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15. Training

Kayden’s pov

March 26, 2019

It’s been a week since we decided to attack Mara’s army in a month. We put out flyers saying, ‘War against Mara Venicen and army in one month. If you want to fight in the war go to the castle to sign up. You must train there and pass a training course to go to war. If you die at war, you will receive a warrior’s funeral.’

“Kayden! Focus!” Andy snaps her fingers in front of my eyes.

“Sorry, Andy.” I focus back on her as she backs up.

“Ready?” She asks.

“I guess.” She runs at me. I turn last second and she runs past me. Before I realize anything is happening, I am on the ground, eating dirt.

“Always pay attention.” Andy stands over me.


“Come on,” she gives me a hand. I take it standing up. She uses that to her advantage and flips me over her shoulder, slamming my back into the ground.

“Ugh. Oww.” I sigh.

I look up at the clouds, peacefully floating along, unaware to the torture that is going on below. I sigh again, knowing that I have to complete my training so I can go to war with Andrew and protect her. It was a ridiculous thought considering that Andy had just flipped me... twice. But she’s my mate and I’m going to do anything for her, anything.

Clap.. clap.. clap. Clap.

I look over to the sound to see Violett clapping.

“Whoohoo! Go Andy! That was a flip, baby!” She smiles.

“Violett!” Andy runs to her best friend and pulls her into a hug.

“I’ve missed you!”

“Me too, how are you here?”

“Andy. Kayden. I have bad news,” Violett whispers.

“How bad?” I whisper back.


“What happened?” Andy asks.

“Mara, she attacked Vampire Kiss.”

“Our home? And deaths or harmed?” Andy asks.

“Yes, th-three dead.” She whispers.

“Who?” My voice cracks.

“Mr and Mrs Snowe and Cam-camilla,” tears flow silently down her cheeks. I notice her puffy red eyes.

“Camilla? Max’s mate?”

“Yes. Max is devastated. He hasn’t come out of his guest room,” Violett sniffs. Andy wraps her arms around her best friend.

“Don’t worry, Vio, Max will let you in eventually. He’s a strong vampire. If you need anything, I’m right there for you. Alright?”

“Ok, thank you. Andy, you are my best friend and I love you so much!” Violett cries into Andy’s shoulder.

“I love you too, Vio.”

“Your mom sent me to train,” Violett wipes her tears.

“For the war?” I ask.

“Yeah, but I wanted to come too.”

“Well, then let’s train. Kayden sucks, I need a partner to train him.”

“Hey!” I yell.

Violett snickers, “I don’t doubt that.”

“Violett!” I yell, “I hate you both.”

“And we love you too,” Andy smiles. My ‘madness’ melts at the sight of her.

“Fine, let’s train.” I groan.

Queen Polli’s pov

Looking out my window, I see a favorite sight. The sight of mates’ love. Andy must have teased Kayden, because he was being fake mad. His face scowling like a smiley emoji trying to frown or be mad, not possible. Andy’s face lit up into a hundred watt smile, not too big but bright enough you couldn’t help but smile back. I focus on Kayden’s face, knowing that it would be impossible for him not to smile at his mate. 0.341 seconds later and his face became a thousand watt light bulb. His smile warm and kind. His eyes meaning it. I sigh with a small smile on my own face.

They turned and walked back to where Andy had judo flipped Kade not an hour earlier. With them, they brought Violett. Our newest guest and newest trainee, I assume.

I turn back to my work, and get to it.

Knock... knock... knock...

“Come in?” I call out.

“Your Majesty,” one of the footmen come in with a bow, “Captain Awel asked me to inform you that we are under attack!”

“Attack? Mara?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Rally all of my soldiers. Position thirty guards at all 15 entrances to the queendom. Where are they attacking?”

“East entrance,” He says.

“Ok, the rest of the guards are to be battling with my army. Get women and children in the safe house along with the humans.”

“What about the trainees?”

“Get all of them in the safe house, they are our last chance. They are not soldiers, yet. I won’t allow them to fight until they are ready. Go!” I yell.

He turns and runs out of my office. I flip on my radio station, flipping through channels until I reach our queendom’s station.

“This is Queen Polli,” I say on the station, “We are under attack! Humans, women, and children vampires, get to the safe houses. Trainees get to the safe houses too. This is not your fight. Gaurds and soldiers, report to Captain Awel for instructions. Hurry.”

The radio station had given me a radio with a microphone that allows me to interrupt the music and get a message out to my queendom. It was a lifesaver in times like these.

