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11. Rescue Mission

Kayden’s pov
March 19, 2019

It’s now 8:30 in the morning and they haven’t returned.

“Kayden, We are getting ready to move out... You coming?” Alli calls from outside my room.

“Yeah, just give me a sec,” I shout back.

In the couple of hours that Andy and Haeden have been gone, Alli and I have become great friends. Anyway, we have gathered up twenty spies that are fully trained in battle, lying, and being ninjas (Oh yeah!). We are now walking out of the palace. The plan was that Alli and I were going to take a taxi to 479 Apple lane, while the spies ran there in secret. Everyone would get in position, with Alli ringing the doorbell, I was going to wait it out since there was a good chance that a dangerous vampire would come to the door. The spies would break in at various times and snoop around.

I tie on sneakers and race downstairs to the foyer, where I met Alli at the door.

“Ready for this?” She asks.

“Was born ready.” I smile. She smirks.

“Let’s go then, human.” She says.

“Let’s go, vampire.” I replied.

Outside, the taxi is waiting for us.

“Didn’t y’all just get here?” The driver says. I look up to see the vampire who had driven us from Vampire Kiss to here.

“Ya, we’re meeting the others,” Alli says.

“Where to?” He asks.

“479 Apple lane,” I say.

“That creepy place? Whatever you say, kid.”

I exchanged glances with Alli. We’re probably thinking the same thing, ‘Creepy? That’s not good.’

When we get there we are shocked, because the house is bright yellow and very cheery.

“That is not the house I remember,” The driver said frowning.

“Hmm... maybe they updated it?” I offer.

“I was just down this street a couple of days ago and it was ugly. Whew,” he sighs.

“Oh, well.” Alli says.

We climb out of the taxi and wave as Mr Driver drives off.

“Well, let’s get into position,” Alli says.

“Ok,” I go over and squeeze into the bushes.

“Good, you guys made it,” the leading spy says from the bush next to me.

“Ya, Is everyone in position? Alli is going to ring the bell soon,” I reply.

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s get ready then.”

He pulls out a whistle and blows lightly into it. It makes a bird sound. In answer to it there are ten more whistles and since everyone is in a group of two, that means that all twenty spies are ready. They are also in two different teams. There are 5 teams of two in each team. The leader doesn’t count as a spy.

Ding... Dong... Alli rings the bell.

The leader, hearing the bell, whistles twice. Team one creeps out and slips into the house.

“Who are you?” A female voice asks.

“I’m Princess Alli Neena,” Alli says.

“Oh, forgive me your highness. I haven’t been here long and don’t know the Royals,” the voice says, “Forgive me.”

“You are forgiven. I’m here to inspect the house. My mother, the queen, has been told that this house isn’t safe. So she sent me here to see for myself.”

“Of course, your Highness. Come on in.”

“Thank you.”

“Jamie? Jamie, The princess is here to check the safety of our house.”

“Alright, Mara. I’ll be right there,” a male voice calls from deep inside the house.

The next set of spies go in. We wait for them to come back.

After 10 minutes of waiting, a single spy slips back out and drops into the bush near us.

“Sirs,” the spy says, “There is a fake wall that leads to a basement. There are two people in a room while one stands guard. Also there are two people in a closet. A tiny one under the stairs.”

“Thank you, pumpkin.”

“Of course, sir.” He runs off.

“Pumpkin?” I ask.

“We all have secret names based on how we hid in training. Pumpkin hid in a jack-o-lantern.”

“Oh, that’s cool. So what do you think we do next?”

“Next, we are going to snoop around the closet and basement,” the leader says and blows the whistle hard.

All the spies sneak out one by one.

“Next, we are going to look more into the closet and basement. Team one basement. Two, closet. Go go go.” The leader whispered.

Team one ran off again, with team two a few seconds later.

Pumpkin’s pov

After telling Boss and the kid what we found, Boss tells us to go back in and check it out. I’m in team two. We slip in through the window in the female’s bedroom and head to check who is in the closet. We weren’t sure, because we had used heat monitors to check. My team was volunteering to check out the hole in the floorboards. My teammate, Sugar, and I slip silently out of the bedroom. I go down two stairs and peek into the room. I use sign language to tell Sugar that there are two kids, a male and female, sitting on a lumpy bed.

“Haeden? I miss Kayden.” The female says. I sign her words to Sugar.

‘Do you think it is them?’ Sugar signs back.

‘Hold on...’

“I know, Andy. I miss Alli too. And Kayden.”

‘Yes, it’s them. Princess Andrew and Prince Haeden are here.’ I sign.

‘Ok, let’s go tell the others then tell the Boss and the kid.’ Sugar signs. We slip back into the room.

‘So?’ A teammate asks.

‘Princess Andrew and Prince Haeden are under the stairs. They seem to be locked in.’ I sign to them.

‘Let’s go tell Boss. You and Sugar can do it, that way if he gives us directions, we are already here.’ The leader of team one signs.

‘Yes, sir.’ I sign and Sugar slips out of the window. I squeeze out behind her. We run for the bushes.

“What did you find, Pumpkin? Sugar?” Boss asks.

“Princess Andrew and Prince Haeden are under the stairs. They seem to be locked in.” I answer.

“Andy is here?” The kid asks.

“Ya, they were talking about how they missed Kayden and Alli. Do you know them?”

“I’m Kayden and Alli came with us.”

“Oh,” I whisper.

“Pumpkin. You are to break the Highnesses out and sneak them out.” Boss says.

“Yes, sir.” Sugar and I say. We ran back to the house.

