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16. Start in 3.. 2. Hey you! No, start on 1! I didn't mean that 1! Wait! Stop! Too early! No war yet!

Mara’s pov

March 26, 2019
Just before the attack...

“Attacking me in a month?” I laugh, “how stupid are they, puting out flyers!”

I snatch the paper out of one of my spies hands. She dips her head slightly. The other four spies are still bowing on the ground of the office in a abandoned house way outside of the queendom's walls.

“War in a month! People training in the palace yards. Perfect.”

The spies flinch slightly at my yelling, good they should be scared of me... the all powerful Mara! Look at me now, Rain!

“Ma’am? What are we going to do now?” A male in the back of the group asks.

“Now, we are doing to kill you, double crosser.” I smirk as his face pales. I knew it. I knew we had a spy in our spies and I had finally caught him trying to get more information out me so he warn his brat of a queen.

“Ma’am? I... I’m not a double crosser. My loyalty lies with you and only you.”

“Really? Then why are you calling me ‘ma’am’? If you had attended the last meeting you would have known that you spies are supposed to call me ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘my Queen’. But since you were off talking with Queen Brat Polli, you missed the meeting. Am I wrong?”

“No, your majesty.” The group says, keeping their heads bowed.

“My queen, I missed the meeting because I was sick and I didn’t want to get you sick.” He says, bowing his head.

“So, you’ve been off and on sick for two weeks.”

"Yes, ma'am."

"There's one problem with your story. Vampires, like yourself, have extreme immune systems... it is almost impossible for you to get sick." His face pales even more as he realizes I caught his lie.

About 2 minutes later...

"Remove his body," I point to the now dead spy's body.

Two spies drag it outside the office.

As they return, I announce, "This is a perfect time to strike. With so many untrained civilians from all across NA (North America). There will be more casualties and more harmed and even if we don't kill as many people, it still sends a message that it is unsafe at Blood Moon and that may deter more vamps from coming to fight."

I smile evilly at my plan. I love it when an idea comes together.

"Yes, my queen. How many soldiers would you like to use?" Someone asks.

"Use a third of my force. The rest are to be hidden in the safe houses."

"Yes, Your Majesty." They stand, bow deeply and leave the room to gather the soldiers. I sigh and sit down in the office chair that has been my makeshift throne. A knock comes at the door.

"Come in," I look up to see Michael entering.

"Your Majesty," Michael bows.

"Please Michael, call me Mara. We are close friends after all." I smirk.

"Sure, Mara. Anything for you," He smirks back.

"So. What did you want to tell me?"

"My," His face turns to disgust, "daughter has gone to Blood Moon, to train."


"Don't say her name, please." He interrupts.

"Sorry, and your... son?"

"I don't know, but his mate was killed in the attack on Vampire Kiss. So he is probably upset."

"Anything about... Sierra?"

"No, their mother is very... quiet and runs her queendom protectively." He frowns at the thought of his 'mate' and ex-wife.

"You still can't feel the bond?" I ask.


I nod lightly.

Even though Sierra is 100% positive they are mates, Michael never felt the bond but never wanted his mate anyway. Michael, being the loving person he is, married her anyway. Although, he wasn't the nicest husband. Sierra's queendom eventually lost the title of largest in the NA. I really don't care though.

"I need to tell you some plans for today... and your next assignment," I tell him.

"Hit me," He smiles and rubs his hands together.

Holly's pov
A little while later...

Opening my eyes, I look around my room. Not seeing the pink and purple butterflies, I realize I'm not in my room at home.

"Hey Kiddo!" I hear a familiar voice say.

"Kayden!" I squeal.

"How was your nap?"

"Good. You sleep?"

"Yes, I slept too."

"Good? Bad?"

"It was good."

'We are perfectly safe to return to normal activities. No one got hurt, but a bunch of rogues got their butts handed to them.' A voice says.

"Sweet!" Someone says.

I turn to see the girls that came in with Kayden.

"Who they?" I ask.

"This is Andrew, my mate, and that is Violett our friend." He points. The one he called Andrew comes over and lifts me up.

"Hi Holly. I'm Kayden's mate, Andrew."

"You his mate?"


"Good. I like you. You like Kayden?"

"Yes, I like Kayden."

"Good. I like you more. I like Kayden two."

"Come on, Holly. We're getting outta here!" Kayden says.

"Where we go?"

"I don't know. Where do you live?" Kayden steps out of the room.

