Alpha King.

I walk into the busy kitchen as I see people preparing for lunch. I walk through, trying not to disturb the chefs as they rush to prepare the food.

I end up in a suburban sized dining room. It was intimate. I guess it was used for special occasions.

I look to my right and see a door. It was at the castle wall so it had to be some kind of gateway to outside.

I open the door and the sun hits my eyes. I cover my them as they slowly adjust to the sun. Why was the sun burning so bright lately?

I look around and see chairs and tables, neatly placed vases with flowers set on each table. I put my hand out to feel the breeze but suddenly my hand meets with cold glass.

I peel my hand away and look at my hand print. The glass was so clear I didn't even realise it was there.

That explains why there was no draft.

I look up and see the top of the window like panel, the top was bare. I could fit over the glass panel, the only issue would be if it shattered under my weight. But nevertheless I was ready to take my chances.

I hop on the table, realising I need a bigger boost. I grab the chair below and sit it on the table. Standing on it, I make sure to bend so I don't hit my head.

How do I even approach this?

I wipe my sweaty palms on my clothes before grabbing the glass, it seems stable. I put one of my legs on and let my other one follow. If this decides to shatter then I'm dead. I let my legs follow over and hang. I grip on tight but feel my hands start to get sweaty again.

I look down at the ground it was bushes below me and It had to at least be a four metre drop. I really didn't think this through. I don't get another thought in before I hit the floor and everything goes black.


I wince in pain and clutch my head as loud, blaring, sirens scream into the night, scaring away all the wildlife. Why does my head hurt?

Prying open my eyes I'm met with darkness, red lights appear as the siren goes off again. I look beyond the bushes I'm behind and see guards storming off into the tree line. I lay back down and clutch my head as I groan.

The pain is unbearable. I feel stinging on my body and look down at all the cuts over my bare legs and feet. I touch my face and run my fingers over a few cuts. They hurt, like little needles.

I sigh before the alarm blares again causing me to cover my ears and hold my head as the pounding grows larger and larger. I let a groan out of my mouth, a whimper following behind.

I pull my hand back, no blood at least. That must be the reason they hadn't found me. If I wanted to escape this would be my chance but I didn't know if I could risk it now that the guards were out there.

I know he had sent them south. That's where my village had been. It takes me a second to notice the alarm finally stopped. He probably thought that my village would be the first place I had run too.

It was dinner time now. I can't believe no one had noticed I was gone until now.

As much as I like the friends I have made here I do not want to be here with that bastard. He plans to keep me locked up. It is not, and will never be his choice on how I live my own life. I wasn't going to be caged like some animal.

Wolves are free creatures, they would know how it feels to be locked up, they should know that more than anyone. You can blame it on his title and how he's dominant and possessive over his mate but I will not be a subject of misogyny.

I am my own person and I deserve to be free.

And with that I decide to run.

I slowly peel myself off the ground. Careful not to be seen. It's been hours so they would assume I have been on the run, not right under their noses. I'm surprised they hadn't picked up my scent. The soil and dirt must have masked it. I must use that to my advantage if I wanted to get out of this undetected.

I pick up the dirt and soil and smear it all over my body and the clothes I was wearing. Better to be safe than sorry.

The stench was over powering and hurt my nose. But a girls got to do, what a girls got to do.

I crawl around the castle staying hidden in the bushes. I look at the moon as the clouds finally let it's bright light shine through. I look into the woods and see peoples flashlight fading into the trees beyond.

As I turn the corner I hear talking. Odysseus voice causes me to freeze in my place.

"Hey!" He says. My breathing stops. This is it. He found me.

"Did you really think that you could let my mate past and I wouldn't notice?" Odysseus' rough voice fills the air, following silence.

"I swear on my families life my king, I swear to you we did not let her pass. She looked like she was heading the front doors but I swear she turned around as soon as she saw us, you have to believe us!" A guard pled to, Odysseus.

"We swear my king," the other guard pleaded.

