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Amira Darkholme is a 20 year old witch with a family secret she never knew about. Will she remember the witch she was or is she destined to be something else entirely? Sequel to Runaway Alpha MATURE CONTENT WARNING ⚠️ Mentions of violence, sexual conduct and swearing. If any of these topics disturb you, this book is not for you.

Fantasy / Erotica
Stevie Belle
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Avery Place Garden

"I love you so much Logan, you have no idea."

I had said with a big smile on my face once I pulled away from our kiss. I still couldn't wrap my head around what Logan just did, he wanted me to be his Queen. I didn't know how it could possibly work for me to be the Alpha Queen, but I do know that being wrapped in his arms was the greatest feeling in the world right now.

"I think I have an idea," he said with a wink and tightening his hold around my waist.

Our moment was interrupted when we heard slow clapping, making us turn our heads at the sound. Logan gently placed me on the ground, behind him in a protective stance and an angry growl came out of him.

"Congratulations," Cairo said with a sadistic smirk on his face.

"Who let you out?" Logan said with anger laced in his voice.

"There are secret passageways that even you are not aware of." Cairo said in a mocking tone and chuckled. "You should've killed me when you had the chance, Little Prince."

Screams were heard as the music cut off and that's when Cairo went charging at Logan. He was quick but not as quick as Logan.

"Amira, run!" Logan shouted as this time he charged at Cairo and I started running into the maze.

I stopped in my tracks as a Vampire appeared, blocking my way. The Vampire slowly walked closer as I slowly backed away. I didn't keep my eyes off him as I thought of a way to fight him off, but then I saw Ky's black smoke form. The smoke quickly wrapped around the Vampire, making him scream in pain and it only took seconds for him to turn to dust.

"Ky!" I was so relieved that she came to my rescue. I ran to her and embraced her in a hug as soon as she turned into her human form. I removed myself from her when I heard a pained groan and turned to see Cairo retreating from the scene.

"What's happening out there?" Logan asked Ky as soon as he was near us and pulled my to his side, relieved that I wasn't hurt.

"Vampires appeared and they aren't alone... Claw is with them," Ky explained.

"Stay close to Ky." Logan said to me before kissing me on the forehead, then he disappeared through the maze. I turned my attention to Ky in hopes that she has a plan to stop Claw.

"Ky, what are we going to do?"

"We will fight, you're still as strong as you were with magic." Ky put her hands in front of her with her palms up and a sword appeared. I grinned in excitement because the sword was enchanted with my magic. Even if I didn't have my magic anymore, it didn't mean that the things I had enchanted didn't work anymore.

"I haven't used this baddie in a while," I said as I grabbed the sword from Ky's hands.

"Stay close to Savannah and Sophie when we get out there, I will be helping the Sirens." Ky waved her hand in front of the hedge of the maze, creating a quickly passageway out of the maze. We ran through and my eyes landed on the battle scene happening.

"Happy fucking birthday to me," I muttered to myself right before I ran to help Savannah and Sophie when I spotted them.

Sophie and Savannah were using fire orbs to take dawn the Vampires that came near them. As I ran towards them, a Vampire quickly appeared in front of me which made me halt. I rose my arms in the up to position my sword which made the Vampire chuckle, but little did he know what this baby could do. His movement was a blur when he came at me, but I was ready to swing my sword. He didn't bother to dodge the sword because he thought it wouldn't do any damage to him. Unfortunately for him, a second before the sword made contact, it lit up in flames. The flaming sword made contact with his neck and it went clean through. The Vampire's body went up in flames and his head went bouncing for a few second against the dirt. I ran until I made it in between Savannah and Sophie, not even looking back at the Vampire I had just killed. I continued fighting along side Savannah and Sophie for who knows how long until Savannah called out my name.


Savannah nodded at a direction for me to look towards. I turned to see Logan's wolf form being slammed down by an abnormally massive Vampire and it grabbed Devin by the throat. Savannah threw a fire orb at a massive looking Vampire's arm and he let go of Devin. Savannah continued shooting fire orbs at the Vampire's chest which allowed Logan and another Werewolf to bite into the Vampire's legs.

