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Chapter Nine ~ Pain


I awake with a cough, Feeling like I had been out for a lifetime.

I moan at the pain in my neck, sitting up and opening my eyes I noticed it was morning, or at least lunchtime.

I get out of the familiar bed, luckily Odysseus wasn't here, I don't remember what happened. Walking to the bathroom I open the door and stare at my reflection. I move my hair and look at my two puncture wounds that were healing over. A mark.

Odysseus' mark.

That bastard. He actually claimed me without my permission.

"It was for your own good," Odysseus voice floods echos through the bathroom, I look behind me in the mirror and see Odysseus staring back at me.

I turn around and give him the stink eye.

"How was marking me without my permission good? What good has come out of that?" I spit out at him, stupid lying bastard.

"It means I can take care you, I can hear your thoughts and you can hear mine. I can talk to you without talking to you and I can know where you are, and every male and female knows who you belong to," he says to me, a small smile playing on his lips. He was happy with himself.

"How is any of that good? You're controlling me," I growl at him, getting closer to him. I was sick of his bullshit and games.

"I'm not controlling you, baby." He says to me, the nickname causing desire to pool between my legs.

"I'm simply taking care of you," he says to me with a smile.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, you bastard," I spit at him before barging past him, making sure to hit my shoulder into his on the way out.

"What do you expect me to do, Tatum? You weren't going to accept me," he says now turned around facing me a heated glare on his face.

"Exactly! I wanted you to realise I was never going to accept you and that I don't want to be your mate!" I say to him as a matter of fact. What they said was true. Wolves clearly couldn't handle rejection.

"You don't mean that," he says causing me to look at him, he was fuming.

"I do," I say to piss him off further as I walked into the walk-in-wardrobe. It wasn't like he could do anything worse to me.

I hear a bang and look back at where he was standing, only to notice where he had stood just a second ago was bare. I didn't even know he had left, it had happened so quickly.

Of course he was mad, he couldn't handle the truth. He couldn't handle the fact that I didn't want him. I feel a wave of satisfaction flow over me at the fact that I had set him off.

I pick out some of Odysseus' clothes and go to the bathroom to get changed. I look back at my reflection and notice how bad I look, with all the dirt I had failed to notice, all the scratches on my face and not to mention that huge red mark resting on my neck.

Holy mother of the moon or whatever she's called! I hated him, and now I was to bare his mark my entire life.

What am I going to do? Obviously I can't get rid of it...
So I'll do the next best thing... I'll cover it.

I have a shower and wash my face properly of all the dirt and mud as well as my body. I get out of the shower and get dressed before looking back in the mirror. The scratches were red and some were bloody hopefully they would heal fast.

I brush my hair and cover my mark. Once I feel satisfied, I smile.

I walk out of the bathroom and open the door only to reveal, Asher.

"Hello?" I ask him as he enters the room, making me furrow my brows. That wasn't a bloody invitation.

"Excuse me? You can't just walk in here!" I say to him holding my arms out in the air. What did he think we was doing?

"What you up to?" He asks sitting on the freshly made bed. Wasn't it unmade ten minutes ago?

"The maids, yeah they're good at their job," he says as if he knows exactly what I'm thinking.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him, holding my hands on my hips, awaiting his answer.

"Answer my question first, Luna," he says sneakily, giving me a smile, thinking he's funny. I will wipe that smile clean off his stupid face.

"It's not, Luna. And it never will be," I say to him with a sigh. I was more than over this Luna bullshit.

"What am I up too? I'm hungry I want food," I say to him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Ok let's go get some!" He says happily getting up off my bed and running to the door.

"I'm hungry too, Alpha said I can't have any because I had to start my shift," he says sighing.

"What do you mean shift?" I ask him.


"Isn't this the best shift?!" I yell to Asher as I beat his ass on mariocart. Take that you loser!

"No fair! How do you keep winning? Beginners luck I'll say," Asher pouts like a baby.

"Oh cheer up, you're just mad that I won!" I cheer as the victory music plays, I get up and dance as I rub my victory in his face.

Asher laughs at my ability to dance.

"Is it too late for us to join?" I hear a manly voice ask. I turn around to see a couple of boys.

"Sure! You can play!" I say to them, handing them controllers, eager to have more competition.

We set up and the game and play, and before we know it I win again.

"Oh holy universe! I told you I'm amazing!" I yell as I start dancing. One of the boys whose name I learned to be Corbin starts dancing with me.

"Oh don't sook, Josh you came second!" Corbin says to my other new friend.

"Yeah whatever," Josh smirks and plays it off cool, leaning back into the couch, putting his feet up on the coffee table.

Suddenly the TV turns off causing us all to turn around. My breath gets caught in my throat as I see, Odysseus standing there with the remote tightly in his hand.

"Asher?" Odysseus asks angrily, waiting for a response.

"Yes Alpha?" Asher squeaks, praying for his sweet ass, hoping that he won't be in trouble.

"Come with me," Odysseus says before throwing the remote onto the lounge.
"Both of you, scram," he growls at Corbin and Josh, they quickly leave, he clearly didn't have to tell them twice.

"And you, stay right here," he growls at me, his eyes flickering gold. My breath gets caught in my throat upon the sight. I've never seen a wolf with gold eyes. Normally Odysseus' eyes only changed to black...

I hear muttering and growling coming from the room Odysseus and Asher had disappeared too. I wring my hands in anticipation waiting for my turn. Did I do something wrong?

A second later Odysseus appears in front of me. I look up at his handsome face. He didn't look furious. Mad but not furious.

He grabs my waist and used his other hand to push my hair away from my neck revealing my mark. He leans down and gently places a kiss on it, desire pools between my legs as they grow weak.

"You're mine, Tatum. And I don't want you hanging out with those boys, or any boys for that matter," he growls, tightening his hold on me as I daze.

"Ok," I say, without fully realising what I was agreeing too.

"Good," he hums in satisfaction, happy his mate was being submissive for once.

"Where's Asher?" I ask him, snapping out of my small daze as I look behind him for the blonde haired weirdo.

"It doesn't matter," he seethes, tightening his hold on my waist, getting possessive.

"Now let's go, you're coming with me," he grumbles before grabbing my wrist and dragging me off to who knows where.
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