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10. Taken and left wounded

Rain’s pov
March 18, 2019

South-East Russia

It’s been 2 weeks since paradise and 1 since life became terrible. 2 weeks ago, my friend, Alexia, turned 18. When Alexia turned 18 we both found out that we were mates. Paradise. I had everything I ever wanted, I had a beautiful mate who happened to be one of my best friends, I had an amazing job as Beta of our pack, I had a loving mother and father who both accepted Alexia even though she was an omega, I had everything. Then, everything changed.

It was about 9 pm when we were attacked by rogues. Werewolves that had either been kicked out of their pack, their pack destroyed, or born into it. Most Rogues are evil, crazy, and can’t listen to anyone. These were different, they had come in groups of 20+ and had a leader. The leader wasn’t even a rogue, she was human... I think. She looked human and smelled human but didn’t act human. The patrol wolves were murdered with silver darts. They charged into the pack. After 20 minutes of battle and death, every guard and wolf that could fight were dead or were trapped in a rogue’s arms with a silver knife near their throat. Half the women and children had survived and were the same way. My dear Alexia was this way, too. The Alpha, Gamma and I were in front of the captured and had our arm tied with silver-laced ropes behind our backs, with a rogue each pointing a gun to our heads. If that wasn’t enough we had our mates suffering in front of us.

‘Hahaha! Look what we have here!’ The leader had said.

‘The Alpha, Beta and Gamma are all tied up in front of me, while their mates suffer in pain.’ She continued. We all had whimpered when she had mentioned our mates before growling at her.

She walked over to Luna and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her standing. We all growled as she touched Luna and then again as Luna whimpers in pain.

‘This is what you get for teasing me!’ The leader yells and yanks off her mask. Mara? The leader was Mara? My step-sister and witch?

‘Mara?’ The pack gasps.

‘Yeah? You should have thought about what you did to me BEFORE you did it, Brother.’ She spits in my face.

Then she takes a knife from a rogue nearby and cuts off Luna’s hair in one motion. It now looks like a guy’s hairstyle.

‘That’s for what you did to me!’ Mara yells. I vaguely remember that someone had done that to her. She then drops Luna and goes to Gamma’s mate, Ashley, Mara lifts her off the ground and takes the knife. She slits Ashley’s throat and her mate howls in pain. We howled with him, Ashley had been one of the sweetest innocent girls in the pack. Mara goes to Alexia.

‘Alexia!’ I had shouted, ‘Leave her alone!’

‘Alexia? What a pretty name for a dirty dog!’ Mara yelled.

Mara lifts the knife to Alexia’s throat, ‘NO!’ I yell.

‘Rain. Rain, I love you.’ Alexia said.

‘I love you too, Alexia.’ I replied, tears streaming down my cheeks. Instead of killing her, Mara hits Alexia hard with the bottom of the knife. Alexia falls unconscious. Mara tosses Alexia’s limp body into a truck and gets in the passenger side. The rogues drop their prisoners and get into the other trucks. They all drive away. One of the children hadn’t been tied and she now went around and cut free every one. Even Ashley’s dead body, where Gamma was holding her now.

‘I’m so sorry, Gamma.’ I said touching his shoulder.

‘Thank you.’ He whimpered to me and the child that had cut us free.

‘Luna? Are you ok? She didn’t hurt you, right?’ I asked her.

‘I’m fine, thanks Beta Rain.’ She had replied.

‘Your welcome, Luna.’ I smiled weakly and went around checking on the pack members. I then went to Alpha and Luna and begged to be allowed to search for my mate.

‘Please forgive me, Beta Rain. I, your Luna, command you to go home and wait until morning to search for your mate.’ Luna had commanded me. The whole pack had felt the power behind Luna’s order.

‘Yes, Luna.’ I had said, submitting to Luna.

I have been looking for Alexia ever since and 1 week later, I haven’t stopped looking for her. Luna has forced me to eat and sleep a couple times but other than that I have been up searching for her and what has happened to Mara all these years. Apparently she moved to North America and married. Other than that I have found nothing. Mrs Mara Venicen basically doesn’t exist. There is her move document and marriage certificate but other than that she doesn’t exist.

