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Amelia has spent her entire life free. Humans have been at war with the supernatural for years. Now they are capturing and enslaving those with the shifting capability. Can Amelia escape with her life and free again or will she be kept in a cage forever?

Fantasy / Horror
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The moon is bright tonight, it’s not quite a full moon but it’s almost there. I dash down the street, my paws hitting the pavement. The lamp posts are dimly lit. No one is ever out at this hour, not since everything changed.

The vampires decided they didn’t want to hide in the shadows any longer and tried to overpower the humans. Humans however are resilient and fought back. After they won that war, they became afraid. Afraid of anyone that was different to their species. They started hunting other supernatural creatures, the werewolves tried to fight but it was no use.

The humans however didn’t want to kill them off completely. Instead, they murdered a large population of them and enslaved the rest. They figured they could use them for their military. Well, at first anyways, now they are not only enslaved to fight but also as pets for the wealthy and powerful.

The shifters, my kind, they immediately scattered around the world. We don’t have to force shift during a full moon so we can hide pretty easily. Most of my family are large cat shifters, tigers, leopards and even a lion. I however, shift to a domestic cat. My kind thought me weak, but they’re hiding in different parts of the world while I’m just strolling down a street.

That was years ago, I was just a wee kitten. The humans still look for us but I’m smart. I shift during the night when no one is looking. It’s much easier to find food, water and shelter as a small cat. During the day I’m human, I stay mostly in the woods or parks. Away from most humans.

Humans have evolved a little too. They are stronger, taller, and a bit smarter too. They send out trucks, looking and searching for us. They find some here and there.

I decide to climb my tree and rest for the night. I didn’t find much food and I’ll have to shift back before dawn.

I wake up just as the sun is starting to rise. I jump down, my toes wiggling in the soft grass. I do one final stretch before quickly throwing on my clothes. I keep them safely tucked inside a hole on the tree. I keep things simple, sun dress, cotton underwear, and some slip-on flats. My dress is a muted red color, nothing fancy. The last thing I want is to stand out in a crowd.

I hear it faintly and then it grows louder the closer to town I get. Even in human form I still have my cat like senses. I’m slinking in the shadows, crouching down and trying to stay hidden. Then I see it. About four trucks, the back part is just bars, like a giant cage. Did they find some shifters here?

They start grabbing the girls up.

“Round all the girls up and into the trucks. Sixteen to twenty-four. Someone spotted a shifter last night.”

Are they talking about me? There’s no way. I was careful. I begin to creep into an alleyway. I knows there a dumpster I can hide behind. I’ll wait until they leave and then I’ll escape to the next town.

I make it to the dumpster and sit with my knees pulled to my chest. I can hear the girls screaming for their parents. The town people are shouting there’s no shifter. I put my hands over my ears but it’s no use with these senses.

This is it, I’m in the clear. I think as I hear the trucks start to rev up.

“Wait! There’s one more. Here, down the alley.”


I could shift and sprint away but then they’ll know, and I’ll be hunted down. Instead, I decide to stand up and go freely. Once I’m in a safe place, I can shift and get away undetected.

I reach in my dress pocket and pop in my brown contacts. My violet-colored eyes will give me away instantly. Even though it’s not a shifter characteristic, it’s different. It’s wrong.

I hear their footsteps getting close. I slowly begin to rise and have to look up at the giant human.

“Well, aren’t you a pretty kitten.” He smiles down at me before roughly grabbing my forearm.

“Don’t be so rough!” The other one says.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, once they check you out, you’ll be safely returned back to your family” The nice one says. I just smile and nob at him.

The back of the truck is opened, and I’m placed in the back, along with several others. I drop my head and look at my feet. I try to distract myself from all the “Who is she?” whispers. I need to get out of here and fast.

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