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12. Tears

Andy’s pov
March 19, 2019

15 minutes since the video release...

Kayden has been in his parents’ guest bedroom comforting his dad from the loss of Faith. When Mary passed out when we told them about Faith, the minute we left she started seizing. She was immediately brought to the hospital. There she had a heart attack and passed away early this morning. I had told Kade that I was sorry to hear about his mom, but he said ‘It is fine, she’s had heart problems her whole life. She wasn’t a very good mom anyway. She was always drunk till she had Faith and she still didn’t care about me after. I’m gonna go comfort my dad, see ya later.’ Wow, just wow, I am sad that Mary didn’t care about Kayden. He deserves a awesome mom. After Kayden leaves, I head inside where Haeden and Alli were chatting on the couch.

“How’s Kayden?” Haeden asks as I enter the room.

“Fine, sad about Faith and worried about Josh. His mom wasn’t the best.”

“Oh. Alli? I’m going to talk with Andy, ok?”

“Sure,” Alli leaves the room.

“Sit,” Haeden pats the couch, “Andy, I think we should atta...”

“Attack his home?” I cut Haeden off.

“Ya, I would have said Mr and Mrs Venicen but his home works just as good.”

“Good. I’ve been waiting for some revenge,” I growl.

I rub my hands together. Sweet, sweet revenge. I smile at the thought. Revenge, what a wonderful word.

Alexia’s pov

After watching Faith’s death over the girl called Andy’s shoulder, I can’t help but feel awful for the poor child. She was six years old and had her whole life ahead of her. I also can’t help feeling that it was my fault that she died. I should have protected her more. Should of attacked Mara. Should have died for her.

“Alexia? Correct?” I look up to see the queen.

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Don’t bother, Alexia. You’re a werewolf, not a vampire. Anyway, my daughter and I have decided to let you go home freely with all expenses paid. First class plane of course. ”

My jaw drops. Did I hear that correctly? Free first class plane ride home? I could see Rain again.

“Thank you Ma’am. How... how could I ever repay you?”

“No need. Have a good trip home,” and with that she turns and walks back inside the palace.

Wow. Just wow. Rain! Home! Free! Yay!

Mara’s pov

“Mara. The... ah... reinforcements are going to be here soon. Shipped all the way from Russia.”

“Oooo... will my fur be here soon too?” I smile, remembering the pictures of my coat.

“Umm yes?” I barely hear the questioning in his voice. Whatever, I think. Returning my thoughts to the coat.

“Ah, Mara?” Jamieson asks.

“What?” I snap.

“Your coat? Your coat is here?”

“Yay!” I run down the stairs and rip open the box by the door. I pull out a ripped ragged and stained cheetah print coat. It is ugly and isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a million dollar fake polar bear fur coat with white buttons.

“Jamie! Did you change my order?” I scream.

“Ah? Maybe? Honey, we couldn’t afford it.” He starts blabbering.

“JAMIESON.” I scream at the top of my lungs.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! But we don’t have enough money to be spent on foolish items.”


“Mara. I didn’t mean that. I.. I was just saying that we need to spend the little money we have on important things and focus on the goal of becoming king.”

“King? What about me??” I shriek.

“Of course there is my beautiful wife and wonderful Mara. Queen Mara of the world.” Jaimeson smiles as he thumps down the steps. All of that and I believed him... until I saw him take a deep breath and hold it as I answer.

“Thank you,” I smile as he sighs in relief, “But, I saw through your disguise.” I frown. His eyes widen, He starts to speak. I put a hand to his mouth, “You are a lying cheat. You were going to kill me after we got the throne, weren’t you?”

I give him no time to answer and slip out the knife I always keep on hand. “Good bye, Jamieson.” And with one fluid motion, I slit his throat.

“Eww, blood!” I wipe my hands on his shirt.

Andy’s pov

Haeden and I have gathered Alli and Kayden in the living room.

“Ok, Andy and I have decided that Faith deserves revenge. We are going after the Venicens. They are going to be taken down and put behind bars. They are physio and can’t be left alone any longer. Alli and I are going to enter in the back and grab them from the behind. Andy is going to break in through the window and detract them. No killing. No blood. Just taking and leaving. No evidence. Knock them out and put ’em in the car. Kade?”

“I know. I have to stay here. What a wonderful speech, Haeden.” Kayden sighs.


“Kayden, you won’t have to stay behind forever. When this is over it will be alright. We won’t have to leave without you,” I pat his shoulder. He smiles lightly.

Nodding his head, Kade says, “Ok. Go on.” He pretended to shoo us away.

“Wow, feeling the love, Kade. Feeling the love.” Haeden clasps his heart in fake agony.

Kayden laughs and just shakes his head, “Get outta here.”

“See you soon!” I yell, waving back to him as we run out.

Kayden’s pov

I watch as Andy, Alli, and Haeden run out of the living room and towards Apple lane. I then turn and immediately search the castle for Queen Polli. I find her in her library.

“May I enter, your majesty?”

“Sure, Kayden.”

“Thank you, my Queen.”

“You are very welcome, what do you want to talk about?”

“How did you know that I wanted to talk?”

“It is all over your face. Now what’s up?”