Kayden’s pov

“Princess Andrew! Princess Violett! Mr Sande! We are under attack! Her Majesty Queen Polli has ordered that all trainees need to get to a safe house. She said that this is not your battle,” a footman came running out to us. He was having a hard time running with his potbelly and stubby legs.

“Alright. We are coming.” Andy said.

We ran after him, not wanting to upset the queen herself. Queen Polli was an amazing queen and knew what she was talking about.

The footman lead us to the basement in the castle. We slipped through a fake floorboard and into a secret sub-basement. It had two cot beds on either side and had a toilet, sink, and tub behind a wooden divider. There was a mini kitchen with a fridge and stove. In the fridge was milk, juice, and canned oats. The oats actually looked delicious and was very healthy. Below the fridge was a freezer with meat for weeks. There was even little frozen bags of blood for us vampires.

We could survive for a couple weeks in here. Even if we got attacked, there were a couple swords, knives, and shields. Everything had heating and air conditioning. The whole room was lit up with a couple of light bulbs, the kind that could be on 24/7 and last for up to a year without fading. There was a little girl in here that had obviously been the one to turn on the light. The child were probably about 3 in human years. The 3 year old was cuddling with a baby doll. The child had black hair and golden brown eyes, the size of tea cup saucers.

“Hey, kiddio. It’s ok, we’re going to be fine.” I bend down to the girl’s height.

She nods her head, once.

“What’s your name, little one?” I ask.

“I Holly and this Daisy.” The girl says, pointing to her doll.

“Where are your parents, Holly?” She frowns.

“They gone.” Her eyes start to glass up.

“Hush, its ok. Shh,” I slowly move over to her and wrap my arms around her.

“Who you?” Holly asks, she looks up showing off her big brown eyes.

“I’m Kayden.” I smile at her.

“Kay-dan?” Holly asks.

“Yes. Kayden. K-den.”


“Kayden.” I nod.

“Kayden.” Holly says, with a nod.

“How old are you, Holly?” I ask.

“I 37.” The young vampire says.

“Ok, kiddo. Would you like me to hold you?”

Holly nods and I lift the youngster out of the cot and sit back down with her on my lap. She yawns.

“Are you tired, kiddo?”

She nods again.

“Shh, there you go,” I slowly lean back and turn so we are in a sleeping position, with Holly in front of my chest.

“Night-night, Holly.” I pull the blankets at the end of the cot up and cover us.

“Nigh’ nigh’ Ka-” She yawns and burrows her head into my chest, falling asleep.

“I never thought that you would be so good with kids,” Andy pipes up from across the room sitting on the other cot.

“Well, I am,” I whisper.

Andy smiles and lays down, sighing.

“You know I was joking, right?” Andy asks after a few seconds of silence.

“Joking about what?”

“About never thinking that you’d be good with kids. I mean of course you would be, with Faith being born years after you. Ya know?”

“Yeah, growing up with Faith being about 12 years after me. I was 12 when she was born.”

“Oh, how old are you now?” Andy asks.

“Well, when I was human I was 18, now I guess I’m 180.”

“Well, not exactly 180. When were you born?”

“November 26, 2000.”

“Ok, umm so about 183.”

“Wow, how’d you know that?”

“Well, your birthday is 6 months before mine, and I’m 182. I added 1 years to yours. It is just an estimate. It is not exact.” Andy whispers.

“Wow, so when’s your birthday?” I whisper back.

“May 30, 1901. I’m about 100 years older then your human self.”

“Wait, but it has only been 118 years since your birth. How can you be 182 if your age is only 118?”

“It doesn’t work that way in vampire years. In human years I’m 118 but in vampire years 182. You see we age and get old about a tenth as fast as humans, when one year passes for us, 10 have passed for you. We celebrate our birthdays like you guys do but we add a ‘year’ to our age for every month. Since today is March 26, 2019 you are 183. Yesterday you were 182 and in 4 days I’ll be 183. Make sense?”

“Not really,” I reply.

“Sorry. It is so confusing for me too.” She shrugs and yanks up the covers.


“Going to.” I laugh lightly at her words, careful not to wake Holly though.

“Sleep well.”

“You too,” She rolls over.

I cuddle in with Holly and soon I’m asleep too.

Violett’s pov

After listening to Andy and Kayden’s conversation from an armchair in the corner of the room, they fall asleep and I pick up a book off of the kitchen counter. It was one of my favorites and a classic. I immediately start reading the familiar words. Lost in the beautiful works, I sigh and drift off slowly into my own world before falling asleep. Dreams of sugar plums and candy canes fill my sleep. What a beautiful world with dancing snowflakes and flowers.

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