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13. Mine.

Andy’s pov
March 19, 2019

“How long has he been out?” I ask.

“3 hours. Kayden has been in a coma 3 hours. The doctor thinks that it was too much for him to see Faith’s body especially with the blood.” Haeden says.

“I agree. She was covered in a ton of blood and with that nasty knife wound.” I sigh and sit in the chair next to Kayden’s hospital bed.

We had brought home Faith and found Kayden asleep in a chair in the living room. Alli had woken him up for us and we showed him Faith’s body so he could say goodbye. He had fainted and the doctor had corrected us, he had gone into a coma. Now he laid on a hospital bed, a slight smile on his face, in a coma.

“I’m going to get Faith ready for her funeral.” I stand and leave the room.

Finding Faith in the hospital bathing room, I grab some soap and a cloth. I clean up her wound and wash her gently. I smile when I see the dress that Polli had picked out. It was a beautiful gray long sleeve dress with lace flowers.

(This is the dress.)

I carefully dress her and slip on stockings and light gray shoes. The dress helps cover the wound and since I wrapped her stomach with bandages, no blood will seep into the dress.

Kayden's pov

"Faith? I missed you so much!" I yell from her bed. I cuddle my little sister.

"I know." She smiles.

"What happened? How are you alive?"

"I'm not. I died. You are in a coma. This is your imagination."

"Faith. Stop. You are alive and well. You are right here. I can feel you." I smile lightly at her joke.

"I'm not joking, Kade. I really am dead. My body is being cleaned at this moment by Andy." She says.

I look around. No one was with us. I look back at Faith, she had changed. She was now in a beautiful gray dress and had stocking and shoes.

"Shoes? Why are you wearing shoes and are all dressed up?"

"This is what Andy put me in."

"Liar. You aren't Faith," I stand and back away from her, "you look like my Faith but you are too grown up. Not right. You are a fake... you... you..."

Haeden's pov

I took Andy’s spot after she left. About twenty minutes later and Kayden's heart beat thumps louder and faster. He starts flapping around. Two doctors run in.

"Move. He's seizing. His heart is going to stop." One says.

"Get the machine." The other yells. He grabs two things and rubs them together.

"Clear!" He shouts as Kayden's heart stops and the heart machine makes a long beep.


It doesn't stop. It just continues and continues. The doctor shoves the paddles on Kayden's chest. His chest throws up.


"CLEAR!" He shouts again and pushes the paddles in a different position on Kade's chest.


His body jumps again.

"Do CPR." One says and then runs to me.

"He us not going to make it. There is one thing we can do. We could turn him."

"I have to talk to his mate. Be right back." I turn and sprint faster than I ever have. I find Andy on the steps coming up from the morgue.

"Kayden. His heart stopped. Do you want him turned?" I barely mange to get out, with my heart beating 30 per minutes the fasted it has in a while.

"I don't know if he wants that." Andy says.

"He does, hon. He came and asked me about it." Queen Polli comes around the corner.

"Ok," we start to run back, "Thank you, Polli!" Andy shouts.

We reach the hospital faster than I had left.

"2 seconds. I'm a little out of shape." Andy says as we burst into Kayden's room.

"Change him!" I yell.

"I want to do it." Andy says.

"Yes, your highnesses." The doctor bows his head and turns to Kade.

"Stop the CPR. Get ready for a turn."

Andy’s pov

"Yes, sir." The second doctor turns and shuts off the heart machine and oxygen.

"10 seconds." He says, "Get ready, Princess Andrew."

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... NOW." I bite.







"Andy?" A voice whispers.





"ANDY?" The voice yells. I kick whom ever said that. Leave me alone with my blood! I think.



"Oww! Andrew. It's Haeden. You're going to kill him. You are going to kill Kayden!"


Kayden? Haeden? Oh man. I immediately open my mouth and let go of Kade. I lick the wound.

"Andy?" Haeden asks.

"Oh man. Kayden! I almost killed him myself." I look over Kade. He was slightly pale but other then that he looked fine. He breathed normally and had his eyes closed gently. He looked asleep.

"Shh. It's ok. You didn't kill him. He's fine. He will be a vampire soon enough."

A vampire? Oh. Vampire. I was trying to make Kayden a vampire.

As that thought sinks in, so do worries.

"What if he didn't want to be a vampire? What if he hates me after? What if he becomes bad? What if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he..."

"Andrew. He will be fine and he will love you. Go see Alli. If you are anywhere near him during the transformation, you might mess up his change. Go."

And with that I have been kicked out of my mate's hospital room. I take one long look at my mate. His wavy brown hair splayed on the bed. His closed green eyes would have matched the forest green walls perfectly. I turn and run out. Heading for one place.

Queen Polli's office.

As you may have noticed, none of the palaces have throne rooms. That's because we are very casual and don't want to scare the few humans who live here still. Palaces or castles are just huge mansions that us royalty live in. It has all the normal stuff, living rooms, dining rooms, libraries and offices, bedrooms and kitchens. The only thing that is relatively scarce is bathrooms. Vampires don't have to use the bathroom. Obviously we have to take showers and baths. The only bathroom with a toilet is right by the kitchens and servants room. Since they are usually human. I mean we do have vampire chefs and cleaners but we also have human cooks and human maids. Though we don't have a lot of humans.