We are in the basement that the guy brought me through to get into the room. 'Inside the castle!' I remember.

"Ah, I don't know." I reply to Kayden.

"Hmm, well can you show me your house?"

"My house?"

"Yeah, where you live."

"My house an' where I live aren't the same pwace."

"You don't live in your house?"


"Ok, well then show me your house first."

"Ok." I start walking back to the steps where the man had lead me.

I walk up the steps and exit the castle. Guiding Kayden by my hand, I pass the palace gardens and reach the street. Walking down the familiar gravel path, I head to the square in the middle of the North Section. Turning left, I head down the lane and finally reach my house... or what is left of it.

Kayden gasps lightly, seeing the remains of the stone house that had once been beautiful.

"What happened here, Holly?"

"Fire. Mommy and Daddy telled me to run. They gone." I sniff lightly.

Andy's pov

The house had been ruined, Holly's home and parents gone. Poor Holly.

"I'm sorry, Holly." Kayden says.


"I'm sorry about your home and family. I'm also sorry I asked you to show me and made you sad,"

"Oh, it's ok. I have good home now."

"Where's your home now?"

"There." Holly points down the street at the old run down orphanage.

"Who do you love with?" I ask.

"Miss J and Logan and Grace."

"Are there any kids?" Kayden asks.

"Yes, Logan and Grace are brother and sister. They are 93."

"Ok, well you should probably be taken back. They might be worried." Violett says.

"Yeah, they are." Holly nods.

"Alright, come here." Kayden lifts Holly onto his shoulders.

We walk to the orphanage and Kade sets Holly down.

"Goodbye, Holly." Violett says.

"Bye, Violett." She hugs Vio lightly.

"See you soon, Holly. We'll come see you soon, Ok?" I ask.

"Ok, Bye Andrew." She hugs me and turns to Kayden.

"See you, Kiddo. Don't forget me."

"I won't. Bye Kayden." She waves and ducks inside.

"Come on, Kade. We have to check in with Polli."

"Ok," He nods and follows me back to the palace.

We meet Queen Polli in the parlor with our visors, Alpha Keith, Luna Lilly, and Beta Rain.

"What?!?!!" Keith yells as we enter.

"I'm sorry, but they aren't ready!" Polli says, calmly.

"What is going on?" Kayden asks.

"Queen Polli, here, forgot to tell us that the attack was Mara's army."

"WHAT!?!??" I yell.

"Andrew, I didn't tell you guys because the trainees are not ready to fight. If I had sent them out there, it would have been a slaughter. Besides, it was only about a half of her real army. Our spy has reported that Mara sent out half of her army and the rest are in safe houses."

"Our spy? We have a spy?" Violett asks.

"Yes, we do."

"Who is it?" I beat everyone to it, and say.

"Umm, don't freak out, ok?" Polli says.

"Ok?" I say.

"Michael. Michael Jeen, Violett's dad."

"WHAT!!!!!????!?!" We all yell.

Violett and her family got rid of Michael's last name when he left, just like our family. So while Michael was a Jeen, Violett was a Teer and while Jamieson was a Venicen, I was a Moree.

Michael's pov

"Michael? Don't you love being a fake-spy?" Mara asked, after I had done my job.

"Yep, it is so much fun."

"What part is your favorite?"

"Seeing or hearing the hope and trust in Queen Polli's face or voice. I can't wait to see how she reacts when she realizes..."

"Realizes what?" Mara asks, even though she knows what I am going to say.

"When she realizes that I've never been on her team in the first place. That I was a double crosser. Pretending to work for her by pretending to work for you. I have been on your side the whole time, I never faked working with you. I did fake work with her, though. I love hearing/seeing the happiness when I tell her fake news about us. Like when I told her that you had sent out a half of your forces when you actually sent out a third. They will be expecting that same amount and think it will be so easy but when they see our actual force... before they are killed anyway!" I smile.

"Yes! Exactly! I can't wait!" She squeals, excitedly.

"I know, I know! But we have to wait. Soon it will be time, you said it yourself, my love."

"I know," She sighs, "I am still so excited for me to be an actual queen!"

"Well, until then..." I grab the crown that we had stolen from the mate of a prince and lightly place it on her head, "There, now you have a crown to look at. Not to worry though, we will get you a queen's crown soon enough."


"Prepare the forces? And send them to train?" I ask.

"Sure, sure. They need a lot of training to keep their muscles big."

I smile and leave the office to do as she said... prepare the forces.

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