“I was wondering if there is a way to become a vampire?” I ask, twiddling my thumbs.

“Is that what you wanted to ask?” She laughs, “Of course. There is two ways for a vampire to exist: one they are born and two they are bitten. Princess Andrew is a born-vampire and I am a bitten vampire. I used to be human just like you. So of course there is a way. I took that way. But, you have to be one million percent sure. There is no going back. Do you want to be a vampire because of Andrew?”

“Well, yes, but I also want to protect myself.”

“Be careful with your mate. I became a vampire so I could be with my mate, but he had lied. He didn’t love me, he only said that it was impossible for us to be together because I was human. Eventually I did get over Jamieson and married and...”

“Jamieson? Your mate is Jamieson? What about Queen Jennette?”

“Yes, Jamieson is my mate. He rejected me for Jennette. Which I never understood, they both hated each other but whatever.”

“Oh, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be, if he hadn’t rejected me Andrew and Haeden wouldn’t have been born nor would have I found my husband, James.”


“Well, hurry along child. They should be back soon.”

I nod and leave the old queen in her chair. I head back to the living room to wait for them to return.

Haeden’s pov

Just after they left....

We just reached 479 Apple lane and are now in position. Andy gives me a nod and runs to the front of the house. Alli positions herself at the front of the dining room window and I do the same at the kitchen window. I hold out fingers for Alli and count down, 3... 2... 1... SMASH! At the same time all three of us smash through our windows and break into the house.

Heading immently for the stairs, I breath in as deep as possible. Nothing. I meet Andy at the stairs.

“There is no scent younger than 10 minutes. They left.” I shake my head. Andy growls.

“Let’s keep looking, just in case the witch put down a spell or something.”

“Good idea.”

Alli rounds the corner and shakes her head, “Nothing in the dining, kitchen or living room.”

“Nothing in the cupboard. Alli check the basement with Haeden. I’ll check upstairs.” Andy says.

“No, we can’t contact each other if something goes wrong. You go with Alli to the basement and I’ll go upstairs.” I reply.

“Fine, come on.” Andy says.

“Updates every second.” Alli yells after me before chasing after Andy down the stairs, that once had been hidden.

“Ok, heading upstairs now.”

“Heading downstairs,” Alli mate-links me back.

(This next part is just going to be in mate-link. There is no pov.)

No pov (just what you would hear on the link.)

“Nothing in the bathroom up here.”

“Nothing in the cell.” Alli links.

“Nothing in the closet.” Haeden links back.

“Nothing in the hallway.”

“Nothing in the master bedroom.”

“Nothi.... Wait. What is that?”

“What is it, Alli?”

“*gasp* Haeden? Haeden, it’s.. it’s... Fa...Faith’s bo...body..”

“Faith’s body? Alli? How’s Andy doing?”

“She’s... just as shocked as I am. And mad.”

“Ok, We’ll take her home. I’ll quickly finish up here then meet you guys by the stairs, ok?”


Haeden’s pov

After checking Mara’s bedroom and bathroom and finding nothing different, I run downstairs to find Alli and Andy lugging Faith’s body back upstairs. I help them, by picking up Faith. Faith is in sweatpants and a polka dot shirt, but it is covered in blood and her face is as pale as a sheet of paper. When I saw her in the video she had pink cheeks, seeing her now makes her death even more real.

"Let's get her home," I frown as I see the knife still in her tiny body. I leave it there for now. Promising myself that when we got back to the palace I would have her cleaned up and the knife removed.

20 minutes later...

After explaining that they weren't here to the driver we had hired to drive the two unconscious Venicens to prison, we had hoped into the car and rode back with Faith.

I open my door and exit the car carrying Faith with me. I go immediately to the hospital knowing that they could clean her up for her funeral. The doctor gives me a confused look when I say that she was dead and needed to be cleaned up for the funeral. The doctor rolls her eyes and takes Faith from me and rushes to the ER.

Doctor's pov

I grab the little girl from the Prince and run to the ER. He was crazy. Saying about how she was dead and wanted me to 'clean her up' for the 'funeral'. Thankfully the Prince didn't follow me. I hook up the girl to the heart machine and give her a drip. Carefully I remove the knife and stitch her up. I change the drip to a blood bag and wait.

Another 20 minutes later...

I smile at my work and run back to the waiting room where the Prince is waiting. I smile again and whisper into his ear. His eyes widen in disbelief. I nod and he runs past me to the little girl's room.

Haeden's pov

As I run, I realize the doctor wasn't following me. She probably lied, but I didn't care I run faster. I bolt into Faith's room. I smile as I see her. I race back out and find Kayden in the living room with Andy and Alli. They must have told him about us finding Faith. I pick up Kayden and run back into Faith's room.

"Hey! What was that for, Haeden?" He says. Alli and Andy run in behind me.

"Yeah, Haeden. Why'd you do that?" They ask.

"That's why." I point at Faith.

Kayden's pov

"That's why." Haeden points at the bed. I realize now that we were in the ER room of the palace.

I turn slowly to what he was pointing at. My whole world stops as four words are hoarsely whispered, "Kayden! I missed you!" My eyes lock with the lime green ones I never thought I would see open again.


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