Our queendom has about 50 humans and 10 million vampires, including us. And with 5 total queendoms, Vampire Kiss, Blood Moon, and finally Blood Kiss, there was also Moon queendom and Risen queendom but they both are very tiny with no humans and about 200 vampires each.

I reach Queen Polli's office. I knock twice.

"Come in," she says. I open the door to find her sitting in a chair by a window, overlooking the garden, at a beautiful wood desk. I walk in, shutting the door behind me. Careful not to run into the huge floor to ceiling bookcases, I sit in a beanbag next to her desk.

"Hello Andrew. Nice to see you again."

"Hello, Queen Polli. If you don't mind, you can call me Andy. Its nice to see you again too."

"Sure, Andy. Call me Polli. Queen Polli is too formal for family."


"Of course, you are the sister to my daughter's mate. You are family. Now, I assume you are here because Kayden is being changed?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, we might be here for a while. What do you want to do?"


Haeden's pov

Andy turns and leaves. I sigh.

"Go on. Finish the process." I tell the doctors.

They nod and turn back to their work. I sit down on one of the chairs. The hospital room was very nice. Forest green walls, sunset orange ceiling, and light yellow chairs. I promise myself that when Kayden leaves, I'll find out who decorated the rooms and complement them.

"Prince Haeden? Sir?"

"Yes, doctor?" I say, looking up to see the elder doctor.

"His transformation is done. We just have to wait."

"Thank you. How long?"

"Umm, about an hour to three hours, sir."

"Thank you."

He bows and leaves the room. The younger doctor is hooking Kayden back up to the heart monitor. He bows deep and leaves.

I walk over to Kade. He has a small mark from where Andy bit him. His wrists have small cuts. He has been tied down to the bed.

His wrists have been cut, because the oxygen will get in his blood and help with the transformation. There are two parts of the transformation, the first is mental and internal. The bite gave him a little bit of the poison in our blood. Once it reaches his heart, it will speed up to about 200 beats per minute. This is spread the poison. Then it will slow dramatically and start making more poison. His brain will add information from the poison and give him the instincts of a vampire. Then part two will kick in, his body will pale slightly. He will get more muscle. He might get a few inches taller. His teeth will store poison and will sharpen slightly.

He'll become one of us. A vampire.

1 and a half hours later...

"Sir?" A voice wakes me.

"What is it?" I ask the doctor who was now standing in front of me.

"He is almost done, sir. He is just finishing up the second part. I figured you might want to be up when he wakes."

"Oh, thanks."

"Of course, Prince Haeden." The doctor bows his head and moves to beside Kayden. His skin was already pale. He was at least 6'2" now. Which went nicely with Andy's 5 feet 4 inches.

Kade's eyes started to flutter. He was waking up. His eyes snap open. His green eyes momentarily red, they flashed black then red before settling back to his green.

"What... happened?" He groans and rubs his head.

"You went into a coma, about 5 hours ago. Then about 2 hours ago you started having seizures. The only way to save you was..." I take a deep breath, "turn you into a vampire."

"I'm... I'm a... vampire?" Kade asks.


He looks at himself.

"I'm paler!" He says.

"Yes, did you really think that all vampires wouldn't be? It is really cool when the human that turns is very tan, tan looks so neat with the pale," one of the doctors says.

"Now that I think about it, nope. I assumed all vampires were paler then humans."

"Alright. Doc? Can I speak with you?"

"Sure," the elder doctor follows me into the hallway, "What's up?"

"I was wondering if he could see his mate?"

"Of course. Mates just aren't allowed to be in the same room as the process is taking place. Mates are very protective and as the second part is taking place, it sometimes is painful and if a mate was to be there they would try to stop the pain. That might ruin the process and could kill the changing person."

"Ok, thank you Doctor?"

"Doctor Ryder Kellen. I was at your mate party and that is where I met my mate, May. That's how I know you and Princess Andrew."

"Oh! Yeah! I remember my mother announcing you and your mate."

"Yes, go get Princess Andrew. I'm sure she is dieing to see Kayden."

"Ok. See you soon!"

"See you."

I turn and sprint down the hall, trying to find Andy’s scent. I slow down as I catch a wiff of her and Queen Polli in her office.

I knock slowly.

"Come in, Haeden." Andy calls out.

"Hey," I open the door, "He is done with the transformation."

"Really?" Andy stands from a beanbag and takes off towards the hospital room.

I sigh, shaking my head. More running! Ugh! I chase after Andy.

"Kayden!" She yells. I reach the door, seeing Andy run into the room.

"Mate." Kayden's head snaps up and their eyes lock.

"Kade! Mate." She slowly walks towards the bed. Kade was having none of that and bolted out of bed and pulled Andy in a hug. They just stand there in the middle of the room, hugging. I smile and leave the room, going to find my mate.

Kayden's pov

Haeden leaves the room. I just stand here hugging my mate. I no longer feel scared about the whole mate thing. I finally understand. Andrew is mine. Mine. She's my world. She could ask for anything and I would try to get it for her. She. Is. My. Everything. Couldn't ask for more. As much as I thought she was pretty before. She is beautiful and perfect now.

"Mine." I whisper.

"Yours." She whispers back.

I kiss her hair lightly. Mine. All mine.

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