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The First War

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The wall is broken...the black empire has poured into the remaining dimensions. Now the real war has begun. Will the forces of light claim victory or will the Void annihilate the universe itself?

Fantasy / Action
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The Apocalypse

Narrator: A month has passed since the breach, the war has grown to unspeakable levels of

danger. Galaxies have been assaulted, species have been devoured, and the light struggles to

push back the empire, this war has taken a turn for the worst. We now go to Katie, she is

standing on top of a mountain under a darkened sky filled with stars but the stars were moving

at high speeds. The wind blew violently, the forest under her was shrouded in darkness and

demonic laughter was all that came out of it. In the distance was a raging inferno of red and

walking in that flame was entity gods, devouring people in the hundreds, a city was being


Katie: My god...they’re everywhere...

Narrator: Screams of fear and anguish pour out of the city.

Katie: “Grabs her halo” Where the hell are you guys? I can’t take all this on alone!

Narrator: No one answers...

Katie: “Stares at her halo” What the hell? Hello! Is anyone there?

Narrator: Suddenly an exhausted voice comes through.

Chief: Katie...where the hell are you?

Katie: I left Heaven on my own to go to areas that haven’t been touched by us yet. I need some

damn assistance right now Chief there are too many enemies to take on at once!

Chief: ...I can’t right now. I’m already stationed somewhere else. Just come to my location and

join us.

Katie: I’m not leaving these people Chief! They’re all dying!

Narrator: A minute of silence was between them, after that minute Chief spoke up in a more

worried tone.

Chief: Katie...we’re not going to be able to save everyone. As big as we are we have to focus on

areas where the empire has the most forces. I’m sorry, I wish I could join you, but I have my


Katie: Fine! I’ll ring for someone else.

Chief: Katie just-!

Narrator: She cuts him off and attempts to call for another.

Katie: Celenara are you there? Odraxon are you there?

Narrator: She glares at her halo.

Katie: High Council are you there?! Goddammit! why is no one answering?!

Narrator: She lets go of her halo letting it hover above her head and stares at the city.

Katie: Ok. I’ll do this myself. I’ll lay down my life for these people if I have to, but I can’t just fly

in there...screw it!

Narrator: Before she takes flight her halo begins to flash.

Katie: What? “Grabs her halo” Hello?

Seleiana: Katie, is that you on the mountain?

Katie: Seleiana? Are you here?

Seleiana: Yes I’m going towards the city with a squad of my own. Why didn’t you bring your own?

Katie: I...this isn’t a red zone so I thought I didn’t need them. Until I saw this...

Seleiana: I took some just in case, I even got an aspect to join me. Look up.

Narrator: Katie looks up to see a ball of light moving towards the city at high speeds.

Katie: God bless this woman.

Narrator: Katie spreads her wings and flies after them. The ball of light comes down upon the

city burning one of the entity gods turning it to void dust. Katie lands next to Seleiana in the


Seleiana: “Looks at Katie with a concerned look” Next time, bring people with you ok?

Katie: Yea...cmon! We gotta get these people.

Seleiana: Agreed.

Narrator: A tower is blown down by an entity god, people are screaming and running past the

Angels and aspect.

Seleiana: Are these humans?!

Katie: Lookout!

Narrator: Katie tackles Seleiana dodging the falling debris. The red dragon looks over at the


Aspect: Rescue the people! I will deal with this abomination!

Narrator: The aspect quickly takes flight and battles the creature.

Katie: Seleiana with me! The rest of you form groups of three and go!

Seleiana: Let’s go!

Narrator: Both of them take flight and begin to fly through the flames. Undead creatures ran

through the streets butchering everyone in sight.

Seleiana: “Lands on the floor” Humans! Over here!

Katie: “Lands next to her” We’ll take you to safety!

Narrator: While people run to them some of the creatures blow through windows and doors

from people’s houses and begin to pursue the fleeing crowd.

Katie: Seleiana you take them to heaven! I’ll deal with the undead!

Narrator: Katie flies over the crowd of people and lands in front of ten undead, all of them

holding massive swords bigger than both their bodies. With no hesitation, she quickly stabs her

sword through an undead chest and burns it with holy light. One of the undead screech and

slams its sword down upon her shield breaking her arm.

Katie: “Regenerates her arm” Shields are useless.“Teleports her shield away and forms another

sword in her hand” Alright! I got your number now freaks!

Narrator: Katie spreads her wings and dashes at one of the undead impaling it in the stomach

with both swords and throws the body into five other undead causing them to turn to dust from

the corpse’s holy explosion. Another undead begins to flail its sword wildly and charge at her.

She flies into the air and connects the hilts, forming a golden string of light from the tip of the

sword to the other creating a bow. She conjures four arrows and shoots them into the remaining

undead, blowing them up.

Katie: “Looks over her shoulder” Seleiana!

Seleiana: The people are being teleported just keep them back!

Narrator: Another undead sprints at Katie and leaps into the air. She raises her bow quickly and

stabs at it with the bottom of her bow. The undead blocks but gets launched back into the

ground. She quickly slams into it and stabs it in the skull with the bottom of her bow causing it

to explode. On top of one of the buildings behind Seleiana an undead leaps down and charges

at her.

Seleiana: Wait here, humans!

Narrator: Seleiana draws her straight sword and waits for the undead. It does a horizontal swing.

She ducks under it and slices its knees open causing it to fall down. She holds the point of the

blade up causing the undead to fall into the sword.

Seleiana: Humans! Come here quickly!

Katie: I got the rest in heaven! Let’s move out!

Narrator: The two of them take flight and shoot down any undead they come across while

picking up people and taking them to heaven. Through the raging fire, Katie hears people

screaming inside their houses.

Katie: Seleiana! Follow me!

Narrator: Both of them swoop down towards a house. Katie blows through the window while

Seleiana opens the door. In that house is a man being cut in half by an undead. Katie slams her

head into its chest causing it to fall on its back, she puts her foot down on its chest and shoots an

arrow into its face, killing it.

Seleiana: “Healing the man” You’re going to be alright!

Narrator: A spear quickly darts through the window and goes into Katie’s stomach.

Katie: “Stares at the spear” Oh you little bastard! “Pulls the spear out and aims it”

Narrator: The undead crawls through the window screeching. Katie blesses the spear and

throws it into its face, killing it.

Seleiana: He’s gone! Let’s go!

Katie: Check the house there could be more!

Seleiana: Right!

Narrator: Outside an Angel is heard yelling “Entity god Incoming!”

Katie: Another one!?

Seleiana: “Looks out the window”

Narrator: This entity god is bigger than the planet itself, its whole body is coated in magma and

is already preparing to punch the planet.

Katie: Holy shit! We gotta get off this planet now!

Seleiana: I hope the aspect has the same idea!

Narrator: Katie and Seleiana quickly jump outside and fly into the sky as fast as possible. Around

them is the rest of the Angels taking flight as well. Seleiana flies towards one of the men.

Seleiana: Where’s the dragon?!

Angel: Dead! He took the entity god with him!

Seleiana: Shit! You’re kidding me?!

Angel: Not right now let’s go!

Narrator: As they leave orbit the entity god punches into the planet blowing it up.

Katie: All those people!

Angel: We grabbed as many as we could Lieutenants! I’m sorry about the rest!

Narrator: The entity god looks up at the Angels and grins.

Entity god: Run...

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