I was fighting off a Vampire that was trying to stop me from helping the others with the massive Vampire. I didn't have time for this shit, but luckily Sophie threw and fire orb which allowed me to kill it. I ran as quickly as a could before another tried to stop me and as I reach the massive Vampire, I jumped with the sword above my head to give myself more force to stab the sword into its chest. I tried to push it deeper into his chest, but I wasn't strong enough.

"Ky, I need help!" I yelled with a grunted.

Ky came in seconds in her black smoke form and surrounded me, giving me the strength to bury the sword deep into the chest. I was glowing in a red color and the sword started to move deeper into the chest. The Vampire let out a yell as he was finally meeting the end. One final push and his body went limp and everyone who was hold on to him released their hold. I stopped glowing and Ky went inside her ring.

"Thank you Ky, rest," I whispered and in the next moment I heard a scream.


A Vampire caught Sophie by her leg as she was trying to defend Seth from being attacked by other Vampires while he fought his brother. Seth tried to go help Sophie, but was stopped by his brother. Fortunately, a white wolf with patches of grey spots all along her face and legs, ripped the Vampire off of Sophie, slammed the Vampire to the ground, and killed it.

Logan nudged me on the arm with his snout, I could tell he was telling me to be careful before running to help Seth. He tackled Cairo away from Seth, together they went tumbling and rolling on the ground.

"Stay close to me," Savannah said. "By the way, that was badass the way you took down that thing," she nodded towards the dead massive vampire.

I winked at her with a smile, but then got interrupted when a Vampire tried to attack me. Savannah blasted it with a fire orb and I quickly reached to the massive Vampire, pulling the sword out of its chest to use again.

"You don't know when to mind your business, hairball!" I heard someone yell out. "I was going to save you for the Boss, but I guess I'll be the one to kill you!" I turned around to see Logan and Cairo attacking each other.

"Amira! Wait!" Savannah shouted as she saw that I started running towards Logan as a Vampire was sneaking up behind him. Before I could reach Logan, the Vampire had its claws buried into Logan's back.

In the next second, with all the force I could muster, I buried the sword into the Vampire's back. I looked up to Logan staring at me.

"I got your back, babe." I winked at him and he barked which made me feel a bit giddy. Then he turned his attention back to Cairo. I pulled the sword out of the Vampire's back while Savannah reached me.

"Amira, you can't be doing that!" Savannah's worried tone made me turn to her.

"Sav, don't worry. You know I can take care of myself," I said softly.

"Yeah, when you had your magic," she retorted.

I sighed but before I could say anything, we turned when we heard a painful scream coming from Seth. Cairo had his claws deep into Seth's chest. A Vampire came out of nowhere and Savannah used her magic against it. Without thinking, I ran with the sword straight towards Cairo. Next thing I knew, I was hit hard against my chest which took the breath right out of me. I hit the ground hard as I must had flown ten feet away from where Seth was. I was still semi-conscious as I heard ringing in my ears. I didn't move, afraid that I broke something.

"Baby, talk to me. Are you alright?" I felt a warmth on my back and waist from Logan's hands, pulling me to my feet.

"I'm okay," I said as I gently rubbed the back of my head. "Just a headache now."

"You scared me," He whispered and caressed my face, making me smile. My smile slowly dropped when I saw Claw quickly approaching near us. I saw the silver coating the glove he wore.

In that split second, something in me gave me the strength to pull Logan behind me. In that split second, I felt the sharp pain against my ribs. In that split second, I saw the flash of the future I could've had with Logan. In that split second, that future was gone.

My memories of what happened seconds before my death are a blur, but I do know one thing for sure, I told Logan one last time that I loved him. I loved my Prince, my soon-to-be King.

A bright white light made me open my eyes again. I was lying on the grass in the dark forest, but for the first time the dark forest wasn't dark, it was bright. The sun beamed against my porcelain skin. I don't know how I ended up here and I touched my rib area, but I felt no pain nor wounds. Was this Heaven?

I sat up and looked at my outfit, I was wearing a strapless white laced dress that reached above my knee. I slowly stood up on my bare feet. I scanned my arms and strangely they looked toned. I quickly lifted my head up when I heard the sound of a dead leaf crunch.

"Who are you?"

A soft smile appeared on his face as his kind golden eyes stared at me. For some reason I didn't feel scared of this man, he seemed familiar somehow.

"My name's Kieran."
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