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A lone Wolf and A Hunter Cyborg

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After being casted out of his Pack by his Alpha,Idris Dynamic goes rogue and with no where to go. He wanders around the woods trying to evade danger for years until he crosses paths with a hunter but not just any hunter, the most feared one of them all,one who has no heart and kills without remorse. A hunter whom everyone refers to as the Cyborg. What happens when Idris finds out that this hunter whom every supernatural being hates is his mate? Will his accept the Moon Goddess' blessing or fight the bond that pulls them together?

Fantasy / Romance
Nokwethu Mayisela
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Idris' POV

I let the wind carry me as I sprint through the woods,the breeze brush through my thick grey fur. It's been six years since I left the Pack and I've been wandering around since then. My heart aches at the thought of being away from my family however,if I hadn't left,the Alpha would've killed my family. I had no choice but to listen to his demands. From the time I became rogue,I've been running from a group of hunters and some rogues who wanted me dead because I never agreed to join their group. What can I say? I might be rogue but I'm not a Savage,I am not heartless and I refuse to torture innocent lives. I can not stand against injustice,this is why I was exiled because I dared to speak against my jackass Alpha. A heartless beast who cares for no one but himself,he rejected his mate on sight because she was an Omega. He has a hunger for power and Omegas are the weakest in the pack. Rejecting your mate I against the Werewolf law,I being the beta and best tracker of the Pack wanted to get my Alpha punished but he threatened to kill me and my family. I wasn't scared for my life but for my family's so I left without a fight even though I could've beaten that beast and took over the Pack. However,I knew Cavin was a heartless man,I grew up with him and he had always been stubborn. He always got what he wanted,he would go to any extend to get what he wants so if I took over the pack then I would have endangered everyone's life. Life as a rogue isn't easy,you fight danger everyday and escape death on daily basis. I had sworn not to lose my mind when I went rogue,the only purpose of my life now is to protect all those innocent lives who are being mistreated. I've gone from Pack to Pack rescuing wolves who are being tortured,some alphas even offered me a place in their Pack as I had saved them from a few attacks however,I refused since I knew that Cavin is keeping an eye out for me to make sure I don't spill out his secrets to anyone. He doesn't know where I am because I keep moving. He had tried to kill me by sending some of his warriors after me but no one can be better than me at hiding their tracks in that Pack. I'm not the best tracker for nothing. Now I'm being chased by a group of hunters who I had to lead away from the Crescent Moon Pack. The hunters have attacking packs for a while,they have killed many innocent wolves and kidnapped some. I had been lucky to reach them before they could attack the pack so they got distracted and ended chasing after me. As I was running, someone jumped in front of me and I skidded to a halt. My wolf,Grey growled as we looked up at whoever dared to stop us. Well,the hunters were far back,it will take them forever to find me in this forest as I made sure to trick them. As I looked up,my breath hitched,my heart nearly stopped and I felt Grey yipping I my head.'Mate! Mate! Mate!',The fool shouted. "Damn,Grey! I heard you the first time,don't shout,you are giving me a headshot". He just huffed and blocked me. I looked up at the beautiful woman in front of me,she held a baw on her left hand, arrows were secure safely on her back. She was class in brown pants,a black vest and some black sneakers. Her brown hair was tied in a pony tail and she had grey eyes. I studied her carefully only to stagger back when I realised who she was, a hunter. My mate is a fuckin' hunter? Shit! What do I do now?I can't reject her and I don't want to. No matter who she is, she's still mine and I will love her but will she love me? Is she going to kill me? The thought broke my heart,Grey whimpered and forced us to shift back to human form since he was too weak to stand. I struggled to get on my feet,my mate stared at me without any expression on her face,I had waited for her for years. I didn't fool around with other women who threw themselves on me because I wanted to keep myself pure for my mate. Please Moon Goddess,don't make her hate me."Mate." I whispered in a soft,almost broken voice. My mate looked at me with the same expression,I don't know what she was thinking but I needed to hold her. Stepping forward,I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. The sparks erupted between us and I smiled."Finally,I found you. Where had you been?". She didn't say a word so I pulled back,I was about to say something when she ran passed me to the direction I came from. No! I can't lose her not when I've been waiting so long for her,not when I just found her so I chased after her. She was fast but not more than me,we were getting closer to the hunters, I could hear them. Is she a part of their group? If so then I'd gladly hand myself closer to the just so I could be closer to her. She didn't stop until she was face to face with the hunters. They froze the moment they saw her. They looked scared,but why? Are they scared of her or me?"The Cyborg Hunter!". The leader exclaimed,my jaw dropped and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. My mate is the Cyborg Hunter,the most dangerous and most deadly hunter in the world of supernaturals. A born killing machine as they call her, she is a girl? That too so beautiful and young? What the fuck!"Parker,what brings you to my territory?".My mate spoke in a soft calm voice that sent chills down my spine.

"We were hunting a rogue,have you seen him around?".The leader whose name I assume is Parker replied."I have but now that he's in my territory he is my responsibility. I deal with my preys my own way. However,I had never liked you or your team,Parker. Last time we met I told you to leave innocent creatures alone but you never listened." All this while my eyes were on my mate,why is she protecting me? I thought all hunters hated Supernaturals so why is she protecting the innocents?"Please, Cyborg,you can't really believe that any of these monters are innocent." Parker laughed sarcastically, instead of answering,my mate walked over and snapped his neck shocking everyone. The others started to tremble in fear as she looked at them."Go back to the human world,you will not say a word about this world and you will not hunt any of the innocent creatures that live here if you do otherwise then I will hunt you down and kill you, understood". All of them nodded before fleeing from her sight. I could only stare at her in bewilderment as she set Park's body ablaze and turned to me. It was as though she was trying to figure out what to do with me. I walk over to her,pulled her in my arms and kissed her. When she didn't push me away, I deepened the kiss forcing the most amazing sound I've ever had escape her lips.I pulled back so we could breath,she looked up into my eyes blankly and I smiled at her."I'm so glad I found you."I kissed her forehead." I'm a hunter,I could kill you any time I want, doesn't that bother you?". Honestly,she is so cute and she's not even close to looking as deadly as she is." Nope. I'd gladly die knowing I found you." She shrugged then moved away from me and I followed her silently."So what's your name?" She asked.

"Idris Dynamic". She stops and looks at me for a while then walks again."So you're the one who was exiled by that bastard of an Alpha of Blood Moon Pack? The King of Justice?". To say I was shocked would be an understatement because I was flabbergasted,how does she know so much about me? Has she been around me this whole time? Did she know I'm her mate? Why couldn't I feel or scent her before?"Who are you?" I decide to ask."I'm Cyborg,the Huntress". With that she disappeared behind a tree and came back with a key.
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