Snow Bird

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Linette's mother died giving birth to her after 5 miscarriages. Her father, the king of Praga, was furious that she was not a boy and hated her mother for being such a failure at baring an heir. With an almost identical appearance to her mother, Linette was kept locked away until the day he could marry her off for his benefit. Hopefully, life with her new husband will be better.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Please Cecil, bear it a little longer. It will all be worth it once this babe is in your arms.” A maid encouraged her, patting her forehead with a cool, wet cloth as she pushed her baby out.

Cecil had been on complete bedrest since her first missed cycle to prevent a miscarriages like her previous five pregnancies. Whether that was the correct treatment, or the gods were finally blessing her, she had come to the end of a complete pregnancy. The pain and boredom of it all would soon be forgotten once she held her sweet child.

“One more push Queen Cecil, and your baby will be with us!” The doctor exclaimed.

Once the baby was born, the nurse wrapped her in a cloth and placed her on Cecil’s chest. “A girl, My Queen.”

“Linette, her name will be Linette.” She said tiredly, before she lost consciousness.

“Damn it! She is loosing too much blood.” The doctor said frustrated. “Take the babe to the king while I work.” He instructed the maid.

“Is it a boy?!” The King demanded the moment he saw the maid exit the room, baby in hand.

“No, My King, you have a daughter.” She informed him, attempting to hand the baby to him.

“God damn it! That blasted woman has failed me again!” He screamed, pulling a painting off the wall and throwing it down the hall. He stormed off, not the least bit concerned how Cecil or the baby’s health was.

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