The Vampire King's Bride

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October Summers, just an average high school senior. Soon finds herself taken from her normal life, and thrown into the world of immortals, who are at war for power.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Are you certain that she is the one?” the bloodless man enquires, his untamed ash colour, shoulder-length hair blows in the wind as he stalks from across the road.

The man, Alistair, is a king in the Vampire lore. Today he trades his usual buttoned-down shirt and dress pants, to a black sweat pants and a gray-coloured pullover.

Sitting opposite him is his lieutenant, dressed in floral shorts and a white t-shirt. His yellow hair has a pink streak to the right, which catches the attention of those who walk by.

They are both observing a blonde hair girl as she makes her way to the hospital.

“Yes, she is,” Alistair’s lieutenant answers.

Alistair’s eyes glow and his heart begins to beat after catching her scent, something that hasn’t happened in centuries.

For two weeks the lieutenant has been investigating all be could about the girl. Just to make sure that she is Alistair’s bride.

The blonde glances over her shoulder, no doubt she is aware of being watched.

“Do you have the information?” Alistair didn’t wait for a response, as he stretches his hand out.

Demetre, his lieutenant nods then hands him a folder that contains every detail about the girl.

“Good,” Alistair flips through the pages, promising to read it later.

He folds the docket, then traces away.

For now, he has a meeting to attend with his council, who does nothing but judge him.

Alistair stands before the council in the meeting room, they do the same, waiting for him to take his seat.

The room is constructed with walls of dark grey, amber table and chairs. Deep red curtains and carpets and brown smooth stone flooring, with golden columns, that bears grey ceiling. It is cold inside but of course, them being vampires didn’t mind, it also smells of death and mould.

Fitting for vampires.

“I have found my bride,” Alistair announces, as he takes his seat on his throne, which seems to follow him around the castle.

Alistair’s throne is one of the most beautiful yet terrifying things, next to him, made of crushed bones, molten gold, and rubies. The throne acts on its own accord.

“Amongst the humans!″ Alistair provides. There are collective gasps from the council, fifteen members in total, four of which are female, one of them his sister.

“This is an outrage! Having a human as your mate is against the law! Our code!” One of the councillors holler, hitting the table with such force that it splits in two.

Alistair watches the man as he fumbles with the broken table, he never really understand why they need a council. He is king, and his words should be the only law or code they need, he didn’t even care much for the rule books the fates have gifted them with.

“Claude, if I can remember correctly, there is no rule against this. It might be rare but it is not a crime, or against any code. It also states that if the human refuses to be with you then let them be.” Alistair’s eyes turn to his sister, her now green colour eyes dance with mischief.

She has the same ash hair colour as he, and the rest of their family, they also have the same pale skin and eyes that change colour according to their mood.

Her small frame is hugged by a red dress, that fits her figure perfectly, a scar dots the top of her blood-stain thin red lips, that she got before becoming immortal.

“And, do you think that a human would really accept us? Creatures of the night! They think we are a myth, how are you even going to keep her here amongst all of us!?” A crispy voice bellows.

Alistair wasn’t paying much attention to what the man is saying, or any of the uproars, he is too busy thinking about how he would put an end to the council. Rip their heads off and bask in their foul blood.

“King Alistair.” Someone clamours.

Alistair turns his now red eyes slowly, gazing at every member of the council.

“This meeting is adjourned,” a smile plays on his lips, as thoughts run through his head.

“What!? You can’t put an end to this meeting, it is not in your power to do so!” Claude stands as well but quickly sits down.

Alistair’s eyes changes to black as he smiles at the man, seeing the disquiet in his eyes, he could smell it, almost taste it.

“There is a reason why I am a king,” Alistair smirks.

Alistair is right, he is a ruthless king, standing at six feet seven inches tall and has nothing but bulging muscles, that would normally rip his clothes if he moves too much. Just his eyes are enough to freeze you in place, they call him the torturer. Simply because he likes to torture people.

“This meeting is over!” With that, Alistair arises from his throne which disappears instantly, he rolls his broad shoulders and strode out of the room.

“My king!” A servant runs after him, as he walks the halls.

The man ran faster to catch up with Alistair because he hasn’t stopped walking.

“My king,” the man calls again, now out of breath, he was once a noble vampire, however, due to circumstances, he is now a human.

“I have words that the vampire overlord is--”

Alistair pin the man with a look, he never cared about what his brother did, as long as he was of no bother to him and his people.

“If you have nothing better to tell me then please, go.” Alistair’s eyes flash.

The man bows his head, after that he is off.

Alistair already knows that his bastard of a brother is attacking a kingdom close by, regardless he didn’t care, he knows that Kristolf couldn’t get in, besides he wouldn’t dare to try.

Alistair sits in his room, reading the profile of the young girl, his bride has finally reborn after all these centuries. Sadly because she is human, she doesn’t remember anything about her past with him.

Alistair runs his index finger over her picture, “soon my bride, very soon.”

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