Slipping back inside, I sign, ‘Boss said to break them out.’

‘Ok.’ My teammates sign.

We sign out jobs for everyone. My job was to lead the Highnesses up the stairs. Sugar’s job was to pick the lock and lead them to me. Everyone else was either a lookout or a leader.

Andy’s pov

Clink... clink...

Something bangs lightly into the door. The door suddenly opens and a young vampire stands there dressed in casual clothes.

“Come on. We are getting you out of here. Be quiet.” She whispers and jesters for us to come.

I look at Haeden and we have a silent conversation about whether we should go. I nod and he nods back. We then followed the vampire to the stairs where another vampire waited.

“Come.” He says. We head up the stairs, meeting another guy who leads us to Mara’s bedroom. The three lead us to the window where two vampires wait below.

“Jump down,” The female vampire whispers.

I take a deep breath and jump. Haeden follows behind me. The five of us meet up with five more around the corner. We then run to the bushes.

“Andy!” A very familiar voice says as we duck into the bushes.

“Kade!” I run to him and yank him into a hug.

“You came for us,” I whisper.

“Yeah, couldn’t leave you guys behind.”

Slam! The front door slammed shut. Kayden jumps a mile high.

“It’s just Princess Alli.” An older vampire says near Kayden. I just realized that I didn’t know him.

“Princess Andrew. I’m glad you are safe. I’m the Boss. Kayden and Princess Alli asked me to have my spies find you.” He bows.

The other spy vampires bow too.

“Well, thank you for rescuing me and Haeden.”

“You are both very welcome,” he says, bowing his head slightly.

“Sir? Highnesses.” A vampire comes up and bows to us before turning to the boss.

“We looked into that fake wall that hid the basement, and there is two prisoners. Both are female. One human and one werewolf.”

“Faith.” Kade and I say.

“Ok, Star. Try to rescue them. It will be hard with the princess no longer detracting them.”

“Haeden!” Alli comes running and jumps into Haeden’s arms.

“Yes, sir.” Star says and runs off.

“Team one, go home. I will stay with team two. Princess Alli? Do you and Prince Haeden mind going with them?”

“No, we will go with,” Alli says.

“Ok, move out!”

“Rescue Faith and the werewolf.” Alli says before running off with Haeden and the spies.

Two vampires and a woman come running back from the house.


“Sir, they caught us. We are the only survivors. We managed to get the werewolf out but the human was taken. They knew we were coming.”

“What?!” The boss yells.

“Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine. We will have a funeral tomorrow for the spies.”

“You are the werewolf?” I asked the woman who looked tired and scared.

“Yes, Ma’am. My name is Alexia. Faith and I were sleeping when Mara came down and took Faith out. She was mumbling something about being asked to do this and that.” Alexia says sadly.

“You cared for Faith?” I ask.

“Yes, she reminded me of my little brother who was killed by Mara.” She says before explaining her story.

“Oh wow.”

“Thank you for caring for my sister.” Kade says.

“You’re welcome.” Alexia says.

The spies headed home and we ran with Alexia’s wolf, Snow, back to the palace.

When we got there, Haeden and Alli were sitting on the ground staring, shocked, at their phones.

“Haeden?” I call.

“Andy, it is Faith. I’m so sorry.” Haeden says, handing me his phone. Kayden and I look at it seeing a video posted on the Vampire news in North America site. I hit play.

‘Hello, vampires,’ Jamieson’s voice says from behind a mask, ‘I would like to let you all know that a 6 year old little girl by the name of Faith, had been kidnapped yesterday afternoon and would have been returned unless someone met me. The deal was they would move in with me and my wife and we would let Faith go. They met up with me and my wife but left this morning. Unfortunately for Faith and anyone that knows her, umm.... well let’s show you the photo.’

A photo of Faith covers the screen, she has her eyes closed and has a knife in her stomach. Blood is dried on her shirt and pants where it had dripped down.

‘There you have it. Faith’s life has ended a little too soon.’ The video finished.

“Faith,” I whimpered. Kayden sits down on the step. He whimpers loudly.

“FAITH!! NOOOO!” Kayden yells. The tears start streaming down our faces.

“Faith.” My voice cracks. Haeden sits next to me and wraps his arms around me. Alli does the same to Kade.

Faith’s pov

Just before her death....

Alexia was still asleep with her arms wrapped around me.

“Get up!” The woman who came in earlier yells.

I stand up, as Alexia wakes up and gets up.

“You. Come with me.” She pointed towards me.

“No, leave her alone. Take me instead.” Alexia yells.

“No, I need her.” She opens the door and hits Alexia hard in the head.

“Faith, let’s go.” She says. I follow her to a different part of the basement. In the new room is a chair with chains.

“Sit, child.” She says smiling slightly.

I sit down and she locks me in. Now I am scared.

“You... you aren’t going to hurt... me, are.. you?” I cry out.


“But I will.” A deep voice says, walking into view. A vampire. I start to cry and shake.

“Don’t worry. It will only take a minute.” He says.

He shoves a piece of cloth into my mouth and ties it around my head. I tried to spit it out, but he already tied it. He pulls out a knife. My eyes widen. Before I can do anything, he plunges it into my stomach. I try to yell or scream, but nothing comes out. My eyes slowly close and...

Andy’s pov

After a few minutes of crying, anger replaces my sadness. Revenge is all I can think about. Revenge and a nice funeral for Faith. She deserves it.

Poor Faith and poor Kayden. I feel bad for his parents. Poor Sandes.

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