Every evening that Luna forced me to eat and sleep, I prayed to the Moon Goddess for Alexia’s safety and health. As more days have passed, a hole in my chest has grown bigger and bigger. My heart aches in pain with the thought of Alexia. I miss her so much, it’s not bearable. She must be returned soon, before I die of depression. The only thing that keeps me living is there is a chance that she’s not dead. My parents are worried sick about me. Luna is worried. Alpha is worried about me, his best friend. The Gamma has already died from the loss of his mate. Half the pack is dead. Families have been torn apart from the loss of mates, fathers, mothers, grandparents and children. The pack is trying our hardest. We’ve given up about half of our land because we don’t have people to care for it and live on it. We’ve gotten money and food from ally packs. Luna’s hair had been cut roughly, so she had to fix it by cutting it all off. She’s been wearing wigs and hats to hide her baldness. We are trying. Trying to find Alexia, trying to pull the pack back together, and trying to stay happy and positive. The children are scared and sad. We will not give up though.

We are a pack. We are a family. We are the Determined Wolf Pack.

Alexia’s pov

We were supposed to die 2 hours ago. I have no idea what is going on or if maybe I calculated the time wrong.

“What time is it, masked dude?” I scream at the top of my lungs.

“7:17 pm, now shut your pretty little mouth of yours before I shut it for you and maybe break your jaw while I’m at it!” He yells.

I shut my mouth. I wouldn’t mind having him come here so I can punch out his teeth but the silver hurts.

If it is 7:17 and Faith came here at 1 this afternoon and woke up at 1:30 it is way past the 4 hour death time. Maybe Rain found me. Maybe the pack or what is left of it is fighting outside right now. Let’s just keep hope.

Kayden’s pov

It’s been almost 6 hours since Andy and Haeden left the palace. Alli and I are getting ready to go after them. If they aren’t back by morning, we are going to Apple lane. With back up, of course. Don’t worry, Andy, we are coming for you guys soon. I hope we just aren’t too late.

Andy’s pov

It’s now past 7 pm and we haven’t eaten anything. Mara has given us a couple knuckle sandwiches, when Jamieson isn’t there. I don’t know if he disagrees with Mara hitting us or if she wants us to think he is safe. The first time she hit me, I punched her in the gut. She cried and yelled to Jamieson that I was beating her up, even though it was only one punch and it was self-defense. She’s a monster and a witch. We’ve made their lives terrible but so has the Witch.

“Andrew? Andrew sweetheart? Can you come here, please honey?” The witch calls.

“No.” I say.

“I need to get you sized for clothes.” She replies.

“Andrew. Go to your Stepmother.” Jamieson says.

“Fine.” I snap and stomped up the stairs to her torture room aka her bedroom.

“There you are, baby. Come in to get sized.” She says, closing the door behind me.

“You, awful child. You can’t do anything.” She growls and slaps my face and slams me into the corner of the closet. My head bangs against it and I can feel blood dripping down my head. I take in a deep breath. I smell my blood and something else. It’s a potion, I realize. It must be a strength potion or something because Mara is stronger than I remember.

“Be good and get out of my room!” She screamed then kicked me in the chest. I stumble out of her room and fall down the stairs. I barely see my brother help me up and carry me into our closet bedroom below the stairs. The multiple holes in the floor allow us to see who is coming up or down the stairs. If any more were to break they would come down on us.

Haeden’s pov

After getting Andy in our room and on the only bed, she falls asleep. I sit at the tiny desk and tap my fingers. Soon I’m too tired to fight the sleep and I lay down on the holey cot that can slide under the bed to make more room. We have decided that we would take turns sleeping in the stiff hard bed and the holey cot. We had just one pillow and one giant blanket that was so ripped that we had ripped it into two pieces. We also decided that whoever was on the cot would get the yellowing pillow.

Andy must have woken up because she said, “Good night Haeden.”

“Night Andy.” I reply before turning over and falling into a restless sleep.

Jamieson’s pov

We have the kids here. Now we just have to convince them to be on our side. And we haven’t started out too good. They hate us and we are now keeping them here because we threatened to kill a little girl and werewolf. I can’t even kill the werewolf because she is Mara’s prisoner. She has a grudge on her stepbrother and decided to hurt him by hurting his mate. She is a little crazy when it comes to grudges.

Not only do the kids hate me but they think that we are physio idiots. They just don’t understand. Their mother has ruined their thoughts. Influenced by a physio to think that I’m a physio. We’ll have to change that. Change their thoughts and feelings.

First, though, we will have to break them. Then we’ll put them back together.

Mara’s pov

Jamieson reminded me that we’re going to break the kids before putting them back together the right way and fix their thoughts about us. Jamie will be putting them back together.

Breaking them is my part and it’s going to be fun!

Wahahaha! Just kidding. But it will be fun.... for me, not the kids though.

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