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14. Three Visitors and the Agreement

Rain’s pov
March 19, 2019


"Hello?” I answer my phone.

Since Alexia went missing, I have answered my phone first or second ring.

“Rain?” A very familiar voice says. Tears start slipping down my face.


“Rain!” Her beautiful voice yells, “Rain, I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too. Where are you? What happened?”

“I was taken by Mara. She took me to a basement of a house in Blood Moon queendom...”

“Vampires? She took you to North America?”

“Yes. There I was held for a while before a second prisoner was placed in my cell. Her name was Faith and she was a 6 year old human girl. We were told that we were going to die a painful death.” She takes a deep breath.

“After a while, Mara came down and took the girl. I was rescued a few minutes later. We went back to the palace where we learned that Faith... that Faith was... killed.” Her voice cracks.

“They did what??! They murdered a child. A human child!” I yell.

“Yes, she is the sister of Princess Andrew’s mate. She reminded me of... my brother.”

“Oh, Alexia. Where are you now?”

“I’m at the castle in Blood Moon. Rain? Princess Andrew and Prince Haeden went to stop them. They are gone. Andrew is planning war. Faith meant a lot to her mate.”

“Well then. If war is happening. I’ll talk to Alpha and Luna. I will call in 5 minutes. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“Bye.” Alexia says.

I hang up. I hated hanging up on her but I had to talk with Alpha.

Andy’s pov

“Are you shorter or something?” Kayden asks, pulling out of our hug to look down at me.

“No, silly. You are a vampire now. You grew a couple inches.” I smile.

“Oh, are you short or something?”

“Yes, I’m one of the shortest vampires there are. 5′8" is average for a female vampire while 6 feet is average for a male. I’m very small being only five feet four inches. You on the other hand are very tall being...” I close my one eye and measure him with my eyes, “6 foot 3 and 1/2 inches.” I declare.

“6′3.5"? Is that exact?”

“Yes, we vampires have awesome vision. Bet you can see everything now.”

Kade’s pov

“Yes, we vampires have awesome vision. Bet you can see everything now.” Andy says.

I take a look around. Spotting a eye test thingy, I look at it closely. There were numbers down the side and instead of being 20 and 15 and 25 like our human tests, it started at 1 and went down to 100.

Size 1 was a huge E.

"Try reading size 50." Andy pipes up.

"Umm, ok. A, K, L, P, N."

"You wouldn't have been able to see the letters at all if you were human. Try 75." Andrew smiles.

"W, F, L, O, G, N." I say. The letters were perfectly clear.

"Try 90." Andy frowns.

"Y, N, U, I, D?" I had to squint to read the last letters.

"Hmm," Andy scratches her chin, "Weird. Maybe it is because you were changed and not born."


"You can't read it as far as I can. Size 90 reads, 'Y, N, U, L, B.'"

"Oh, try reading 100." I say and walk slowly to the paper. I didn't want to run into it so I walked like a human.

"Ok, Q, N, J, L, V, X, C, Z." Andy says. I look at level 100.

"Perfect. Maybe born vampires naturally have slightly better vision then changed ones." I reply.

"Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it is because you were just finished changing a few minutes ago." She suggests.

"Hmm. I don't know."

"Me neither. But I don't care if my vision is slightly better than my mate's." She sighs and runs back into my arms. I walk over to the chairs and sit in one, holding Andy on my lap.

"I love you, Kayden." She mumbles and her head dips. Her breathing slows as she drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

"I love you too, Andrew, my beautiful mate." I smile and kiss her hair lightly. Holding my mate, I relax and slip from consciousness and join Andy in a deep sleep.

Queen Polli's pov

2 hours later...

"Your Majesty!" I look up from my book to see a footman bowing at the door of my library.


"We have visitors, my queen."

"Who is it?"

"I don't know, ma'am. They are waiting in parler."

"Thank you." I stand and leave the room.

I push open the door to my parler.

"Your majesty," The figures before me bow deeply. There were three hooded figures and Alexia in the room.

"Who are you?"

"Your majesty, let me introduce myself. I am Alpha Keith of the Determined Wolf pack." He says removing his hood to show a man with a thin scar running from right beside his eye to his chin. His black hair ruffled and his sharp blue eyes bright. His whole appearance says power and danger.

"Queen Polli?" Alexia says, "This is my pack's Alpha." She bows her head to me before turning and bowing to her Alpha.

"I see. Who are they?" I ask.

"I'm Luna Lilly, Keith is my mate." She pulls off her hood. She looked brazilian with tan skin and green eyes. She didn't have much hair with little black sprouts of it making her head look like a newborn's.

"Mara attacked our pack, cutting off Lilly's hair." Keith explains. I nod sadly. Poor girl. I look towards the last figure.

"I'm Beta Rain. Mate of Alexia and second in command to Alpha Keith and Luna Lilly." Rain removes his hood. His dark tan skin matched beautifully to Alexia's and his black eyes and hair went perfect with Alexia's blue hair and blonde hair. They were totally meant for each other.

"Nice to meet you all, and not to sound rude but why are you here?" I ask.

