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9. When the Moores meet the Venicens.

Haeden’s pov
March 18, 2019

“Let’s.” Andy replied.

10 minutes later and we were leaving the palace. It took a long time for Andy to convince Kayden to stay with Alli at the palace. He finally stayed when Andy reminded him that if we aren’t alone Faith would die. I completely understand his thoughts ’cause if Andy was the one kidnapped I wouldn’t stop looking for my little sister.

“Haeden? Who do you think we are going to meet at 479?” Andy asks, bringing me out of my thoughts and back to the taxi.

“I have no idea, Andy.” She sighs and leans back into the seat. I look out the window and see houses passing us.

“We’re here.” The gruff voice of the taxi driver says. He points a crooked finger at a cheery yellow house with roses surrounding it, “479 Apple lane.” He says.

“Thank you, sir.” I say. I open the door.

“Of course, your highnesses.” He tips his head showing respect. We lock eyes. His deep red eyes showed that he was one of those vampires that drank a ton of blood even if they didn’t need it. Greedy vampire, disgusting. After noticing this, I wish I had said ‘Finally, idiot’ instead of ‘Thank you, sir’. We climb out of the taxi, the moment I slam the door shut he speeds off.

“Ridiculas Idiot.” I mumble.

“Huh?” Andy says.

“Nevermind, sis. Shall we getting going?” I point to the door that says ‘Welcome Friends’ in cursive. Something is off about this place. It is cheery. Too cheery. Like a child cartoon cheery.

“I guess so. It is way too cheery. Something’s going to happen. I can feel it.” Andy speaks my thoughts.

“I agree.” I take a deep breath and walk up the bright blue painted sidewalk. I take another deep breath and knock. The door opens to show.....

“Father?” We ask.

“Hello, kids.” Our father says.

Jamieson’s pov

30 minutes before Andy and Haeden arrive....

“Jamie! They are going to be here soon!” Mara yelled, “Clean up the house!”

“Ok, my love.” I started painting the house yellow, after I’m done I paint the sidewalk and plant roses. I then add a sticker saying ‘Welcome friends’ on the door. Since we have trees blocking us from our neighbors’ view, we won’t have to worry about them asking questions about our sudden decision to clean up the house. Mara and I decided that we would have the outside of the house very cheerful for when the kids get here, that way they can’t tell all the bad things that have happened here and will happen here.... yet.

Mara’s pov

After telling Jamie what to do, I head down to the basement through the fake wall that I disguised as a bookcase and put a charm on it so no one can smell it. We had to put this up so that Jamie’s kids don’t find out what we are keeping here.

“How’s my prisoner?” I snap at the masked guard. I flick on the lights for the cell.

“She’s fine, Ma’am.” He says.

“Good.” I walk past him to the cell where my prisoner and my husband’s prisoner lay.

“Get up, girl.” I yell. Both of the girls shakily stand up.

“What do you want, Witch?” My prisoner yells. The other one hides behind her.

“Show some respect. I could have you killed painfully and send the video to your mate and that would do the job finely. But yet you are still breathing, Omega.” I say, elaborating the words ‘mate’ and ‘omega’.

She glares at me but doesn’t say a word.

“Good girl.... dog.” I say, “Lay down like a good dog, Alexia.”

The dog growls but does as I say and lays down on the cot in the room.

"Good girl.” I snap and leave the basement flicking off the cell light.

Andy’s pov

“Hello, kids.” Our father says.

“What do you want?” I sneer. Mad at him for leaving us.

“I’m so sorry for leaving you kids.” He sighs, “I wouldn’t have left if I didn’t have to.”

“Well you did.” I growl.

“Why did you have to leave?” Haeden glares at him.

“I had to get away from Jennette, she doesn’t see the world the way I do and I never got along with her.”

"Mom never liked you either.” I snap.

“I know. We made a mistake marrying, but I do not regret having you two.”

“Then why did you leave us?” Haeden asks.

“I didn’t want to, I needed to leave her."

"Mom has a name, you know.” I say.

“I know, sweetheart. Let me try to explain my view of the world.”

“Fine.” Haeden says, I nod sharply.

“Your mother sees the world as perfect, women are better than men at everything. Ruling, fightly, parenting, everything. I see it as terrible, men make better decisions than women and therefore better rulers. I should have been King and not prince while your mother shouldn’t have ruled at all.”

“Mom was right, you are crazy and not in the right mind.” Haeden says.

“Yeah!” I yell, “Crazy and idiotic.”

“Jamie? Who’s here?” A woman calls from inside.

“My kids.” He replies.

“Oh!” She says and the door whips open to show a tall yet plump witch.

“Who is that?” Haeden snarls.

“This is Mara, my wife, your stepmother.”

We gasp.

“Hello, my step-children! Look at you, you’re so big!” Mara squeals and pinches Haeden’s cheeks. When she goes to pinch mine I smack her hand.

“Don’t touch me, Witch!” I yell.

“Don’t touch me or my sister.” Haeden says, smacking her hand again.

“Kids! Be nice!” Father yells. Mara starts to cry. I can tell that she was fake crying.

“She is my wife and now your stepmother. Show some respect. Would you do that to your mother?” He yells some more.

