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For centuries, Lord Roderick has walked in the shadows of the night. Deprived of sunlight and always bloodthirsty, he was known and feared for his strength and the wars he unleashed in the name of his kingdom, a man who felt no fear but was able to arouse it in others. However, all that was left behind when an incident changed his circumstances. Causing him to seclude himself in a place that even the King of the Vampires did not know about. With his unexpected return, Roderick will have a new mission, to seek out what has been a myth for vampires in exchange for the woman who returned the warmth to his body. And to do so, he will have to use a mortal, one who will have her own purpose and a secret past that will derail his plans and awaken what he has never felt before. *This story progresses slowly* All copyrights reserved. Cover by Gabriella Regina

Fantasy / Romance
Laura B. L.
4.9 11 reviews
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Hello everyone,

Please read this before reading on. My first announcement in the book The Half-Blood was chosen to be published in Galatea, Inkitt’s sister app. This is the paid app. And therefore, the saga is under a contract to be published there only. With that said, the books Entice Me, The prince of Death, and Throne of Blood and Fear must be removed from Inkitt. For those of you who have been reading the books, I am sad to have to break this news because I am an avid reader myself, and it frustrates me when I can’t finish a story. I will leave the books published until Sunday, November 21, 2021. Afternoon on that day, I will only leave the first few chapters posted. The second part of the Prince of Death will continue to be updated in the Galatea app.

Thanks again for reading my books.

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