"Fine. I believe you. But if she is not found... you two will be paying the price, now go and continue the search!" Odysseus' harsh voice fills the air. Odysseus' footsteps retreat and I let out a sign of relief. He was gone.

I watch as the two guards turn on their flashlights and retreat into the woods.

Nows my chance.

I watch until they finally disappear and I know Odysseus is far enough away to not hear me.

Creeping out of the bushes and looking for any signs of life I sigh in relief upon being alone. I can finally make a run for it.

Where I was going... I had no clue but at least I was out of here.


I couldn't just leave her here. Only the moon goddess knows what they would do to her while I'm gone.

I had to go get her.

I take off in a small run into the clearing. After running for a little and noticing I'm not yet found I wonder to myself, what am I doing? Realising the slower I was the more chance they had of finding me.

I take off into a sprint, now moving faster. The barn comes into view and I hide in the bushes upon the tree line as I see guards taking orders. They all get a horse and thankfully trot off into the other direction.

I look around the barn looking for signs of life. When I see none I head towards it. I quickly run in, making a bee-line to Lola's stall. I sigh in relief upon seeing her.

Thankfully they didn't use her for the search or I'd have to leave without her. I start to get her things ready as I whisper sweet nothings to her. Trying to not let my stressed out mood affect her.

I feel a tug on my wrist causing me to gasp and turn around.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?" A man says. He looked to be in his fifties. He had brown eyes and brown hair, looking to be slightly familiar. I stare at him shocked but don't say a word.

"You must be Tatum, I am Hiram, Odysseus' father. It's a please to meet you," he says with a soft smile. I open my mouth to speak but no words seem to come out.

"What happened to you dear they have been searching for you," he says looking over my body in discomfort.

"I must take you back to Odysseus. He has been worried sick. He'd be pleased to know his mate is safe," he says pulling me along away from Lola and the barn.

"NO! No! Please don't I can't stay with him!" I beg to him, trying to free myself from his steady grip. God, this man was as strong as a mountain lion.

"My dear, I am in no position to defy my son of his mate. You are to be back in his hold at once," he says to me as if it's for my own good.

I am not and will never be this monsters mate.

"I can't!" I say, scared for what might become of me once he gets his hands on me.

"Odysseus has already been notified, he is already on his way. Even if I wanted to help you I couldn't," he says looking softly into my eyes. His brown eyes possessed with pity.

As if on cue my head snaps towards the door upon seeing, Odysseus. He was furious, and shirtless. I divert my eyes, knowing I'm in trouble.

"Thank you father, I shall take it from here," Odysseus' hard voice penetrates the deafening silence surrounding us.

I keep my eyes down. Avoiding his gaze.

"We will talk later," Hiram says to Odysseus, his voice holding strict authority. A side I had yet to see of him.

Hiram let's go of my wrist and walks away. I bring my hand back to my side only to be grabbed again by Odysseus. I cower away from him as he backs me against the stall, I lower my head in fear.

"Look at me," he growls, unimpressed with my actions.

I shiver in fear and slowly look up into his hard eyes, not daring to defy him. The last thing I wanted to do was make him angrier.

"I told you not to go outside and what do you do?" He gets closer to me, his alcohol drenched breath tickling my nose.

"You defy me. You know you have been a bad girl, Tatum." He says to me angrily whilst licking his lips.

"Leave me alone," I tell him, whimpering in fear as I cower away from him.

"Leave you alone?" He asks with a sadistic chuckle.

"You'd be lucky if I ever let you go to the bathroom by yourself again. You are not to leave my side unless I say so," he smiles at me, one that doesn't reach his eyes.

"I don't want to be with you," I let out a cry, looking up into his evil eyes, feeling completely useless.

"Well guess what," he says with a small charming smile as he chuckles.

"You're mine," he growls before sinking his canines deep into my neck, claiming me as his. He wraps his arm around my waist as our souls mix together.

I feel myself getting lightheaded, he pulls away and licks my wound.

The last thing I remember seeing was Odysseus' face covered with my blood.
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