“Jamie, it’s ok. They didn’t mean to. Did you?” Mara touches his back and wipes back her ‘tears’.

“Of course we meant it!” I yell.

“Andrew.” I didn’t care. I was mad because he left us, because he remarried and because he is a physio idiot of a father. He already lost being my dad. Now he was going to lose being my father.

“No. Don’t you ‘Andrew’ me. You are a terrible father and a horrible person.” I yell. I don’t stop screaming at him and his wife.

“Andrew? Do you really want me to kill that little girl? And that werewolf?” Jamieson says clicking his tongue. His words stun me and remind me why we were here in the first place. Faith!

“Don’t you dare.” Haeden says.

“I dare.” He sneers.

“Good. The children actually care about someone.” The witch says.

“Now that you have hushed up, we have a proposal for you.” He says. I growl, but I won’t do anything that might get Faith killed.

“What is your proposal?” Haeden mimics Jamieson’s use of the word ‘proposal’.

“We suggest that you both live with us and we won’t kill the girl and wolf.” Mara smirks.

“You can’t do that. We are royal and I am going to be queen.” I say.

“Yes, well you are completely able to live with us and then become queen later. I’m sure your human mate won’t mind waiting to die.” He says coolly. How does he know about Kayden? We’ve known each other for like two days. Is it possible that Adam knew and told him? He would need proof other than the announcement. And what does he mean ‘waiting to die’?

“Not possible. You need a lawyer and judge’s approval.” Haeden says.

“Well, isn’t that nice.... we already do.” Mara snaps.

“Prove it.” I say. Mara turns and grabs something on the table behind her.

“There.” She shoves the paper in my face.

Mr and Mrs Jamieson Alexander Venicen have full rights to have Mr Venicen’s children, Andrew and Haeden Moore, live with them in their home at 479 Apple lane, Blood Moon queendom. Signed by Michael Conner Jeen.′ Michael? Michael Jeen? That name sounds very familiar?

Violett! Michael is her father. He left with Jamieson.

“Liar! This is a fake! Michael is not a lawyer nor a judge.” I yell.

“Andrew.” He clicks his tongue, “One word and they die. Painfully.”

“Don’t worry, honey. We are the only ones who know that this is a fake.” Mara smiles at me and takes the paper out of my hand.

“Liars. We will never live with you.” Haeden growls.

“Haeden. We have the upper hand here. Do you really want me to kill that sweet little girl and that stubborn, unsubmissive killer omega of a werewolf?” He whispered the last part. Oh man if Faith is with a killer of a werewolf, she’s going to die anyway. I wonder what an omega is? Probably some werewolf way to say ‘killer’ or ‘murderer’ or something like that.

“Fine.” I snap, “But don’t think for a second that we won’t make your life hard and challenging.”

“Good! Wouldn’t expect the least from you, daughter.” Jamieson says, “Now, come in. Come in.”

“What about our stuff?” I ask, letting the ‘daughter’ part slide.

“We’ll go shopping. After all, we don’t want you to go tattle talking, do we?” Mara says.

“No, we don’t.” Jamieson replies for us. They open the door wider and usher us in.

Inside it is broken down and has cheap stuff. There are a couple steps missing on the stairs to our left. To the right is an opening into a living room with a TV, couch, and two chairs. Everything doesn’t match in color or theme and they clearly bought the cheapest stuff possible. The couch is bright yellow. One chair is black and white checkered while the other is an ugly green with a big stain on the back. The TV is pretty cheap looking, too. The walls have no paint or decorations.

“Welcome home, Children.” Mara says, putting a hand on each of our shoulders and squeezing hard. I can just hear her evil smile.

Our time here is going to be bad... very bad.

Alexia’s pov

After Mara-buttface left, I had to explain some stuff to Faith.

‘What’s a mate?’ was her first question.

“A mate is a werewolf’s soulmate, you know who your mate is when you see them, touch them, smell them, and hear their voice. They look like the most beautiful or handsome person you have ever seen, you can feel sparks when they touch, they smell like your favorite scent, and their voice sounds like an angel. Their laughter makes you want to laugh, their cry makes you want to help them immediately, and when they are mad or jealous they are so cute. A mate is kind of like a vampire mate, you know?” I say.

“Oh yeah! That’s so cool! Do you have a mate?”

“Yes, he’s a Beta and his name is Rain. I miss him so much.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Faith sighs.

“It’s ok.”

“Ok, umm what’s an omega?”

“That’s my rank. It’s the lowest rank in a pack. We usually cook and clean.” I replied.

“Oh okay.”

“Any more questions?” I ask.

“Ummm, nope.” Faith pops the ‘p’. I laugh.

Mara’s pov

After settling in the kids, I headed to the gym in the house. I set up the punching bag and grab my gloves. I start by warming up then start to punch the bag.

‘Oh yeah.’ I think, ‘We are going to have fun with those kids. I love it when Jamie gets me new punching bags.’

I smirk and punch as hard as I can into the bag.


My bag splits at the bottom and sand starts pouring out.

‘Awww man. Guess I’m gonna need a new punching bag.... or two.’ I think, sarcastically.

‘Welp, guess those kids are going to be put to good use.’ I smile wide at my thoughts.

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