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There are two ways for a vampire to exist: 1. They are born 2. They are bitten She is a born-vampire, and a vampire princess. He is a human living in a vampire household... a human in a house where everyone craves his blood. What could possibly go wrong??

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Andrew

Andy's pov
March 14, 2019
"ANDY!" My best friend and princess vampire, Violett yelled running up the road to me.
"Vio!" I yell. I run to meet her and hug her.
"You girls and hugging." Max, Violett's brother says, dragging his and Vio's suitcase up to the front doors of our palace.
"Pff, you boys are worse!" I say, turning to the doors and grabbing Violett by her elbow.
The right side door opens, "What was that, sister?" My brother, Haeden, asks.
"Nothing." I quickly say, my face going white.
He smirks, "Deer in headlights, sis?"
I gulp, before running into the castle dragging Violett along. (Andy is a girl, she just has a 'boy' name.)
"Girls." The boys whisper.
"We heard that... vampire hearing, remember?" I yell from the living room on the other side of the first floor.
"Oops?" Haeden says, sarcastically.
I roll my eyes. Violett follows me up the stairs to my room on the third floor.
"Has your room changed?"
"Oh yeah. I painted the walls black, I got a new bed with steel bars and changed the covers to black with purple sheets, umm I painted that wall white so I can paint it." I say pointing to the one white wall next to my bed on the far side of my room, with a stool, paintbrush and palette sitting next to it. On the other side near the door was my purple couch and 2 black bean bags surrounding the oak and brass coffee table with a 80 inch TV screen on the wall. Yeah, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm rich. Definitely a benefit of being the Vampire Queen's daughter. Another benefit is the power and speed, being royal makes me faster and stronger and able to get anyone to do something for me... actually I don't enjoy that part because I feel too powerful.
"Andy. Where are you?" Haeden calls, ugh he is so protective of me, and being royal doesn't help.
"In my room," I say, "like I'd be anywhere else."
"Heard that." Haeden walks into my room, with Max right behind him. I sit down on the couch next to Violett.
Haeden sits in my beanbag while Max takes my other beanbag.
"What? Are we having a party in my room?" I frown, sarcastically, "cause I don't recall Mom saying that we were having a party in here."
"Sorry, Andy. Mom said to tell you that she wants to talk."
"Fine. But get OUT of my room." I yell.
"Yo, chill." Max said before I glare at him. He gulps, "Nevermind." He runs using his super speed to get out of there faster, Haeden follows zipping by us.
I smile, "How was that for getting them out?"
"Great." Vio smirks. I sigh.
"I'm gonna go see what my mom wants. Be right back."
"K." Vio says. I speed out of there and into my mom's office.
"What's up Mom?" I say. She turns around in her spinny chair that me and Haeden used to love to spin in for hours.
"Hi Andrew." She never liked using my nickname, "So, you are going to be queen soon." Oh yeah even though I am the youngest, I am the daughter and in our kingdom only queens rule so it is actually a queendom.
"Yeah." I say.
"In order for you to become queen, you have to be married first."
"Aww, Mom! You know I am not interested in marrying." I say putting disgust into the word 'marrying'.
"Honey. I'm not getting any younger and you can not take my throne without being married. I have picked out a bunch of princes that you will meet."
"Fine." I groan, the last thing I want to do is get married.
"Wait. You didn't have Max come over because of... you know."
"Oops? Sorry?" She says.
"You didn't! Mom! You know I'm waiting for him."
"I know and I'm glad you have decided to wait for your mate, but still I am not getting younger." She firmly says, "If you don't find your mate soon, you are going to have to pick a chosen mate."
"Fine!" I sigh.
"Good. Now, I am holding a mate-party in a couple days. I also picked out a dress for you and Violett. After all, you both are going to be Queens."
"Thanks Mom." I turn, shutting the door behind me and run back upstairs and into my room.
"How'd it go?" Vio asked, laying on my king size bed.