"We've heard about what happened here with Faith and Mara and Jamieson. We would like to help. Alexia told us that a war was starting. We've seen the news..." Luna Lilly says.

"The news?" I ask.

Lilly nods and turns on the TV across from the couchs where we stood.

'Hello mythical creatures and humans, this reporter James. As you may know North America has had some terrible events. After the young human, Faith Sande, was killed, the amount of trouble has gone sky high. Prisoners all over the world have tried to escape. The known killers, Mara and Jamieson Venicen, have been spotted in multiple signs asking for their deaths. A war is going to break out. Tons of rogue attacks have happened between rogue vampires, rogue werewolves and even some witches have attacked. All of the captured have said that they were a part of Mara Venicen's group. Yesterday evening Jamieson Venicen's body was found on the front steps of Queen Jennette's castle. Jamieson had been married to Queen Jennette about 180 years ago. They had two kids, Prince Haeden and Princess Andrew. Both have found their mates this year. In fact, young Faith is the little sister of Princess Andrew's mate, Kayden Sande. Speaking of Faith, her funeral will be on live video in the Vampire News on Sunday. Stay tuned for more on this crisis. Until next time.' The speaker says. His gray hair and glasses had said how old he was.

"Wow," was the first thing out of my mouth.

"Yeah, so... ah.." Rain says.

"Let me guess, you were going to ask for my permission to allow the wolves to fight in the upcoming war." I smirk as their jaws drop.

"Uh... yeah?" Keith says.

"I say sure, go ahead...." They smile, "but I'm not the one planning the war and I'm not the people you need to talk to."

They frown, "Then who is?" Lilly asks.

"Princess Andrew, Prince Haeden, Princess Alli, and Kayden." They gulp.

Probably because talking to me, the queen, was hard and now they would have to talk to 3 royals in the same room. If I could feel the power off of the Alpha and Luna and less power off of the Beta, I bet that they could feel my power.

"And where are they?" Lilly asks.

"I'll bring them here. They are in different rooms." I explain.

"Ok," Keith nods.

Andy's pov

Knock... knock... knock...

"Princess Andrew? Kayden? Are you still in here?" Queen Polli's voice comes from outside the room.

"Yes," I reply and sit up on Kade's lap. I shake him awake.

"Hey kids," she walks in the room, "We have guests that want to talk to you. The werewolves of the Determined Wolf pack."

"Ok," I yawn, "We'll be there."

"They are in the parlor." She says. I nod and stand up.

"Fineeee." Kayden groans and stands up.

"Come on, sleepy head."

We run out of the room, following Queen Polli. She turns left and as I turn, I see out of the corner of my eye Kayden continuing to run straight. Straight into the front door.


He face-plants into the corner of the door.

"Owww." Kade says.

"Kade? Are you ok?" I ask.


I help him up.

"We should have slowed you into running. Running as fast as we do can be hard to control," Queen Polli says from the hallway.

We run slower this time careful to help Kade with turns. We finally reach the parlor.

Stepping inside, I see Haeden, Alli and our guests already in deep conversation.

I fake cough, announcing our arrival, "And hello to you, too."

"Princess Andrew," a man says, he was radiating power.

"Alpha." I nod my head once in respect.

"I'm Keith, nice to meet you." He nods back.

"Pleasure." I reply.

"Hi, I'm Lilly," The female says, she was giving off almost as much power. She curtsies.

"Luna Lilly," I nod again.

"Rain." The last male nods, slightly lower than the Alpha and Luna so he must be a lower rank.

"Beta?" I ask.

"Yes, your highness."

My eyes flick around the room, "Mate of Alexia?"

He nods and grasps her hand.

"This is Kayden, my mate." I pull Kade closer and grip his hand.

"Wonderful to meet you, Kayden." Alpha Keith says, Luna Lilly and Beta Rain nod their heads. Alexia curtsies to me then to Kayden.

"Now, that intros are all settled. Let's get to business." Haeden says.

"Of course, Prince Haeden. We wanted to offer our warriors and help in the war." Alpha Keith says.

"War?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Yes, it seems that Mara has killed Jamieson and has gathered all the rogue werewolves, rogue vampires, and even some witches to attack. We wolves have found their base and are willing to help fight. Some vampires are mad about the death of Faith and are also willing to fight." Alpha Keith says.

"I see. Though why would you want to fight with us, when you were attacked and lost a whole bunch of wolves?"

"We fight for our fallen. If we die, we die for our pack. This is revenge. Revenge for our dead, for our wounded, for the families torn apart. We fight for Faith, who was too young to fight back. We fight to protect our young. We fight for the future of all." Luna Lilly pipes up.

"Ok, you're in. We need warriors and soldiers. We will attack them in one month. Anyone and everyone who wants to fight can, but they must be trained and have to pass the training test. If they do, their in." I say, "We will accept ANYONE. The future of all is in our hands. One person could mean the difference of winning. Deal?"

"Deal." Everyone replied. I put my hand out. They stack theirs on top of mine.

"Let's do this." I say.

"ONE MONTH!" Everybody shouts and lifts their hand to the sky.

You better watch out, Mara. We're coming for you.

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