"She wanted to tell me that I need to find a mate or pick a chosen one. She also is having a mate-party and has picked out our dresses and that you and your brother are here because Max is a potential mate for me and you could find your mate here too." I say, falling onto my bed.
"Yeash," Vio said, "At least we get free dresses!"
"Violett! We're getting gifted dresses from my mother.
"I know!"
"Crazy vampire."
"Am not!"
"Are too."
"Fine. If I'm crazy, you are the craziest vampire that has ever lived and will ever live!"
"How dare you!" I say before attacking her with tickles.
"Sttop... ittt... I ammm toooo ticklishhh."
"You are way too ticklish for your own good." I stop.
"I know."
"Are you excited to meet your mate?" I ask.
"Yeah! I can't wait, since I just turned 180, I'm now able to meet him."
"Yeah," I sigh, "Though I have already been searching for 2 years."
"Andy. 2 years is not a lot of time."
"I know, but I am getting old!"
"182 is not old! 1000 years old is old!" Vio scolds.
(They can live up to 1000 years, in human years they are only about 18.)
"So, is my mom old? She's 793 years old."
"Your Mom is old." She whispers, so my mom doesn't hear.
"Vio, she's been old since she turned 50!" I mumble back, before we both burst into laughter.
"QUIET DOWN GIRLS!" My mom yells, "We are going to have company."
"Company? Who's coming, Mom?" I ask.
"Queen Polli and her son Prince Adam."
"Ok." I sigh, Prince Adam is so snooty and rude. I pray that he is not my soulmate. I hope my mate is kind, considerate, loving and preferably smart.
Violett's stomach growls.
"Let's go get some food." I suggest.
"Yes, please!" Vio jumps up and runs to the door, "Race ya!"
She runs off, I smirk and chase after her.
"FOOD!" Violett yells.
"FOOOOOOOD!" I scream, racing past Vio and into the kitchen.
"Haha!" Vio runs in, "Aww,"
"Did you think that you won?" I smirk.
"Yeah." She pouts.
"Sorry, Princess. Guess I am faster than you." I shrug.
"But you love me." I smile.
"Unfortunately." She smirks.
"How dare you!" I yell.
"Just kidding," she smiles, "I love how much I love you."
"Aww! I love you too, bestie!" I hug her. She growls and snaps her teeth at me. I jump back.
"What?" I ask.
"I... need... FOOOOOD!" She yells.
"Oops, sorry." I say before walking into the pantry and pulling out peanut butter and tortilla. I pull out a bowl and cut the tortillas into little pieces and scoop a spoonful of peanut butter into it and mix it up.
"More peanut butter." Vio says sitting on a stool in front of the marble counter.
"Ok," I put in two more scoops of peanut butter and mix it up, "Better?"
"Yes." She says.
"Good," I grab two spoons and give Vio one. We head to the family room and plop on the couch.
"Wanna watch a movie?" I ask grabbing the remote.
"Sure." She eats a spoonful of the mix, "Yum!"
"Thanks! This is my favorite snack!" (A/N. I actually made this snack up, I have never had it before.)
"Well, it is delicious! Have you seen the new Alpaca movie?" (Made this up too.)
"No, but I've wanted to see it for a while." I say.
"Same!" Vio says grabbing the remote and turning on the TV and flipping through the movies.
"There." I point to the movie.
"Thanks," she clicks on the movie.
"No problem."
'Alpaca and the Stone of Lightning!' The movie says.
I look over at Violett, as she snores some more.
"Oh Vio." I grab the empty snack bowl and put it on the table. Grabbing a blanket, I put it on her and cuddle up next to Vio. My eyelids start to feel heavy before I fall asleep.
Unknown pov
"What if this does go according to plan?"
"It will, sweetheart. Trust me," I reply.
"Alright, I trust you."
"Eww, come on guys! That's gross," He says, gagging.
"Sorry, dude." I shake my head.
"Just get the kids and we'll be fine. I've already signed the paperwork. We have to check with a lawyer," She says.
"Hey, I'm a lawyer!" He pipes up again.
"Fine, sign here and here," I point on the page.
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